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Pancreas Gland - Porterville College PPT

Presentation Summary : Sliding Scale Used during Surgery Illness ... None 4 units 6 units 8 units 10 units Pre-mixed insulin NPH + Regular Novolin 70/30 70% NPH 30% regular Insulin ...

Source : http://home.portervillecollege.edu/eKeele/Med-surg%20P010B/Lecture%2012%20Diabetes.ppt

Drugs Affecting the Endocrine System PPT

Presentation Summary : Short Acting: regular / Humalin R / Novolin R Onset of action: ... Sliding Scale Rapid-acting or short-acting given based on blood glucose levels.

Source : http://home.apu.edu/%7Ejchandler/Pharm%20PP_08/Drugs%20Affecting%20the%20Endocrine%20System.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : CHO WITH A “REACTIVE” SLIDING SCALE < 8 NO EXTRA 8-12 ... Give 32 units (2/3 of morning dosage) as Novolin NPH with a 1:1 correction sliding scale of ...

Source : http://surgery.utoronto.ca/Assets/Surgery+Digital+Assets/POS+Lectures/Diabetes+for+Surgery+Residents.ppt

Improving Inpatient Diabetes Care PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (Apidra), lispro (Humalog) Short-acting: regular (Humulin, Novolin) ... Prolonged therapy using sliding scale regular insulin is not recommended * Becker T, ...

Source : http://inpatient.aace.com/sites/all/files/Strategies-S6-Role-of-Nursing-in-the-Continuum-of-Inpatient-Diabetes-Care.ppt

Endocrine Lecture 2 - Porterville College PPT

Presentation Summary : Sliding Scale Used during Surgery Illness Stress Determines insulin ... date all vials when opened Pre-mixed insulin NPH + Regular Novolin 70/30 70% NPH 30% ...

Source : http://www.portervillecollege.edu/eKeele/Endocrine/Endocrine%202c%20web.ppt

Strategies_to_Reduce_Hypoglycemia - Texas Center for Quality ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Basal insulin can help reduce reliance on sliding scale and reduce hypoglycemia. ... NovoLOG, NovoLIN. Do not use the abbreviation “u” for units.

Source : http://www.texashospitalquality.org/resources/ade/strategies_to_reduce_hypoglycemia.asp

Drugs Affecting the Endocrine System - Pediatric Nursing PPT

Presentation Summary : Short Acting: regular / Humalin R / Novolin R Onset of action: 30 to 60 minutes Peak action: ... Sliding Scale Rapid-acting is given based on blood glucose levels.

Source : http://www.pedstudent.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/drugs-endocrine_s09.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Implementation of tight glycemic control resulted in a 2.5-fold decrease in DSWI compared with those receiving sliding scale ... Insulin Novolin 70/30 ...

Source : http://friedmandiabetesinstitute.com/for_professionals/December_1st_pm.ppt


Presentation Summary : ORDER #4 = CORRECTION INSULIN is the term that replaces supplemental or sliding scale ... SJHS’s formulary mainly has Novolin insulin products (Regular ...

Source : http://www.quia.com/files/quia/users/educat8300/Blood-Glucose-Module-for-Nurses

Assessment and Management of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus PPT

Presentation Summary : Names include Humulin N, Novolin N, Humulin L, Novolin L Long acting ... inappropriate holding of insulin Hypoglycemia in the hospital—overuse of sliding scale, ...

Source : http://www.atu.edu/nursing/faculty_docs/self/Assessment_and_Management_of_Patients_with_Diabetes_Mellitus.ppt

Diabetes PPT

Presentation Summary : Umpierrez GE, Palacio A, Smiley D. Sliding scale insulin use: myth or insanity ... Glulisine (Apidra ®) Regular (Humulin R ®, Novolin R ®) NPH (Humulin N ...

