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Pulse Code Modulation PPT

Presentation Summary : Pulse Code Modulation The advantages of digital communication systems (cf. analogue communication) Easier to store as a pattern of 1's and 0's Increased Immunity

Source : http://s3.amazonaws.com/cramster-resource/104621_Signals%20and%20Information(sampling,%20tdm,spetcrum).ppt

Pulse Code Modulation PPT

Presentation Summary : Pulse Code Modulation. Pulse Code Modulation. Analogue to Digital Conversion. Quantizing. Encoding

Source : http://eee3223.wdfiles.com/local--files/a2zk50group04/Pulse%20Code%20Modulation.pptx

Chapter 3 Pulse Modulation - University of Colorado Boulder PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter 3 Pulse Modulation Chapter Outline Sampling: is basic to all forms of pulse modulation. Pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM): is the simplest form of modulation.

Source : http://www.colorado.edu/engineering/ECE/ecen4242/ch03.ppt


Presentation Summary : PULSE MODULATION. In pulse modulation, some parameter of a pulse train is varied in accordance with the message signal. Classification: analog pulse modulation

Source : http://ashutoshrastogi.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/pulse-communication.pptx

ch4_2 - Donald Bren School of Information and Computer ... PPT

Presentation Summary : In this section we describe two techniques, pulse code modulation and delta modulation. Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Delta Modulation (DM) ...

Source : http://www.ics.uci.edu/%7Emagda/Courses/netsys270/ch4_2_v1.ppt

Pulse-code Modulation (PCM) PPT

Presentation Summary : Pulse-code Modulation (PCM) Pulse-code Modulation (PCM), like PAM, is a digital communication technique that sends samples of the analog signal taken at a ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/noor/1302CT/lab5.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : PULSE MODULATION The process of transmitting signals in the form of pulses (discontinuous signals) by using special techniques. The Chapter includes:

Source : http://s3.amazonaws.com/cramster-resource/104616_Pulse_modulation(pcm,pwm,communiation).ppt


Presentation Summary : PULSE CODE MODULATION & SOURCE CODING Sampling Theory * Disadvantages of Bipolar (Pseudoternary or AMI) Signaling Required twice (3db) as much power as polar signal.

Source : http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/55929448/1888237830/name/Lec_PU_March05.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Time-division multiplexing (TDM), makes use of pulse modulation Code-division multiplexing (CDM) Pulse Modulation Analog Pulse Modulation The amplitude, ...

Source : http://personal.stevens.edu/~acriss/BasicIntro_Transmitter_modulation.ppt

optical - Warmly Welcome To Bundle of My Wisdom Nifrash PPT

Presentation Summary : Demodulation Figure 11-14. PPM demodulator. Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Pulse code modulation (PCM) is produced by analog-to-digital conversion process. As in the ...

Source : http://nifrasmail.weebly.com/uploads/2/1/6/7/2167487/sampling__pulse_modulation.ppt

Systematic Design of Space-Time Trellis Codes for Wireless ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Pulse Code Modulation Encoding Advantages of PCM 1. Robustness to noise and interference 2. Efficient regeneration 3. Efficient SNR and bandwidth trade-off 4 ...

Source : http://www2.egr.uh.edu/~zhan2/ECE4371/ECE4371_class9.ppt

Modulation Techniques - Al-Quds PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter 5 – Signal Encoding and Modulation Techniques 1/45 When signal-encoding techniques are used, a distinction needs to be made between data rate (expressed in ...

Source : http://mail.alquds.edu/~f2095/Communication%20Systems/Ch5a.ppt

Ch. 4 Data Encoding PPT

Presentation Summary : Ch. 5 Data Encoding 5.3 Pulse Code Modulation PCM is based on the Sampling Theorem If a signal is sampled at regular intervals of time and at a rate higher than twice ...

Source : http://sce.uhcl.edu/collins/Spring2013/CENG%203331/3331%20Ch.%205%20Data%20Encoding.ppt


Presentation Summary : CHAPTER Modulation Chapter Objectives Explain amplitude, frequency and phase shift modulation Give an example of a modulation technique used in modems Discuss modem ...

Source : http://www.calstatela.edu/faculty/nganesa/College%20Courses/Slide%20Download%20Pool/Communication%20Theory/Modulation.ppt

Today’s topics - Telecommunication + IT Eng PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter 3: Pulse Code Modulation Pulse Code Modulation Quantizing Encoding Analogue to Digital Conversion Bandwidth of PCM Signals Huseyin Bilgekul Eeng360 ...

Source : http://nifrash.weebly.com/uploads/3/5/0/9/3509162/basic_of_pcm.ppt

Speech Processing (Waveform Coding) - SharifCE - Home PPT

Presentation Summary : PCM & DPCM & DM Pulse-Code Modulation (PCM) : In PCM each sample of the signal is quantized to one of the amplitude levels, where B is the number of bits used to ...

Source : http://ce.sharif.edu/courses/83-84/2/ce967/resources/root/Lecture%20Presentations/ch5.2%20(Waveform%20Coding).ppt

Information Theory A fundamental, and little discussed, part ... PPT

Presentation Summary : If duty cycle D=0.5 then Vout is half way between ymin and ymax Transmitting and storing digital information—Pulse Code Modulation Pulse Code Modulation is the most ...

Source : http://capone.mtsu.edu/wroberts/P3000L4.ppt

Modulation, Demodulation and Coding Course PPT

Presentation Summary : Pulse code modulation (PCM): Encoding the quantized signals into a digital word (PCM word or codeword). Each quantized sample is digitally encoded into an l bits ...

Source : http://doctord.dyndns.org/Courses/BEI/EE352/Lectures/Lecture2a.ppt

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Electronic Communications System PPT

Presentation Summary : 5.3 Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) At the receiver The serial-to parallel converter converts serial pulses received from the transmission line to parallel PCM codes.

Source : http://beng2413.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/chapter-5.ppt

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