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Displaying splenectomy and its complications PowerPoint Presentations

Laparoscopic Splenectomy - University of Kentucky PPT

Presentation Summary : complications. Intraoperative complications: Uncontrollable bleeding. ... As a result, laparoscopic splenectomy is a demanding technique and requires considerable skill.

Source : http://www.mc.uky.edu/mis/ppt/Laparoscopic%20Splenectomy.pptx

The Spleen - St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center PPT

Presentation Summary : The Spleen Lecture Conference Steven J. Binenbaum, MD SLR September 12th, 2007 Splenectomy for Hematologic Diseases Rarely cures the disease Alleviates symptoms ...

Source : http://www.slrsurgery.org/files/schedules/basicscience/The%20Spleen.ppt

The Spleen - KSU PPT

Presentation Summary : The Spleen Anatomy of Spleen White Pulp Spleen Structure The white pulp is circular in structure and is made up mainly of lymphocytes. It functions in a manner ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/15218/Presentations/Hematology/spleen.ppt

Hyposplenism - Florida Gulf Coast University PPT

Presentation Summary : Hyposplenism Presented by: Melissa Smith Overview Definition of Hyposplenism Medical History The function of the spleen Congenital asplenia vs. splenectomy ...

Source : http://ruby.fgcu.edu/courses/ndemers/Immuno/Hyposplenism.ppt

Hematology 425 Blood Collection - Montana State University ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... splenectomy, and postsplenectomy complications. ... Splenectomy for children with HS should be performed when the child is older than 6 years.

Source : http://www.msubillings.edu/ScienceFaculty/handouts/Fall%202006/dillman/Hematology%20425,%20Increased%20RBC%20Destruction,%20Intracorpuscular%20Defects.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : pprepared by alphonsa sebastian or department

Source : http://www.abanamyhospital.com/cne/SPLENECTOMY.ppt

JHSGR Management of blunt splenic injuries PPT

Presentation Summary : ... vessels Thicker and more fibrous splenic capsule Tolerate higher grade of injuries with non operative management Complications ... Splenectomy Overwhelming ...

Source : http://www.jhsgr.com/presentation/p201010_1.pps

Blunt Splenic Trauma: Increased complexity or progress? PPT

Presentation Summary : Conclusions Role of angiography remains to be defined triage tool vs selective application Splenectomy patients do suffer complications Rate due to ... its removal ...

Source : http://www.mc.uky.edu/traumaservices/Current%20Mngmnt%20Splenic%20Inj.PPT

What is Sickle Cell Disease? PPT

Presentation Summary : Treatments For Splenic Sequestion Intravenous fluids Blood transfusion as necessary Spleen removal or splenectomy ... Sickle Cell Complications From Sickle ...

Source : http://scinfo.org/component/docman/doc_download/13-sickle-cell-tutorial-sickle-blood-cells

Sickle Cell Disease - Suffolk County Community College PPT

Presentation Summary : ... SQ Splenectomy Cure isbone marrow stem cell ... Signs and Symptoms Diagnosis 3 Complications of Sickle Cell Anemia Vaso-occlusive crisis ...

Source : http://www2.sunysuffolk.edu/shaffec/Student%20PP%202012-2013/Student%20Version%20Hematologic%20Oncology%202012-2013.ppt

Infections complicating transplantation - School of Medicine PPT

Presentation Summary : ... A gram positive coccus that grows in short chains Alpha haemolytic on blood agar Identified by its ... % Splenectomy or ... Late complications: ...

Source : http://www.medicine.tcd.ie/histopathology/assets/4thmed/4th-yr-lecture-Infection-in-Immunocompromised.ppt

Portal Hypertension PPT

Presentation Summary : If the general condition of the patient is satisfactory splenectomy, ... Hypertension Etiology Complications of Portal Hypertension Encephalopathy Ascites ...

Source : http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/19173397/102864765/name/Portal%2BHypertension.ppt

THROMBOCYTOPENIA - University of Wisconsin–Madison PPT

Presentation Summary : ... 371:395 Lancet 2010 Responses to oral eltrombopag in ITP LONG-TERM OUTCOMES IN ITP PATIENTS WHO FAIL SPLENECTOMY ... complications of disease or its ...

