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Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Definition of pulpitis: Is an inflammation of the dental pulp. It is the main source of dental pain. Pulpal Pain

Source : http://inayamedicalcollege.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/pulpitis.pptx

Toothaches of Dental Origin - University of Kentucky PPT

Presentation Summary : Post-op pain management for patients requiring a pulpotomy or pulpectomy: ... May be either asymptomatic (pulpal necrosis) or associated with pain (pulpitis).

Source : http://webteach.mc.uky.edu/ODM831/Presentations/Toothaches%20of%20Dental%20Origin.ppt

What is the Relationship Between the Misdiagnosis of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Response to local noxious stimulation is proportionate and predictable 4. Pulpal pain tends to get better or worse, but rarely stays the same over time 5.

Source : http://www.endoexperience.com/documents/WhatistheRelationshipBetweentheMisdiagnosisof.ppt

Introduction to endodontics, pathohistological and clinical ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Introduction to endodontics, pathohistological and clinical classification of pulpal diseases, indication and contraindication of endodontic treatment

Source : http://www.toprecommendedwebsites.com/Dental/Conservative-Dentistry/3/Introduction-To-Endodontics.22.Feb.2012.ppt

Treatment of Dental Pain in the HIV-positive Patient PPT

Presentation Summary : The quality of pain can suggest a pulpal or periodontal or periapical problem and help direct you to the appropriate action i.e Refer or treat in your office REMEMBER!!

Source : http://www.hawaii.edu/hivandaids/Slides/HIV/OralHlth/Differential_Diagnosis_and_Treatment_of_Dental_Emergencies_in_the_HIV-positive_Patient,_2005.ppt

Endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning PPT

Presentation Summary : Endodontic diagnosis often presents challenges to the practitioner. Most oro-facial pain is of pulpal or periradicular origin.

Source : http://www.jmc.gov.jo/UploadedFiles/Documents/1017fd38-6f90-4e53-a029-bc5baaf47d94.ppt

Diagnosing - University of Kentucky PPT

Presentation Summary : Characteristics of Pulpal & Periapical Pain Classification of Toothaches of Odontogenic Origin Pulpal disease Reversible pulpitis (brief, stimulated pain) ...

Source : http://webteach.mc.uky.edu/ODM831/Presentations/UCC%20Orientation%2C%20Diagnosing.ppt

No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Pain Understanding the Language of Pain Inflammation Language of Pulp Pain Physiology of Pulpal Pain Physiology of Pulpal Pain A-delta Fibers ...

Source : http://pacificdds2009.com/courses/Q2/ocp2/notes/endo%202.ppt

Diagnosis in Endodontics PPT

Presentation Summary : A history of spontaneous pain. Vital or partially vital pulp. Pulpal Disease Necrotic Pulp Necrotic Pulp Results from continued degeneration of an acutely inflamed pulp.

Source : http://intranet.tdmu.edu.ua/data/kafedra/theacher/stomat_ter/iavorskaimm/English/Lectures/3%20year/DENTISTRY/Therapeutic%20dentistry/6%20Clinic,%20diagnostics%20of%20acute%20forms%20of%20pulpitis.ppt

Pulp Therapy in Pediatric Dentistry - University of Kentucky PPT

Presentation Summary : Pulp Therapy in Pediatric Dentistry --Clinical Assessment of Pulp Status-- History of Pain Three important ... Localized Treat Tooth Only (Pulpal Therapy ...

Source : http://webteach.mccs.uky.edu/pedsdent/Pulp%20Therapy%20in%20Pediatric%20Dentistry%20Revised.ppt

60x36 Poster Template - University of Michigan Health System PPT

Presentation Summary : Her cervical range of motion was full and there was also no evidence of periodontal pain, pulpal pain, facial neuralgia, arthromyalgia, ...

Source : http://www.med.umich.edu/pmr/about/raeabstracts/Speakers%202011/Digital%20Posters/Gabriel,%20S.%20et%20a%20-%20James%20Rae%20Day%20Poster%202011.ppt


Presentation Summary : Clinical Classification of Pulpal and Periapical Diseases Van Hassel’s Theory of Pulpal Death ENDO ... 1910) The pain diminished and eventually disappeared ...

