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Treatment of Dental Pain in the HIV-positive Patient PPT

Presentation Summary : Dental Pain – Questions to ... biting or drinking a cold drink, usually brief but may linger This is a pulpal pain There’s not much you can do for this patient!

Source : http://www.hawaii.edu/hivandaids/Slides/HIV/OralHlth/Differential_Diagnosis_and_Treatment_of_Dental_Emergencies_in_the_HIV-positive_Patient,_2005.ppt

Oral_Facial_Pain by Dr. Fung Siu Chung - Hong Kong Pain Society PPT

Presentation Summary : Oro-Facial Pain (dental perspective) 12 May 2014 Dr. Fung Siu Chung Dept of Dentistry & Maxillofacial Surgery, UCH Arthrogenous TMDs clinical signs & symptoms vs ...

Source : http://www.hkpainsociety.org/HKPSPES/Oral_Facial_Pain_(DMF_presentation).ppt

Endodontics - [CSI] College of Southern Idaho PPT

Presentation Summary : Endodontic Diagnosis Subjective examination Chief complaint Character and duration of pain Painful ... Signs and Symptoms of Pulpal Nerve Damage Pain when biting ...

Source : http://www.csi.edu/facultyAndStaff_/webTools/sites/Bowcut58/courses/552/ch54.ppt

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning - xjtu.edu.cn PPT

Presentation Summary : She first noted the “blister” over tooth #14 about two weeks ago Medical History Allergy to penicillin ... History Pulpal Pain Pulpal Pain ...

Source : http://unit.xjtu.edu.cn/xamuoral/kqyy/jpknx/ppt/ytys/yatiyasui13.ppt

pulpitis - INAYA Medical College PPT

Presentation Summary : Pulpitis is the most common cause of dental pain and loss of teeth in younger persons. ... An inflammation of the pulpal tissue that may be acute or chronic, ...

Source : http://inayamedicalcollege.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/lecture-151.ppsx

Endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning PPT

Presentation Summary : Endodontics Endodontic diagnosis often presents challenges to the practitioner. Most oro-facial pain is of pulpal or periradicular origin. Specific diagnostic steps ...

Source : http://intranet.tdmu.edu.ua/data/kafedra/theacher/stomat_ter_dit/lebid/ENG/Lectures/Propaedeutic%20of%20child%20therapeutic%20dentistry/05.%20endodontics.ppt

PULPAL TESTING - University of Kentucky PPT

Presentation Summary : PULPAL TESTING TERMINOLOGY Dental pulp – Tissue within each tooth that contains the nerves, blood vessels, and cells that make the tooth a living organ Pulpitis ...

Source : http://webteach.mc.uky.edu/CDS824/cds824%2008/PULPAL%20TESTING%202006.ppt

Pulp Therapy in Pediatric Dentistry - University of Kentucky PPT

Presentation Summary : Types of Pain and Pulp Status Irreversible Nonvital ... A widened PDL is usually indicative of pulpal pathology. Pulp Therapy in Pediatric Dentistry ...

Source : http://webteach.mccs.uky.edu/pedsdent/Pulp%20Therapy%20in%20Pediatric%20Dentistry%20Revised.ppt

What is the Relationship Between the Misdiagnosis of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Response to local noxious stimulation is proportionate and predictable 4. Pulpal pain tends to get better or worse, but rarely stays the same over time 5.

Source : http://www.endoexperience.com/documents/WhatistheRelationshipBetweentheMisdiagnosisof.ppt

Endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning PPT

Presentation Summary : Endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning Mohammad Hammad University of Jordan ... Most oro-facial pain is of pulpal or periradicular origin.

Source : http://www.jmc.gov.jo/UploadedFiles/Documents/1017fd38-6f90-4e53-a029-bc5baaf47d94.ppt

Introduction to endodontics, pathohistological and clinical ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Introduction to endodontics, pathohistological and clinical classification of pulpal diseases, indication and contraindication of endodontic treatment

Source : http://www.toprecommendedwebsites.com/Dental/Conservative-Dentistry/3/Introduction-To-Endodontics.22.Feb.2012.ppt

Diagnosis in Endodontics PPT

Presentation Summary : A history of spontaneous pain. Vital or partially vital pulp. Pulpal Disease Necrotic Pulp Necrotic Pulp Results from continued degeneration of an acutely inflamed pulp.

