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Displaying rope rescue PowerPoint Presentations

Rope Rescue - Earth First Climbers Guild PPT

Presentation Summary : Rope Rescue Presented by WPAFB FD Basket Lowers Single line lower with a belay One main line, one belay line for litter One litter tender Advantage: simpler rope work ...

Source : http://efclimbers.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Rope_PP.ppt

Rope Rescue - Louisiana State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Rope Rescue NS Mayport Fire and Emergency Services References NFPA 1670 Outlines requirements for Technical Rescue Incidents Identifies the operating levels of rescue.

Source : http://feti.lsu.edu/municipal/NFA/TRADE/materials/TRADE%20CD%205/Tom's%20TRADE/Rope%20Rescue%20PPT/rope.ppt

Multi-Point Anchors - Welcome to Rescue North Carolina LLC. PPT

Presentation Summary : Anchors: Secure ropes, hardware and or software to a solid object. An anchor in the high angle system is like a foundation in a structure. Anchor points are the ...

Source : http://rescuenc.com/General%20Ropes;%20Anchors.ppsx

Technical Rescue Awareness - Indiana PPT

Presentation Summary : Technical Rescue Awareness ... Structural collapse Various types of building collapse Rope rescue Various rescue situations require rope work Confined space ...

Source : https://secure.in.gov/dhs/files/General.ppt

Introduction - WordPress.com PPT

Presentation Summary : * * * * * * * * * * * * * Prusik Cord Knots Prusik Loop – Double Fisherman’s Triple Wrap Prusik – onto a rescue line Rope Knots Bowline – Long tail Butterfly ...

Source : http://paulhasenmeier.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/rope-rescue-knots.ppt

Training - Working Fire PPT

Presentation Summary : II Learning or refamiliarizing members with basic rope techniques Understanding how these techniques will work ... II Stokes Rescue Diamond lash the patient into ...

Source : http://www.workingfire.com/PowerPoint/04-5%20Training%20MaterialsPPS.pps

Confined Space Rescue - OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Emergency Rescue. If a rescue is required, the rescue service must close off the area, get authorized entrants out of the space and perform first aid when needed.

Source : https://www.osha.gov/dte/grant_materials/fy10/sh-21000-10/Confined_Space_Rescue.pptx


Presentation Summary : SALT LAKE COUNTY S H E R I F F ’ S O F F I C E SEARCH RESCUE Rescue Physics Force Units and Strength of Components Strength of Anchors

Source : http://user.xmission.com/~tmoyer/testing/Rescue_Physics_2007-06-26.ppt

Training PPT

Presentation Summary : 04-7 Training Materials LOOP ROPE RESCUE: In this scenario, rescuer approaches patient using ice awls. It’s the rescuer’s choice in a real incident.

Source : http://www.workingfire.com/PowerPoint/04-7%20Training%20MaterialsPPS.pps


Presentation Summary : Definition of Terms: Anchors – are the means of securing the rope and other . elements . of the high angle system to something. solid. Anchor point

Source : http://www.gigav.webs.com/ANCHORING.pptx

Confined Space - A Timeline to Rescue - Ohio University PPT

Presentation Summary : Confined Rescue – A Timeline to Rescue and Rescue Systems By Michael Lafreniere Ohio University-Chillicothe Environmental Training and Research Center (ETRC)

Source : http://www.chillicothe.ohiou.edu/ev/etrc/training/presentations/Confined%20Space%20-%20A%20Timeline%20to%20Rescue.ppt


Presentation Summary : Rope rescue. Is a subset of technical rescue that involves the use of static nylon kernmantle ropes, anchoring and belaying devices, friction rappel devices, various ...

Source : http://gigav.webs.com/METHODS%20&%20TECHNIQUES2.pptx

Chapter PowerPoint Slides - Cengage Learning PPT

Presentation Summary : ... conduct forcible entry Tools used for search and rescue Tools to conduct vehicle extrications, confined space rescue, rope rescue, and other technical operations ...