Source : http://www.uic.edu/depts/endo/Endo%20Technique%20sample%20course%20outline_files/OSCEv3/Diagnosis/D3%20Diagnostic%20Terminology.ppt

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning - xjtu.edu.cn PPT

Presentation Summary : ... cold soda” Pain History Subjective History Pain History Location Intensity Duration Stimulus Relief Spontaneity Pulpal Pain Very poorly localized ...

Source : http://unit.xjtu.edu.cn/xamuoral/kqyy/jpknx/ppt/ytys/yatiyasui13.ppt

Diagnosis in Endodontics - The Silver Sword PPT

Presentation Summary : A patient will experience rapid onset, pain, ... These types of cysts develop as an inflammatory response to pulpal infection and necrosis of the pulp Pulp ...

Source : http://silversword.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/diagnosis-tx-planning.ppt

Protecting All Children's Teeth: Oral Injury - AAP.org PPT

Presentation Summary : This type of fracture can cause extreme pain and may lead to pulpal necrosis. It also presents a risk of root resorption and infection in exposed pulp.

Source : http://www2.aap.org/ORALHEALTH/pact/ppt/Oral-Injury.ppt


Presentation Summary : PERIRADICULAR LESIONS of pulpal origin ... The patient presented with pain. The pulp was vital, indicating that this was not an endodontic pathosis.

Source : http://silversword.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/periradicular-lesions.ppt

Structure and Functions of the Dentin-Pulp Complex PPT

Presentation Summary : Pain theory . 1-direct stimulaion of nerve in D: ... Regulation of Pulpal Blood Flow. The walls of the arterioles & venules are associated with . unmyelinated.

Source : http://endoexpert.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/part-2.pptx

No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : Pharmacological Approaches to Neuropathic Pain ... of Dental Origin Physical findings Pulpal and periodontal pain Mucosal and other soft tissue pain ...

Source : http://web.unife.it/utenti/giampaolo.garani/Sedazione-Farmaci/Pain-SedazionePPT/tmjpain2-2000.ppt

VITAL PULP THERAPY - TOP Recommended Websites | A Blog that ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Pulpal inflamm – decrease reparative capacity of pulp. Less vascular, less cellular, fewer nerves, more calcified, ... fleeting pain to thermal, ...

Source : http://www.toprecommendedwebsites.com/Dental/Conservative-Dentistry/5/Vital-Pulp-Therapy.11.Mar.2013.pps

Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve Block - KSU PPT

Presentation Summary : Areas Anesthetized Pulpal anesthesia of first & second ... and upper lip Numbness in teeth and soft tissues No pain during dental therapy Safety ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/hkhalil/Lectures/Maxillary%20Anesthesia%20-3.ppt


Presentation Summary : pain caused by thermal changes is of pulpal origin. pain caused by pressure is of periradicular origin pain spontaneity, intensity & duration. -initial ...

Source : http://imet2000-pal.org/userfiles/file/Dentistry%20/Dental%20Lectures%20,%202010/endodontic%20emergency-%20Dr%20firas%20Elayyan.ppt

Considerations in the Dental Management of Children with HIV ... PPT

Presentation Summary : The presence of spontanous pain, difficulty in controlling pulpal hemorrhage are some of the contraindications to therapeutic vital pulpotomies that are sometimes ...

Source : http://www.hawaii.edu/hivandaids/Slides/HIV/Peds/Considerations_in_the_Dental_Management_of_Children_with_HIV_Infection,_2002.ppt

Chapter 7 Body Systems PPT

Presentation Summary : ... and if post-treatment pain control is an issue, ... Use when long pulpal anesthesia is needed and/or postoperative pain control is anticipated.

Source : http://iteachbio.com/Briarcliffe-DHP/DDH%20321%20Pain%20Management/Ch.5.ppt

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