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Bottle Rockets! PPT

Presentation Summary : Things to think about as you design. Like all rockets, the flight performance of water bottle rockets is strongly influenced by the rocket’s design and the care ...

Source : http://www.skitsap.wednet.edu/cms/lib/WA01000495/Centricity/Domain/1233/Bottle%20Rockets2014.pptx

STEM Lesson #LD05 Rocket Stability PPT

Presentation Summary : Yaw and Pitch When a rocket wobbles from side to side, this movement is called a yaw motion. A pitch motion is an up or down movement of the nose of the rocket.

Source : http://www.rocketcontest.org/media/stem_lesson_ld05_rocket_stability_sarradet.ppt

East Texas Wing T Rocket Series - FastandFuriousFootball.com PPT

Presentation Summary : Super Lead Rocket Series Bonus: Three Step Shovel Boot Red A-Rocket 28 Pitch Red A-Rocket 32 Sweep Red A-Rocket 40 Counter Red A-Rocket 15 Counter Red Z-Rocket 49 ...

Source : http://fastandfuriousfootball.com/wp-content/uploads/highschooloffense2/Super_Lead_Rocket_Series.ppt

STEM Lesson 2: The Model Rocket PPT

Presentation Summary : * Motor Sizes Motor diameter is measured in millimeters. Sizes for low to mid-power rockets are 13mm, 18mm, 24mm, and 29mm. * Engine or Motor?

Source : http://www.rocketcontest.org/media/stem_lesson_ld02_the_model_rocket_sarradet.ppt

Rockets and Space Exploration PPT

Presentation Summary : Traveling into Space. Rocket – a device that expels gas in one direction to move in the opposite direction. The first rockets were made in China in the 1100s

Source : http://p2cdn4static.sharpschool.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_1171871/File/teachers/reedm/Rockets%20and%20Space%20Exploration%20online%20notes.pptx

Rocket Engines - Troy University PPT

Presentation Summary : Rocket Engines Liquid Propellant Mono propellant Catalysts Bi-propellant Solid Propellant Grain Patterns Hybrid Nuclear Electric Performance Energy Safety

Source : http://trojan.troy.edu/studentsupportservices/assets/documents/presentations/math_science/Rocket%20Engines.ppt

Rocketry - Post 1010 PPT

Presentation Summary : LaunchLug– helps to guide the rocket upward until it reaches enough velocity for the fins to engage. Parachute – assists in the safe recovery of the rocket.

Source : http://post1010.org/Rocketry/Rocketry2014/stem_lesson_ld02_the_model_rocket_sarradet.pptx

Rocketry - SARG PPT

Presentation Summary : Aerodynamic Forces. Aerodynamic forces are generated and act on a rocket as it flies through the air. The lift and drag act through the . center of pressure

Source : http://www.sargrocket.org/Documents/LD04%20Aerodynamics.pptx

Bottle Rockets! - SchoolNotes PPT

Presentation Summary : Bottle Rockets! 8th grade final project Your mission: Design, construct and launch a rocket made from empty two liter plastic soda bottles which will remain aloft for ...

Source : http://new.schoolnotes.com/files/FouchScience/BottleRockets-ours.ppt

How to Make a Model Rocket - Clusters | Career and Technical ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Author: Administrator Created Date: 03/31/2006 21:29:54 Title: How to Make a Model Rocket Last modified by: Belcher, Kathy Company: LISD

Source : http://cte.unt.edu/content/files/_STEM/STEM_curr/ConceptsEngTech/10TeamProject/Rocket/Rocket.pptx


Presentation Summary : ROCKET SAFETY CODE 1. I will do my part to uphold the excellent safety record of model rocketry. 2. I will not attempt to make my own engines. Rocket engines will be ...

Source : http://teacher.sanjuan.edu/webpages/tirvine/files/rocket%20safety%20code.ppt

How to Build a Water Bottle Rocket - Carbonado School PPT

Presentation Summary : How to Build a Water Bottle Rocket Science Fall 2006 Materials 2 Two-Liter Bottles Newspaper (Ballast) Foam Tray (Fins) Paper (Nose Cone) Tape Scissors Marker Parts ...

Source : http://www.carbonado.k12.wa.us/9th%20Science/Science%202006-07/Presentation%20on%20Building%20.ppt

It’s not Rocket Science… - Virginia Tech PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: It’s not Rocket Science… Author: Marcie Dail Fairchild Last modified by: Marcie Dail Fairchild Created Date: 12/1/2007 1:21:14 AM Document presentation format

Source : http://filebox.vt.edu/users/mdfairc/portfolio/Other%20documents/Webquest.ppt

Bottle Rockets! - North Carolina Science Olympiad PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Bottle Rockets! Author: Andrew Last modified by: NC Science Olympiad Created Date: 5/12/2009 1:38:26 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show (4:3)

Source : http://www.sciencenc.com/coaches-institute/2009_Presentations/2009%20Eggonaut%20institute.ppt

How to Build a Rocket.PPT - Science PPT

Presentation Summary : Brainstorm The first step in the design of a water bottle rocket is brainstorming. Brainstorming is a problem-solving technique that involves the spontaneous ...

Source : http://science.dadeschools.net/secme/documents/06.how.to.build.a.rocket.ppt

Principle's of Rockets.PPT - Science PPT

Presentation Summary : What is a Rocket? A chamber enclosing a gas under pressure. A balloon is a simple example of a rocket. Rubber walls compress the air inside.

Source : http://science.dadeschools.net/secme/documents/06.principals.of.rockets.ppt

Rockets and Satellites - Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools PPT

Presentation Summary : Rockets and Satellites EQ: How do rockets travel in space? How Rockets Work A rocket moves forward when gas expelled from the rear of a rocket pushes it in the ...

Source : http://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/cms/lib/NC01001395/Centricity/Domain/2398/1%203%20Rockets%20and%20Satellites.ppt

Rocket Propulsion - Wikispaces PPT

Presentation Summary : Rocket Propulsion Physics Montwood High School R. Casao Systems with Varying Mass: A Rocket The natural logarithm of 10 is about 2.3 This means that (given our ...

Source : http://rcasao.wikispaces.com/file/view/Rocket+Propulsion.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Slide 6 Slide 7 BLAST OFF!: Rocket Quandary Project Two friends, Regina and Brenda, are members of the NASA rocket club but go to different schools.

Source : http://www.freewebs.com/matheng/rocket%20quandary%20intro.ppt

-Motion of the Center of Mass -Rocket Propulsion PPT

Presentation Summary : Title-Motion of the Center of Mass -Rocket Propulsion Author: hcoyle Last modified by: hcoyle Created Date: 11/18/2010 6:03:48 PM Document presentation format

Source : http://sites.tenafly.k12.nj.us/~hcoyle/AP%20Physics%20%20C%20Power%20Points/5%20APC%20Momentum,%20Center%20of%20Mass/3%20Motion%20of%20the%20Center%20of%20Mass.ppt

Rocket Card/ID Center - College of Engineering PPT

Presentation Summary : Rocket Card/ID Center R O C K E T C A R D Rocket Card Main Usages Door Access Identification Other Usages Shuttle Buses Library Lunch Card Laundry Machines GO ROCKETS

Source : http://www.eng.utoledo.edu/~smolitor/courses/bioe1000/campus/Allemang.ppt

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