Source : https://www5.medicine.wisc.edu/~williams/itp.ppt

Spleen + Lymphoma PPT

Presentation Summary : Hyposplenism and asplenia. Splenic functions are lost when congenitally absent spleen, surgically removed, atrophied following repeated infarction (eg, sickle cell ...

Source : http://ksbresidents.org/download/General%20Surgery%20lectures/Spleen%20&%20Lymphoma.pptx

Principles of Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery PPT

Presentation Summary : ... and urine output Neurological Complications Complications Structural injuries Vascular ... Lateral decubitus position most often used for splenectomy, ...

Source : http://sssmelb.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/general-principles-of-laparoscopic-abdominal-surgery-pp2003.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : If it is more palliative then this benefit must be weighed against the potential complications of splenectomy and more extensive ... its complications or its ...

Source : http://www.ssu.ac.ir/fileadmin/templates/fa/daneshkadaha/daneshkadah_pezeshki/goroha/jarahi/Upload_dp_jarahi/power_point/dr_mirshamsi/dars_gasteric_cancer.ppt

Hematology 425 Blood Collection - Montana State University ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... as necessary Splenectomy does not totally correct the ... Therapy & Prognosis PNH is a very serious disease and most patients die from its complications ...

Source : http://www.msubillings.edu/ScienceFaculty/handouts/Fall%202006/dillman/Hematology%20425,%20Increased%20RBC%20Destruction,%20Intracorpuscular%20Defects%20Part%202.ppt

Thrombocythemia PPT

Presentation Summary : Splenectomy. Vincristine ... *Marrow fibrosis is its most distinguishing feature. ... -1/3 or less will die of complications resulting from their hematopoietic disorder

Source : http://www.ohaev.com/Lecture/View?name=Thrombocythemia.myelofibrosis.2014.pptx

Childhood Immune Thrombocytic Purpura January, 2012 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... five years along with antibiotic prophylaxis Postsplenectomy mortality rates due to sepsis are 3% in children with ITP Complications from splenectomy: ... its ...

Source : http://sbhpedsres.com/docsSBH%202011-2012/Lectures/Childhood%20Immune%20Thrombocytic%20Purpura%202012%20rubin%20final%202.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Management of Infectious Complications ... Stress Functional splenia Splenectomy Aging Immune Defects and ... and its Role in Prevention ...

Source : http://www.apacvs.org/multimedia/files/conferences/2013/Critical-Care/Infections%20in%20IS%20patients.ppt

Sickle Cell Disease - Suffolk County Community College PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Splenectomy Cure: bone marrow stem cell transplant Estimated 70% do not find a suitable donor Nursing Considerations Observe for complications ... Sickle Cell ...

Source : http://www2.sunysuffolk.edu/shaffec/Student%20PP%202011/Hematologic%20Oncology%202012%20Student%20Version.ppt

Introduction, Classification, Diagnosis, Epidemiology ... PPT

Presentation Summary : its pathophysiology is not ... laparotomy and splenectomy Complication ... Malaria may become a medical emergency by rapidly progressing to complications ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/jwakeel/Lectures/Daily%20Lectures%20Delivered%20by%20Nephrology%20Team%20(Consultants,%20Registrars,%20Residents%20and%20Interns)/Malaria.ppt

Download - Thalassemia Center - Dubai | Thalasemia Dubai ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... frequency procedure-related complications, ... but its utility in this disease ... and blood transfusion Pretransplant splenectomy should be considered in ...

Source : http://www.thalassemia-dubai.com/Download.aspx?file=pps%2F23-Preparing+for+BMT.pps

Acute Liver Failure - Michigan State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Any person infected with hepatitis C is a potential candidate The majority will not progress to cirrhosis and its complications: ... splenectomy harmful Varices On ...

Source : http://www.ihcs.msu.edu/qi/documents/Group2SlidesAMafterBreak.ppt

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