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Displaying teeth PowerPoint Presentations

Teeth - Powerpoint Presentations for teachers PPT

Presentation Summary : Teeth 1st Year Biology Teeth There are 4 different types of tooth -incisors -canines -premolars -molars These different teeth have different jobs!

Source : http://www.worldofteaching.com/powerpoints/biology/Teeth.ppt

TEETH - Nebraska Wesleyan University PPT

Presentation Summary : TEETH By Randi Shook Why Do We Need Teeth? What happens if you don’t keep your teeth healthy? What Can You Do To Keep Teeth Healthy? Brush and Floss How To Brush…

Source : http://students.nebrwesleyan.edu/students/rshook/teeth.ppt

Protecting All Children's Teeth: Caries - AAP.org PPT

Presentation Summary : Protecting All Children’s Teeth Caries Introduction Caries is the medical term for the infectious process that, if untreated, can progress to a cavity.

Source : http://www2.aap.org/ORALHEALTH/pact/ppt/Caries.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Teeth can be completely impacted in bone or they may be partially impacted. Partially impacted teeth are prone to infection. Impacted and Embedded Teeth ...

Source : http://www.cabrillo.edu/~sreddy/DH180/Chapter%205.ppt

Protecting All Children's Teeth: Oral Anatomy - AAP.org PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Protecting All Children's Teeth: Oral Anatomy Author: AAP Keywords: PACT, oral anatomy, PowerPoint Last modified by: skim Created Date: 9/11/2010 11:07:53 AM

Source : http://www2.aap.org/ORALHEALTH/pact/ppt/Oral-Anatomy.ppt

Teeth - Verizon PPT

Presentation Summary : Teeth Teeth 32 teeth by age 21 Chewing Speech Appearance Teeth Eating 1st step in digestive process Teeth Incisors Bite/cut Cuspids Tear/shred Teeth Bicuspids Tear ...

Source : http://mysite.verizon.net/tteehan/teeth.ppt

Regressive and Traumatic Alterations of Teeth - Website 2 PPT

Presentation Summary : Regressive and Traumatic Alterations of Teeth Unit 4 Regressive Alteration Attrition Abrasion Erosion Attrition Physiologic wearing away Incisal, occlusal and ...

Source : http://student.ahc.umn.edu/dental/2010/Documents/Fall07/Rad%20Interpret/Regressive%20and%20Traumatic%20Alterations%20of%20Teeth.ppt

Tooth extraction - Weebly PPT

Presentation Summary : BY DR. MANISHA MISHRA * Tooth extraction Indications: Grossly carious tooth which cannot be restored Acute/chronic pulpitis which can’t be restored by RCT ...

Source : http://taishan1.weebly.com/uploads/2/1/1/7/2117112/11tooth_extraction.ppt

Universal Numbering System Unit 17.3 – 17.5 Dr. Hale PPT

Presentation Summary : Teeth on your left are a patients right teeth Universal/National Numbering System for Permanent or Succedaneous Teeth 1. Teeth are numbered from 1 to 32 2.

Source : http://www.mayfieldschools.org/userfiles/1183/Classes/10835/Unit%2018.3%20-%2018.5%20Universal%20Numbering%20System%20Surfaces%20of%20Teeth.ppt

The Anatomy, Physiology and Morphology of the Tooth PPT

Presentation Summary : By Dr. Juliana Mathews Tooth Anatomy The crown: consists of enamel, dentine and pulp The root: has a root canal with blood vessels and nerves covered by cementum and ...

Source : http://silversword.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/power-point-the-anatomy-physiology-and-morphology-of-teeth.ppt


Presentation Summary : EVOLUTION OF THE HORSE: A LOOK AT TEETH Kaelin Creange The Question at Hand How have horses’ teeth adapted to their more evolutionarily recent niche of grazers ...

Source : http://www.radford.edu/~fsinger/42511P.Evolution%20of%20horse%20teeth.ppt

Tooth Identification - College of Southern Idaho PPT

Presentation Summary : The distal incisal edges of anterior teeth are more rounded than the mesial incisal edges. Mandibular anterior teeth tend to wear on their labial incisal edges, ...

