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Chapter 2 - Graphing Linear Relations and Functions PPT

Presentation Summary : 2-1: Graphing Linear Relations and Functions Objectives: Understand, draw, and determine if a relation is a function. Graph & write linear equations, determine domain ...

Source : http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/math/HCPSAlgebra2/Documents/2-1/2-1RelationsFunctions.ppt

Relations - University of Southern California PPT

Presentation Summary : Relations A binary relation R from a set A to a set B is a subset of A B. Domain of R = { a A | (a,b) R for some b B} Range of R = {b B | (a,b) R for ...

Source : http://www-rcf.usc.edu/~mdhuang/cs271/slides/Relations.ppt

Definition of a Relation - University of West Georgia PPT

Presentation Summary : Definition of a Relation A relation is any set of ordered pairs. The set of all first components of the ordered pairs is called the domain of the relation, and the ...

Source : http://www.westga.edu/~srivera/ca-fall05/1.4.ppt

Relations - UMD PPT

Presentation Summary : Relations binary relations xRy on sets x X y Y R X Y Example: “less than” relation from A={0,1,2} to B={1,2,3} use traditional notation

Source : https://www.cs.umd.edu/class/spring2006/cmsc250/Lectures/10.Relations.ppt

Relations - Henrico County Public Schools PPT

Presentation Summary : Objectives The student will be able to: 1. identify the domain and range of a relation. 2. show relations as sets and mappings. SOL: A.7bf Designed by Skip Tyler ...

Source : http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/math/HCPSAlgebra1/Documents/5-2/Relations.ppt

Equivalence Relations PPT

Presentation Summary : Definition An equivalence relation on a set S is a set R of ordered pairs of elements of S such that Properties of Equivalence Relations Notation Given a relation R, ...

Source : http://personal.graceland.edu/~rsmith/classes/math3330/resources/Equivalence%20Relations.ppt

Relations and Function - Classroom Web Page Information PPT

Presentation Summary : If the relation is a function, then each “x” will be related to one “y” And no “x” will be related to more than one “y” Our last “Relation”: ...

Source : http://staff.fcps.net/vnelson/Algebra-A%20(Relations%20and%20Functions%20Unit)%20copacket.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Equivalence Relations Aaron Bloomfield CS 202 Rosen, section 7.5 Introduction Certain combinations of relation properties are very useful We won’t have a chance to ...

Source : http://www.cs.virginia.edu/%7Easb/teaching/cs202-spring05/slides/27-equivalence-relations.ppt

Relations - Computer Science and Electrical Engineering ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Since this is a relation between two sets, it is called a binary relation. Definition: Let A and B be sets. A binary relation from A to B is a subset of A B.

Source : http://www.csee.umbc.edu/~artola/fall02/Relations.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Relations And Functions A relation is a set of ordered pairs. {(2,3), (-1,5), (4,-2), (9,9), (0,-6)} This is a relation The domain is the set of all x values in the ...

Source : http://mathxtc.com/Downloads/NumberAlg/files/Relations%20and%20Functions.ppt

Relational Database PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter 5: Transforming EER Diagrams into Relations Mapping Regular Entities to Relations Simple attributes: E-R attributes map directly onto the relation

Source : http://www.siue.edu/%7Ebbordol/index/courses/564/PPT/ERD_to_Rel.PPT

Relations + Functions PPT

Presentation Summary : Relations & Functions Section 2-1 Definitions A relation is a description of the association between two sets of values. The set of input values is called the domain ...

Source : http://teachernotes.paramus.k12.nj.us/hitron/2.1_Presentation.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Introduction Certain combinations of relation properties are very useful In this set we will study equivalence relations: A relation that is reflexive, ...

Source : http://www.cis.temple.edu/%7Elatecki/Courses/CIS166-Spring08/Lectures/ch8.5.ppt

Slides for Rosen, 5th edition PPT

Presentation Summary : These relation characteristics are very easy to recognize by inspection of the zero-one matrix. Using Directed Graphs A directed graph or digraph G=(VG,EG) ...

Source : http://www.cse.unr.edu/~bebis/CS365/Lect/Relations.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... at the x column (domain). If each number in the x column appears only once in that column, it is a function. Is this relation a function?

Source : http://www.celestealexander.com/Unit%205%20Section%204.ppt

Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory PPT

Presentation Summary : Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory Candace Creese Wilmington University Hildegard E. Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations in Nursing Theory was published in 1953 ...

Source : http://pptnursingtheory.wikispaces.com/file/view/Peplau%E2%80%99s+Interpersonal+Relations+Theory+power+point.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Domain: a set of first elements in a relation (all of the x values). These are also called the independent variable. Range: The second elements in a relation (all of ...

Source : http://srhsmunro.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/function-and-relations-lesson-1.ppt

Closures of Relations (§ 7.4) - Computer Science, U.Va ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Closures of Relations Aaron Bloomfield CS 202 Rosen, section 7.4 Relational closures Three types we will study Reflexive Easy Symmetric Easy Transitive Hard Reflexive ...

Source : http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~asb/teaching/cs202-spring05/slides/26-closures-of-relations.ppt

Chapter 9 PPT

Presentation Summary : Each relation consists of a set of named columns and an arbitrary number of unnamed rows Properties Entries in cells are simple Entries in columns are from the same ...

Source : http://uwf.edu/jwei/classes/ism4113/ppt/PPT_09_modified.ppt

Relations PPT

Presentation Summary : Relations A binary relation R is set of ordered pairs of the form (a, b) where a and b are taken from the same set or two different sets. Let A be a set and R is a ...

Source : http://elearning.najah.edu/OldData/pdfs/Chapter3.ppt

Introduction to Database PPT

Presentation Summary : NOT a relation In 1st normal form Note: this is relation, but not a well-structured one Why do these anomalies exist? Because there are multiple themes ...

Source : http://home.business.utah.edu/pactlc/chap%205.ppt

Relation- a set of input values and output values, often ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Relation- a set of input values and output values, often written as ordered pairs A function is a rule that assigns each input to exactly one output.

Source : http://schools.paulding.k12.ga.us/ischooldistrict/media/files/3491/Copy%20of%20Functions%205%20WAYS.ppt

Relation Model PPT

Presentation Summary : Outline: Relational Data Model Data Model Relational Data Model - relation schema, relations - database schema, database state - integrity constraints and updating

Source : http://employees.oneonta.edu/zhangs/csci242/242-lecture-3.ppt

4.6 – Formalizing Relations and Functions PPT

Presentation Summary : 4.6 – Formalizing Relations and Functions Vocab, Vocab, Vocab!! Relation – a pairing of numbers in one set with numbers in another set. Domain – the set of x ...

Source : http://phelpscchs.pbworks.com/f/Ch%204.6%20-%20Formalizing%20Relations%20and%20Functions.ppt

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