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Displaying the unconscious patient PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : A semiconscious patient with a gag reflex An unconscious patient with an intact gag reflex A patient who fell 20 feet and landed on his or her head An unconscious ...

Source : http://assets.navigate.s3.amazonaws.com/emt_10ed/ch09/Chapter_09.ppt

Approach to an unconscious Patient - Rawalians Research Forum PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Approach to an unconscious Patient Author: Irfan Last modified by: ali abbasi Created Date: 11/15/2007 10:24:13 AM Document presentation format

Source : http://www.rawalianresearch.org/admin/sitefiles/test_results/39.ppt

Coma - Home | University of Pittsburgh PPT

Presentation Summary : Management of the unconscious patient Treatment of the underlying cause Maintenance of normal physiology: respiration, circulation, ... Coma (Unconscious) ...

Source : http://www.pitt.edu/~super4/33011-34001/33461-33481.ppt

Nursing Care of the Patient with Neurological Disorders PPT

Presentation Summary : The Unconscious Patient The most common causes of prolonged unconsciousness ... Skin Care 1 a. The unconscious patient should be given a complete bath every other ...

Source : http://home.sums.ac.ir/~aliasghar_su/files/powerpoints/Nursing%20Care%20of%20the%20Patient%20with%20Neurological%20Disorders.ppt

VITAL SIGNS - Home - KSU Faculty Member websites PPT

Presentation Summary : BLOOD PRESSURE. It . ... In order to optimize the care of the unconscious patient in a hospital, it will be helpful to know the cause of the unconsciousness.

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/tatiah/Emergency%20course%20presentations/2-%20VITAL%20SIGNS%20and%20care%20of%20unconscious%20patient.pptx

The Patient with Altered Consciousness. - University of Leeds PPT

Presentation Summary : The Patient with Altered Consciousness. HECS 2063 ... Times New Roman Arial Monotype Sorts Unconscious Patient Microsoft Word Document The Patient with Altered ...

Source : http://www.leeds.ac.uk/healthahs/diphenursing/Altconsc.ppt

Patient Rights - The University of North Carolina at Greensboro PPT

Presentation Summary : Patient Rights Unit 5 Patient Rights 1960’s: patients turned to nurses for information Protection of patient’s right to refuse treatment Informed consent Right to ...

Source : http://www.uncg.edu/nur/courses/620/ppt/u5patientrights.ppt

Respiratory Emergencies: CHF, Pulmonary Edema, COPD, Asthma PPT

Presentation Summary : Respiratory Emergencies: CHF, Pulmonary Edema, COPD, Asthma CPAP & Albuterol Nebulizer Condell Medical Center EMS System ECRN CE

Source : http://www.advocatehealth.com/condell/documents/ercn/ModuleIV-RespiratoryEmergencies-CHF-COPD-Asthma.ppt


Presentation Summary : Common principles to apply in the management of medical emergencies. Actions. Stay calm. Shout for a colleague to help you. Is the patient conscious. or unconscious?

Source : http://inayamedicalcollege.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/lecture-82.ppsx

Personal Hygiene - Austin Community College - Start Here. Get ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Harkreader p. 814-815 Denture Care Clean dentures as frequently as natural teeth Dentures are the patient’s personal property ... Unconscious Patient See ...

Source : http://www.austincc.edu/nursmods/rrc/prenursing/hygiene/documents/pp_personal_hygiene.ppt

The patient unconscious on the MPI - HL7 UK - Delivering ... PPT

Presentation Summary : The patient unconscious on the MPI Author: David Bowen Last modified by: Mary Pritchard Created Date: 3/12/2004 8:21:36 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show

Source : http://www.hl7.org.uk/marketing/downloads/0502/GoshHL7Presentation.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : CHAPTER 8 The Initial Assessment What should be done immediately upon contact to an unconscious patient? What are some considerations when opening the airway of an ...

Source : http://www.revsworld.com/NYS_EMT/MOD%203%20Pt%20assess/Brady%208%20Initial%20assessment.PPT

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Conscious patient who is showing signs of hypoglycemia Unconscious diabetic with a documented low blood ... Do not give to unconscious patient or one who ...

Source : http://assets.navigate.s3.amazonaws.com/emt_10ed/ch07/Chapter_07.ppt

Abnormal Psychology Therapy - Simply Psychology - Articles ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Introductory Psychology Lectures Today’s Lecture Types of ... certain topics Transference patient’s unconscious feelings about person in their life ...

Source : http://www.simplypsychology.org/Therapy.ppt

Health II Unit 203 - Kirkwood Community College PPT

Presentation Summary : ... SIM’S Position SIM’S this position promotes drainage from mouth & prevents aspiration & may be used with the unconscious patient position may be used ...

Source : http://www.kirkwood.edu/pdf/uploaded/2/unit_203_08.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Motor function response in an unconscious patient is purposeful when the nurse applies a painful stimulus and the patient does which of the following?

Source : http://tegrity.fresnocitycollege.edu/FCC/ec007/NCLEX%20201/Week%204%20Neuro%20and%20Psych%202%20STUDENTS.pptx


Presentation Summary : CASE STUDY #3 Your patient Ms. Torres says she feels like her blood sugar is low and would like something to eat ... place the unconscious patient on his/her side, ...

Source : http://www.quia.com/files/quia/users/educat8300/Blood-Glucose-Module-Hypoglycemia

EPEC-O - Comprehensive Cancer Information - National Cancer ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Communication with the unconscious patient Create familiar environment Include in ... Care in last hours is as important as at any other time in cancer ...

Source : http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/cancerlibrary/epeco/selfstudy/module-6/EPECO_module6_last_hours_PPT

P-Slides Module 12 - Health Sciences Library - New York ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Fear of increased pain Assessment of the unconscious patient persistent vs fleeting expression grimace or physiologic signs incident vs rest pain distinction from ...

Source : http://library.nymc.edu/Intranet/Ppt/P-Slides%20Module%2012.ppt

The patient unconscious on the MPI PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: The patient unconscious on the MPI Author: David Bowen Last modified by: David Bowen Created Date: 3/12/2004 8:21:36 AM Document presentation format

Source : http://www.hl7.org.uk/marketing/downloads/HL7UKConference2004/Ken%20smith%20GoshHL7Presentation.ppt

Airway Management - GMVEMSC - GMVEMSC : Greater Miami Valley ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Airway Management GMVEMSC Education Committee Objectives Review proper airway management Review assessment Review adjuncts and proper use Airway Issues BLS ...

Source : https://www.gmvemsc.org/documents/AirwayManagement-09032008.ppt

Establishing the Need for Mechanical Ventilation PPT

Presentation Summary : Establishing the Need for Mechanical Ventilation Chapter 5 Ventilation: to help maintain normal respiratory balance, homeostasis Is the patient awake or asleep?

Source : http://media.lanecc.edu/courses/respiratorycare/media/EstablishingtheNeedforMechanicalVentilationCh5.ppt

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