Source : http://intranet.tdmu.edu.ua/data/kafedra/theacher/stomat_ter/iavorskaimm/English/Lectures/3%20year/DENTISTRY/Therapeutic%20dentistry/6%20Clinic,%20diagnostics%20of%20acute%20forms%20of%20pulpitis.ppt

Structure and Functions of the Dentin-Pulp Complex PPT

Presentation Summary : Dentin. Predentin. Odontoblasts. layer. ... Pain theory . 1-direct stimulaion ... when stimulated cause vasoconstriction of the B.V → ↓ pulpal blood flow.

Source : http://endoexpert.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/part-2.pptx

No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : ... the Language of Pain Inflammation Cellular Neurologic Vascular Humoral Language of Pulp Pain Physiology of Pulpal Pain ... Referred Pain From Tooth ...

Source : http://pacificdds2009.com/courses/Q2/ocp2/notes/endo%202.ppt

Protecting All Children's Teeth: Oral Injury - AAP.org PPT

Presentation Summary : Protecting All Children’s Teeth ... This type of fracture can cause extreme pain and may lead to pulpal necrosis, root resorption, or infection in exposed pulp.

Source : http://www2.aap.org/ORALHEALTH/pact/ppt/Oral-Injury.ppt

VITAL PULP THERAPY - TOP Recommended Websites PPT

Presentation Summary : VITAL PULP THERAPY Includes: Indirect Pulp Therapy Direct Pulp Cap Pulpotomy Apexification * Symptoms of exposed dentin * Length of study: pulpal degeneration can ...

Source : http://www.toprecommendedwebsites.com/Dental/Conservative-Dentistry/5/Vital-Pulp-Therapy.11.Mar.2013.pps

Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve Block - Home - KSU Faculty ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Nerve Anesthetized : Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve - Maxillary premolars and buccal tissues Areas Anesthetized Pulpal anesthesia of first & second premolars and ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/hkhalil/Lectures/Maxillary%20Anesthesia%20-3.ppt

Diagnosis in Endodontics - The Silver Sword PPT

Presentation Summary : Diagnosis & Treatment Planning in Endodontics Dr Saidah Tootla An inflammatory reaction frequently caused by bacteria entrapped in the periodontal sulcus for a long time.

Source : http://silversword.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/diagnosis-tx-planning.ppt

Dr. Shahzadi Tayyaba Hashmi - INAYA Medical College | Female ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Pulpal pain will be sharp and depends on the pulpal fibres involved. EXAMPLES OF TYPE OF THE QUESTIONS. Examples for the type of questions asked by clinician include:

Source : http://inayamedicalcollege.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/lecture-15.ppsx

Techniques of Maxillary Anesthesia - Home - KSU Faculty ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Techniques of Maxillary Anesthesia Local Infiltration Field Block Nerve Block Maxillary Injection Techniques Supraperiosteal Periodontal ligament Intraseptal ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/hkhalil/Lectures/Maxillary%20Anesthesia%20-2.ppt

PERIRADICULAR LESIONS - The Silver Sword | "For the word of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : PERIRADICULAR LESIONS of pulpal origin A, Periradicular cemental dysplasia (osteofibrosis), initial stage. Pulps in both teeth are vital. B, Transition to the second ...

Source : http://silversword.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/periradicular-lesions.ppt

Conservative Porcelain Restorations - University of Minnesota PPT

Presentation Summary : Answer to your question on “why are we still teaching cast gold inlay/onlay”? ... normal pulpal depth; patient complaining about pain on function- Dx: ...

Source : http://www.student.ahc.umn.edu/dental/coursearchives/2yr_Fall/DENT5803/2nd%20yr%20Porcelain-Sp%202008.ppt

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