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Punctuation PPT

Presentation Summary : chomp! chomp! Standard Punctuation Do I need a comma? Or do I need a semicolon? This presentation covers standard punctuation: end marks, commas, semicolons, and ...

Source : http://www.chompchomp.com/presentations/punctuation.ppt

punctuation.ppt - Internet TESL Journal (For ESL/EFL Teachers) PPT

Presentation Summary : Let’s Put an end to sentences! Language Arts What is an end mark? An end mark is also known as punctuation, and comes at the end of a sentence. It lets you know ...

Source : http://iteslj.org/t/ppt/punctuation.ppt

PUNCTUATION - Tulsa Community College PPT

Presentation Summary : Mastering the Colon: When to use this confusing punctuation mark. NEC FACET Center

Source : http://owl.tulsacc.edu/PPT/Colons%202.ppsx

Capitalization and Punctuation - Lexington School District One PPT

Presentation Summary : Capitalization and Punctuation A Project LA Activity Why? Writers use capital letters and punctuation marks to help the reader better understand what is written.

Source : http://www.lexington1.net/Technology/instruct/ppts/LAppts/35/cap-punct.ppt

Punctuation - Lexington School District One PPT

Presentation Summary : Let’s Put an end to sentences! 4th grade Language Arts What is an end mark? An end mark is also known as punctuation, and comes at the end of a sentence.

Source : http://www.lexington1.net/technology/instruct/ppts/LAppts/35/punctuation.ppt

A Basic Spelling and Punctuation Review - Troy University PPT

Presentation Summary : A Basic Spelling & Punctuation Review An English/Reading Mini-Workshop to Help Student Support Services (SSS) Participants Improve their English language skills

Source : http://trojan.troy.edu/studentsupportservices/assets/documents/presentations/english_reading/ABasicSpellingandPunctuationReview.ppt

End Punctuation and Comma Review - englishmanchappell PPT

Presentation Summary : End Punctuation. End marks—periods, question marks, and exclamation points—are used to indicate the purpose of a sentence. Periods are used for declarative statements

Source : http://englishmanchappell.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/0/0/13000090/end_punctuation_and_comma_review.pptx

Punctuation - pc|mac PPT

Presentation Summary : Punctuation “the traffic signals of writing” The Comma [,] Misuse of the comma accounts for half of all punctuation errors. Carefully studying the following rules ...

Source : http://images.pcmac.org/SiSFiles/Schools/AL/MontgomeryPublic/LovelessAcademic/Uploads/DocumentsCategories/Documents/CommasSemicolonsColons.ppt

Common Punctuation Errors - Liberty University PPT

Presentation Summary : Common Punctuation Errors Emily Heady, Ph.D. Graduate Writing Center Some Things We All Know Our students often punctuate poorly, randomly, or not at all.

Source : http://www.liberty.edu/media/2030/Common%20Punctuation%20Errors.ppt

Punctuation - Primary Resources PPT

Presentation Summary : Punctuation Making Sense of Writing Capital Letters We need these to begin a new sentence. For proper nouns which are the names of people, places, book and film titles.

Source : http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/english/powerpoints/Punctuation.ppt

Clauses and Punctuation - Ms. Maletz and Mrs. Dettelbach PPT

Presentation Summary : Clauses and Punctuation Clauses can be described with more specificity, but for the purpose of understanding punctuation, this is simplified. Basic Definitions ...

Source : http://msmaletzandmrsdettelbach.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/4/3/13437649/clauses_and_punctuation.ppt

Quotation Marks - Welcome to BowNET - Home of the Bow School ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Dialogue and Quotation Marks Direct Quotations: Use quotes to surround the information that is to be directly cited, this includes what a person says.

Source : http://www.bow.k12.nh.us/sdixon/PowerPoints/Dialogue_Quotationmarks.ppt

Editing for punctuation PPT

Presentation Summary : Editing for punctuation Clarify meaning and expression. “Punctuation is a fairly recent creation (approximately 1500), originally meant to guide speakers in the ...

Source : http://blogs.longwood.edu/ballengera/files/2014/07/Editing-for-punctuation-for-students.ppt

Punctuation for College Writing: PPT

Presentation Summary : Goals. Learn the names and functions of Standard American English punctuation marks. Practice using the marks in college-level writing contexts. Ask and answer your ...

Source : http://s.bellevuecollege.edu/wp/sites/161/2014/09/punctuationwocommas.pptx

Punctuation Making Your Meaning Clear - Time4Writing.com PPT

Presentation Summary : Author: Kim Title: Punctuation Making Your Meaning Clear Last modified by: Kim

Source : http://www.time4writing.com/presentations/WritingMechanics_Punctuation.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Let’s Put an end to sentences! Language Arts What is an end mark? An end mark is also known as punctuation, and comes at the end of a sentence. It lets you know ...

Source : http://classroom.jc-schools.net/waltkek/punctuation.ppt

Punctuation- Part 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Pop Quiz! Match the term to its definition. When you are done, put the answer document under my webcam to see your score. If your choice has two letters, fill in both ...

Source : http://hsagreen.weebly.com/uploads/8/2/5/8/8258390/punctuation-_part_1.pptm

Rules for Punctuating Direct Quotations - Tech Coach Corner PPT

Presentation Summary : Direct Quotations It is as easy as counting to 5! A sentence that contains dialogue has two main parts. The direct quotation is a records of the exact words spoken.

Source : http://techcoachcorner2.org/Curriculum%20Links/Language%20Arts/Punctuation/puncutation_direct_quotes_notes.ppt

Punctuation - Primary Resources PPT

Presentation Summary : PUNCTUATION L.O: To know what the different types of punctuation there are and to understand what they can be used for. Starter Try to think of as many bits of ...

Source : http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/english/powerpoints/punctuation_rw.ppt

Punctuation- Part 4 (Commas- Pt 2) PPT

Presentation Summary : Commas, Conjunctions, and You. Commas are used between independent clauses joined by coordinating conjunctions. I like to swim, but Monique likes to run.

Source : http://hsagreen.weebly.com/uploads/8/2/5/8/8258390/punctuation-_part_4_commas-_pt_2.pptx

Punctuation - Prestwich Arts College PPT

Presentation Summary : Punctuation Year 7 Sentence Starters Icons key: For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started presentation Teacher’s notes included in the Notes Page

Source : http://www.prestwich.bury.sch.uk/English/Yr7%20powerpoint/Punctuation.ppt

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - Boardworks PPT

Presentation Summary : Basic Punctuation English Grammar and Skills Toolkit Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Icons key: Teacher’s notes included in the Notes Page Flash activity.

Source : http://www.boardworks.co.uk/media/b3d2a2c9/Spelling_Punctuation_and_Grammar.ppt

Punctuation PPT

Presentation Summary : Punctuation Review Rules of Grammar Rules for Quotation Marks Question marks and exclamation points depend on what is being quoted. If it is just the quoted material ...

Source : http://teacher.sanjuan.edu/webpages/kristenlongcham/files/punctuation_review%20.ppt

Punctuation Tips - editTeach PPT

Presentation Summary : Capitalization rules Lessons for copyeditors By Jeff South VCU School of Mass Communications In general ‘Down style’ It’s faster. Blame cheap publishers!

Source : http://www.editteach.org/special/blackboard6/capitalization.ppt

Compare these sentences: - San Jose State University PPT

Presentation Summary : PUNCTUATION MADE EASY San Jose State University Writing Center Compare these sentences: A woman, without her man, is nothing. A woman: without her, man is nothing.

Source : http://www.sjsu.edu/writingcenter/docs/PUNCTUATION.ppt

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