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Displaying premolar PowerPoint Presentations

More Tooth Identification - [CSI] College of Southern Idaho PPT

Presentation Summary : More Tooth Identification Posterior Posterior Maxillary First Premolar These premolars have bifurcated roots. A Longitudinal groove is present on the root.

Source : http://www.csi.edu/facultyAndStaff_/webTools/sites/Bowcut58/courses/409/More%20Tooth%20Identification.ppt

Conservative Porcelain Restorations - University of Minnesota PPT

Presentation Summary : Bevel No bevel Porcelain Inlay and Onlay Dr. Ignatius Lee Restorative Options ... chemical bond Mn first premolar- DO amalgam with fractured lingual cusp, ...

Source : http://www.student.ahc.umn.edu/dental/coursearchives/2yr_Fall/DENT5803/2nd%20yr%20Porcelain-Sp%202008.ppt

Occlusal Contact Points with Mandibular Teeth PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Occlusal Contact Points with Mandibular Teeth Author: Daniel Martin Last modified by: jwinger Created Date: 9/8/2002 6:54:54 AM Document presentation format

Source : http://pacificdds2009.com/courses/Q2/dental%20anatomy%202/occlusion.ppt

instuments used in oral surgery - Dentalstudymaterial Blog ... PPT

Presentation Summary : INSTRUMENTS USED IN ORAL SURGERY The mandibular premolar forceps have identical broad open beaks that are longer than the beaks of the anterior forceps.

Source : http://dentalstudymaterial.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/instruments_used_in_oral_surgery.ppt

Few4y efewfwfny - [CSI] College of Southern Idaho PPT

Presentation Summary : The second premolar has a slight depression on the mesial root. The second premolar is wider buccolingually than mesiodistally.

Source : http://www.csi.edu/facultyAndStaff_/webTools/sites/Bowcut58/courses/409/ch12.ppt

DB Buccal Object - College of Dentistry - The Ohio State ... PPT

Presentation Summary : 0 3 Is the maxillary second premolar (arrows) displaced to the buccal or the lingual? premolar film molar film premolar bitewing 4 The tubehead moves distally from ...

Source : http://dent.osu.edu/radiology/PPT-Resources/brd-rev-buccalobject.ppt

Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve Block - Home - KSU Faculty ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Nerve Anesthetized : Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve - Maxillary premolars and buccal tissues Areas Anesthetized Pulpal anesthesia of first & second premolars and ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/hkhalil/Lectures/Maxillary%20Anesthesia%20-3.ppt

Maxillary Premolars PPT

Presentation Summary : Maxillary first premolar usually has two roots. Buccal aspect. The crown is roughly trapezoidal and resembles a canine.

Source : http://faculty.mu.edu.sa/public/uploads/1384071482.8665premolar%20max.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation - Module 6: Radiographic Techniques PPT

Presentation Summary : Module 6: Radiographic Techniques ... Long axes Apices location Location of Apices Point of Entry Central/lateral: side of nose Canine: ala of nose Premolar: ...

Source : http://www.harpercollege.edu/ls-hs/dhy/202/khock/dhy202/PA&BWXReview_files/PA&BWXReview.ppt

Tooth extraction - Weebly PPT

Presentation Summary : Tooth extraction ... withdraw slightly and deposit LA slowly * Mental nerve block Apex of the second premolar Tissue and teeth affected Buccal soft tissues from 2nd ...

Source : http://taishan1.weebly.com/uploads/2/1/1/7/2117112/11tooth_extraction.ppt

Premolars PPT

Presentation Summary : Premolars There are four maxillary and four mandibular premolars. 4 & 4 contact 3 & 3 mesially and 5 & 5 distally 5 & 5 contact 4 &4 mesially and 6 &6 distally.

Source : http://ocw.up.edu.ps/repositories/up.edu.ps/upinardata/117/lecture_ant._premolars_-_part_3.ppt

Equine Dentistry - MSU Agriscience Home Page PPT

Presentation Summary : Equine Teeth Topic: 3204J By: Anna Fields Terminology Mandible: lower jaw bone Maxilla: upper jaw bone Caudal: towards the back Rostral: towards the front Table ...

Source : http://www.agriscience.msu.edu/3000/3200/3204/3204J/Equine%20Teeth%20part%201.ppt

Analysis of Bitemarks - Meinster / FrontPage PPT

Presentation Summary : ... 1st Molar (6-yr molar) 2nd Bicuspid (2nd premolar) 1st Bicuspid (1st premolar ... teeth and then applying those unique properties to the bite ...

Source : http://meinster.pbworks.com/f/Bitemark.ppt


Presentation Summary : ACCESS CAVITIES Dr Saidah Tootla Despite advances there is always a chance of error in endodontic therapy, and diligence in the involved procedures is necessary. it ...

Source : http://silversword.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/access-cavities-saida.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... DESIGN Premolar abutments mandible maxilla Canine abutments mandible maxilla Premolar, canine and lateral abutments FULCRUM LINES Page 96 of your text ...

Source : http://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/handle/2027.42/64947/JShotwell-Week9.ppt?sequence=8

MANDIBULAR PREMOLARS - Majmaah University | Faculty Website PPT

Presentation Summary : Buccal Aspect: the mandibular premolar resembles a canine more closely. It has a well developed buccal cusp. Mesial cusp ridge is shorter than distal

Source : http://faculty.mu.edu.sa/download.php?fid=77294

Dental And Oral Anatomy - UtechDMD2015 - home PPT

Presentation Summary : Dental Anatomy Nomenclature Maxilla ... a single cusp Premolars and Molars have 2 or more cusps These are the cutting surfaces of the teeth Incisor Canine Premolar ...

Source : http://utechdmd2015.wikispaces.com/file/view/Dentalanatomy.ppt


Presentation Summary : principles of tooth preparation pp:119-133 principles of tooth preparation preservation of tooth structure. retention and resistance. structural durability.

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/haneef/Documents/SDS-LEC-4%20PRIN%20OF%20TOOTH%20PREP.ppt


Presentation Summary : Thelongest perpendicular to the fulcrum line falls inthe vicinity of the first premolar, making the locationof the indirect retainer nearly ideal. Modification Areas.

Source : http://drrolashadid.weebly.com/uploads/1/4/9/4/14946992/indirect_retainers.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Premolar abutments - Mandible Class I – Premolar abutments - Maxilla Class I – Canine, lateral and premolar abutments – maxilla and mandible ...

Source : http://kgmu.org/download/virtualclass/Prosthodontics/RPD_design_considerations-16-12-14.ppt

CASE PRES. R3--1 - EndoExpert .. The Expertise in ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Endodontic Case Presentation PRESENTED BY ... