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Displaying types of plasmids PowerPoint Presentations

Plasmids - e-campus21 PPT

Presentation Summary : Plasmids (Objectives of this Lecture) Understand the basic structures of plasmids Know the types of plasmids and their forms Undertand the methods used to transform E ...

Source : http://www.e-campus21.com/courseware/teachaids/bmg/mg1/mg1/plasmids.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : plasmids A plasmid is a circular, self-replicating DNA molecule carrying a few, useful but non necessary genes. Occurence procaryote organisms eukaryotic organisms ...

Source : http://genemol.org/molecular-bio/6-Plasmids/plasmids.ppt

Recombinant Plasmids - Nova Scotia Department of Education PPT

Presentation Summary : Different types of plasmids E.Coli and other different types of bacteria have many different types of plasmids. Some plasmids can affect the survival of the cell.

Source : http://ssrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/emonahan/AP%20Biology/Recombinant%20Plasmids.ppt

Cloning into Plasmids - Buffalo State College PPT

Presentation Summary : Cloning into Plasmids Restriction Fragment Cloning & PCR Cloning by the Topo TA™ Method Cloning Vectors The molecular analysis of DNA has been made possible by the ...

Source : http://faculty.buffalostate.edu/eastondp/dpeastonbiolog/Bio%20450/Cloning%20into%20Plasmids%20-Riboprobes.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Phagemids were developed as a way to maintain the advantages of both types of vectors. Phagemids are plasmids containing both a plasmid ori and an M13 origin of ...

Source : http://wssp.rutgers.edu/StudentScholars/WSSP05/WSSP-05_files/Figures/WSSP05-7-5-Vectors.ppt

Introduction to Vectors - WSSP PPT

Presentation Summary : Cloning Scheme Vector Types There are three ... to Vectors Cloning Scheme Vector Types Plasmids Plasmid Engineering Safety Features PowerPoint ...

Source : http://wssp.rutgers.edu/StudentScholars/WSSP06/WSSP-06_files/Figures/WSSP06-Ch1-Vectors.ppt

Chapter 3 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (plasmids) Inserting foreign ... Types of vectors Bacterial plasmid bacteriophage cosmids bacterial artificial chromosome yeast artificial chromosome 6-12 25 35 ...

Source : http://www.montana.edu/wwwmb/coursehome/BIOM107CS/Lectures/Chapter%203.ppt

Introduction to Vectors PPT

Presentation Summary : Store the miniprep DNA in your freezer box (-20C). p. 2-14 Other types of vectors 1. ... Cosmids - Plasmids with phage packaging sites p. 2-16 4. YACs ...

Source : http://beadle.rutgers.edu/MBB/315/Lec/315-Ch2.ppt

Molecular Cloning I: Restriction Enzymes, PCR, Plasmids, and ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Molecular Cloning I: Restriction Enzymes, PCR, Plasmids, and Gel Electrophoresis Author: Montarop Yamabhai Created Date: 7/18/2004 7:38:52 AM

Source : http://www.sut.ac.th/iat/biotech/MontaropSite/Powerpoint/304512_2550.ppt

abe.leeward.hawaii.edu - Advances in Bioscience Education (ABE) PPT

Presentation Summary : Types of Bacterial Plasmids Col-plasmids: contain genes that code for colicines, proteins that can kill other bacteria. Degrative plasmids: ...

Source : http://abe.leeward.hawaii.edu/WebSharing/Lecture,%20%20Plasmid%20isolation.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Microbial Genetics Lectures John Buchanan Lecture 1 Mutation (239-248) Types of mutations Detection of mutations Recombination and Plasmids (285-306)

Source : http://classes.biology.ucsd.edu/old.web.classes/bimm120.WI06/john_buchanan_lec1.ppt

Genetic Recombination PPT

Presentation Summary : Types of Genetic Transfer Vertical ... Conjugation Requires direct contact between cells Only form of gene exchange in which donor survives Mediated by plasmids Can ...

Source : http://ocean.otr.usm.edu/~w536943/Courses/BSC380/Chapter%208c.ppt

Molecular genetics of bacteria PPT

Presentation Summary : ... independently replicating pieces of DNA with useful, not essential info Types of plasmids Fertility, resistance, catabolic, bacteriocin, virulence, ...