Source : http://www.madhcc.org/files/DHCC%20Diabetes%20Pharmacy%20Presentation.ppt

DIABETES OVERVIEW AND UPDATE - Welcome to the website of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Basal/bolus therapy is more efficient than sliding scale which is associated with poorer ... lyspro (Humalog) regular insulin—Humulin R, Novolin R Intermediate ...

Source : http://www.barbbancroft.com/powerpoints/HO.DVDDIABETESFALL2008.ppt


Presentation Summary : SLIDING SCALE Blood Glucose (mg/dl) Insulin dose (SC) ... ( Humulin R, Novolin R) Within 30 minutes 1-3 hours 6-8 hours NPH Insulin (Novolin N, Humulin N) ...

Source : http://www.abanamyhospital.com/cne/dka.ppt

Critical Care Ground Rounds Presentation April 17th, 2008 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (Novolin N) SQ Intermediate acting endogenous human insulin Dosage based on sliding scale Rationale: decrease blood sugar Propofol (Diprivan) ...

Source : http://www.rcampus.com/users/CoolKell10/upload/File/Ground_Rounds_Presentation.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... SC basal-bolus insulin therapy is effective and safe for treatment of hyperglycemia in noncritically ill patients Sliding scale regular ... Novolin) Correction ...

Source : http://inpatient.aace.com/sites/all/files/Strategies-S2-Management-of-Hyperglycemia-in-the-Noncritical-Care-Setting.ppt

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Medication Management PPT

Presentation Summary : Novolin/Humulin 70/30: 0.6 units/kg/day ~2/3 before breakfast ... Sliding Scale by itself is unacceptable! 24 hour dose of slide can be given as a once daily basal; ...

Source : http://www.midwestclinicians.org/files/temp/Type%202%20Diabetes%20Mellitus%20%20Medication%20Management%20MWCN.pptx

Inpatient Management of Diabetes PPT

Presentation Summary : Use only sliding scale C. Use only rapidly acting insulin D. Continue basal insulin Pre -test ... (Humulin® Novolin®) lispro (HumaLOG®) aspart (NovoLOG ...

Source : http://www.lafmeded.org/Inpatient-Diabetes.ppt


Presentation Summary : Correction Insulin (Sliding Scale) ... (Novolin R) Novo Nordisk U-100 Buffered Regular (Velosulin BR) Novo Nordisk U ...

Source : http://diabetesinhospitals.org/pdf_docs/inpatient_diab_initiative.ppt

Insulin Pumps PPT

Presentation Summary : Enter a code into the scale for a food ... h 2 to 4 h ~30 min Humulin® R U-100 or U-500 Novolin® R U-100 2 to 4 h 45 ... and sliding scale Humalog/Regular ...

Source : http://file.cop.ufl.edu/ce/ufpreceptor/2010/Vallabh/Vallabh%20Insulin%20Pumps%20CE%20Final.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Burden of proof is on those who continue to use a sliding scale regimen ... 70:30 Human Regular Human NPH Novolin 70/30 70:30 aspart aspart protamine ...

Source : http://rushakoff.com/lectures/2006%20inpatient%20dm.ppt


Presentation Summary : Geriatrics (2009); 64(6):18-20. Umpierrez GE, Palacio A, Smiley D. Sliding Scale Insulin Use: Myth or ... (NPH)—Humulin N, Novolin N Long-acting insulins ...

Source : https://www.texarkanacollege.edu/MSDocs/Seminars/HO%20DiabetesUpdateFall12.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... She gave lente insulin BID then gave a sliding-scale dose of regular insulin based on BG levels with meals. This owner was exceptional. ... (Novolin 70/30).

Source : http://www.theaec.com/content/diabetes.pps

CCU RN Study Guide for Medication and IV Test PPT

Presentation Summary : sliding scale insulin is a single dose in reaction to a single blood glucose measurement and does not take into account additional glucose readings. ... Novolin R ...

Source : http://media.wix.com/ugd/9affdc_b728b9427dea6a6d8e406972bd2d1671.pptx?dn=CCU%2BRN%2BMed%2BTest%2BStudy%2BGuide%2B.pptx

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