Source : http://www.csi.edu/facultyAndStaff_/webTools/sites/Bowcut58/courses/409/Tooth%20Identification.ppt

Dental Anatomy Introduction + Nomenclature PPT

Presentation Summary : Human Dentition Introduction Dental Anatomy Includes: 1- Nomenclature & terminology. 2- The external morphology and internal composition of individual teeth.

Source : http://sugi.messwith.me/download.php?fname=./!dental%20books/Dental%20Anatomy%20intro.ppt

Anatomy of the Teeth - College of Southern Idaho PPT

Presentation Summary : Anatomy of the Teeth Tissues of the Tooth Enamel – the hard tissue that covers the crown portion of the tooth (hardest substance in the body).

Source : http://www.csi.edu/facultyAndStaff_/webTools/sites/Bowcut58/courses/409/Anatomy%20of%20the%20Teeth.ppt

Grade 4 - Missouri Department of Health + Senior Services PPT

Presentation Summary : Oral Health Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Oral Health Program Fourth Grade What is oral health? It’s keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy!

Source : http://health.mo.gov/living/families/oralhealth/ppt/OralHealthGrade4.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Structure of the Teeth and Supporting Tissues READING ASSIGNMENT: AFP 162-6, Vol. 1, pages 84 - 85 MORPHOLOGY 115 Teeth: A tooth is divided into two parts, the crown ...

Source : http://dlt2010.com/uploads/Structures_of_the_Teeth.ppt

Identifying Structures, Teeth, and Names of Teeth Units 17.1 ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Identifying Structures, Teeth, and Names of Teeth Units 17.1 – 17.2 Dr. Hale Author: Thomas Hale Last modified by: mfcsd Created Date: 4/24/2007 12:04:03 PM

Source : http://www.mayfieldschools.org/userfiles/1183/Classes/10835/Unit%2018.1%20-%2018.2%20Identifying%20Structures%20Teeth.ppt

Dental Disease - Texas A+M University PPT

Presentation Summary : Dental Health in Veterinary Medicine * * * Occlusal relationships – how the teeth fit together when the mouth is closed. Improper relationships lead to problems ...

Source : http://peer.tamu.edu/VBB/sppts/DH%20-%20Dental%20Health.ppt

Condensing osteitis - University of Minnesota PPT

Presentation Summary : Both lesions are present on teeth with crown or extensive caries Differential Condensing osteitis ... Teeth are non-vital Condensing Osteitis Patient ...

Source : http://student2.ahc.umn.edu/dental/coursearchives/2yr_Spring/DENT6316/corrections_to_opath_review.ppt

Tooth eruption - MUI PPT

Presentation Summary : Tooth eruption is defined as “ The movement of a tooth from its site of development within the alveolar process to its functional position in oral cavity ...

Source : http://dnt.mui.ac.ir/drjabbarifar/Tooth-Eruption-Web.pps

From The First Tooth PPT

Presentation Summary : Parents should continue to monitor the child’s brushing and checking their teeth Referral to a Dental Home Well Child Exam Medical Provider - Oral ...

Source : http://www.fromthefirsttooth.org/sites/default/filesfiles/e2a748f2731166d0ffff859cffffe41e.ppt

Dental Jeopardy Elementary School Edition - FHA - PHPA - phpa PPT

Presentation Summary : Protect your teeth in case they get hit. Click Here to TRY AGAIN! ... Dental Jeopardy Elementary School Edition Subject: Oral Health education Author:

Source : http://fha.dhmh.maryland.gov/oralhealth/docs1/Elementary_Jeopardy.pps

Occlusal Contact Points with Mandibular Teeth PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Occlusal Contact Points with Mandibular Teeth Author: Daniel Martin Last modified by: jwinger Created Date: 9/8/2002 6:54:54 AM Document presentation format

Source : http://pacificdds2009.com/courses/Q2/dental%20anatomy%202/occlusion.ppt

Artificial Teeth Arrangement and Denture Base Waxup PPT

Presentation Summary : Artificial Teeth Arrangement and Denture Base Waxup 1. Procedures for Arranging Artificial Teeth and Waxing Up Denture Bases a. Tooth arrangement 1.

Source : http://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/manchan/files/2013/06/RESD-2313-lecture-8-revised-07.ppt

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