Source : http://www.clt.astate.edu/dgilmore/Microbiology/Powerpoints/Sp%2006/M07b%20Sp06.ppt

Molecular genetics of bacteria PPT

Presentation Summary : 1% to 10% of genome Types of plasmids Fertility ... DNA codes for rRNAs and tRNAs as well The number of genes for different types of proteins predicts ...

Source : http://clt.astate.edu/dgilmore/Microbiology/Powerpoints/Fall%2008/M06b%20F08.ppt

Genetic Engineering PPT

Presentation Summary : Host cell types. Prokaryotic hosts; such as E. coli Eukaryotic hosts; ... Plasmids can be classified Conjugative plasmids; mediate their own transfer between bacteria.

Source : http://demoportal.mans.edu.eg/scifac/images/files/courses/zoology/SheriefAbdeen/GeneticEngineering/lecture%20010.ppt

Different Types of Cells - Mrs. Ganske's Science Classes - home PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Different Types of Cells Author: Staff Last modified by: SGANSK Created Date: 10/24/2005 7:05:17 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show

Source : http://mrsganske.wikispaces.com/file/view/T2.Different+Types+of+Cells.ppt

Transfection - Northeast Regional Biomanufacturing Collaborative PPT

Presentation Summary : Plasmids, artificial chromosomes and viruses are commonly used as ... Plasmids are often amplified in bacteria and then used for transfection in other cell types.

Source : http://www.biomanufacturing.org/ppt/Transfection.pptx

Cloning PPT

Presentation Summary : Plasmids and other types of cloning vectors were used by Human Genome Project researchers to copy genes and other pieces of chromosomes to generate enough identical ...

Source : http://www.shsu.edu/~agr_www/documents/CloningPart1PP.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (episomes) Types of plasmids 1. Conjugative plasmids: transmitted during conjugation, carry a variety of information 2. R plasmids: resistance plasmids; ...

Source : http://outreach.mcb.harvard.edu/teachers/Summer08/MelissaMarchacos/BacterialGenetics.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... or reproduction Can confer survival advantages Plasmids Many types of plasmids Fertility factors Resistance factors Bacteriocin factors Virulence plasmids ...

Source : http://faculty.felician.edu/Goldbergb/Classes/Summer%202010/Microbiology/Bauman_MM_Ch07a.ppt

Cells PPT

Presentation Summary : Cell Types Mrs. Harlin 1.1.2 ... Chromosomes- DNA and RNA DNA is found in circular strands in prokaryotes called plasmids. 2 Types of Cells Prokaryotes- NO membrane ...

Source : http://harlin.weebly.com/uploads/3/0/2/6/3026199/cell_types.pps

PowerPoint Presentation - Documented Gene Transfer in Bacteria PPT

Presentation Summary : Specialized Transduction Lysogenic Phage Excision of the prophage Transduction Definition Types of transduction ... Tn10 Structure Composite Tns Plasmids ...

Source : http://faculty.evansville.edu/md7/micro02/gentran%20copy/Gentran_files/Gentran.ppt

Practical molecular biology - Methods.info PPT

Presentation Summary : Vector types Vector Target fragment ... analytics Vector types Plasmids are essential instruments of molecular biology Essential vector elements Optional ...

Source : http://www.methods.info/TMR24/Practical%20molecular%20biology.ppt

DNA cloning intro.ppt - Biology PPT

Presentation Summary : PLASMIDS PLASMID VECTORS Plasmid ... introduced into the cloning vector at one of the restriction sites present in the polylinker CLONING VECTORS Different types of ...

Source : http://biology.hunter.cuny.edu/molecularbio/Class%20Materials%20Fall%202012%20710.LC/ANiMATED%20PPT%20to%20help%EF%80%A8/DNA%20cloning%20intro.ppt

Recombination and Genetic Engineering - Welcome to Cherokee ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Slide 15 Fertility Factors F plasmid integration Resistance Factors Col plasmids Other Types of Plasmids Transposable Elements Types of transposable elements IS ...

Source : http://chsweb.lr.k12.nj.us/psidelsky/Recombination%20and%20Genetic%20Engineering.ppt

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