Source : http://www.delmarlearning.com/companions/content/1418073202/student/powerpoint/chapter/Chapter%2002.ppt

Basic Haul Systems - JCFRTA.com PPT

Presentation Summary : Course Objectives Understand and use rope rescue terminology and equipment Be able to list many uses of rope and rope hardware Be able to recognize and list all ...

Source : http://www.jeffcofiretraining.com/Basic%20Haul%20Systems%20Powerpoint.ppt

N.C. Technical Rescuer General; Ropes - Welcome to Rescue ... PPT

Presentation Summary : USES FOR ROPE: Raises. Lowers. Rappelling. Lashing. Anchors. Mechanical Advantage Systems. Stabilization. Safety Barriers. Improvised Harnesses. Ascending/ Descending

Source : http://rescuenc.com/General;Ropes.ppsx

ICE RESCUE - Montgomery County, Maryland PPT

Presentation Summary : ICE RESCUE for FIRST RESPONDERS The following presentation will demonstrate the appropriate techniques to consider for use during an ice rescue emergency.

Source : http://www6.montgomerycountymd.gov/content/firerescue/psta/stp/icerescue/icerescuefinal.pps

Mechanical Advantage - Welcome to the website for the SC ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Hauling Systems What Is a Hauling System? Combination of ropes and hardware assembled to form a mechanical advantage used to move a load from one point to another.

Source : http://scfirechiefs.com/Power%20points/Mechanical%20Advantage.ppt

Ropes - Louisiana State University PPT

Presentation Summary : State of Georgia BASIC FIRE FIGHTER TRAINING COURSE ROPES USES OF ROPE IN THE FIRE SERVICE Life lines Rescue operations Hoisting equipment Ladder halyard Anchoring ...

Source : http://feti.lsu.edu/municipal/NFA/TRADE/materials/TRADE%20CD%203/Georgia%20Files/Basic%20Firefighter%20Training%20Course/Ropes/Presentation.ppt

Chapter 10: Ropes and Knots - Jones + Bartlett Learning PPT

Presentation Summary : Rope Rescue Incidents. Rescuers often have to lower themselves and determine how to get victim to safety. Extreme cases could involve a helicopter.

Source : http://samples.jbpub.com/9781284059656/CH10_Ropes_and_Knots.pptx

Overhand Knot - Division Of Training PPT

Presentation Summary : Rural Metro Emergency Response Training Hitches A Knot that Ties Around an Object The Object May be the Standing End of the Rope Over Hand Knot Used to Back up Other ...

Source : http://www.divisionoftraining.com/Training%20Material/Presentations/Rescue%20Knots.ppt

Redmond Fire + Rescue - Manhattan Fire Protection District PPT

Presentation Summary : Redmond Fire & Rescue Ice Rescue Orientation & Annual Refresher Training Introduction Other assistance is at least 30 minutes and up to 60 minutes away.

Source : http://www.manhattanfire.org/training/Ice_Rescue_Refresher.ppt

Vancouver Fire Services Water Rescue Awareness PPT

Presentation Summary : Rope rescue Confined space rescue. Trench rescue. Building collapse rescue. Wilderness search and rescue. Vehicles and Machinery Rescue. Other rescue operations ...

Source : http://www.clarkfr.org/training/SPECIAL%20OPS/Water%20Rescue%20Awareness%20Show.ppsx


Presentation Summary : a rit team should be requested upon the confirmation of a working structure fire a water rescue a haz ... (may be provided by requesting department) rope-100 ft ...

Source : http://www.slingerfd.com/rit/download/SATCOUNTY%20RITpictures.ppt

Rapid Pre-Intervention - FireServiceSLT PPT

Presentation Summary : Rope slide Hose slide Think and work on getting yourself out! ... (Flat-Head Axe/Halligan) Hand Lights Stokes Basket Portable Radios RIT Rope Rescue bag ...

Source : http://fireserviceslt.com/files/RapidPre-Intervention.ppt

Welcome to the Zone 1 Water Rescue Awareness Level On Line ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Welcome to the 2010 Awareness and Operations Water Rescue Training Program The Goals of this class: Identify what NFPA Standards and WACs apply to water rescue.

Source : http://www.rftdtraining.org/trainingsiteresources/documents_library/2010%20Water%20Rescue.ppt

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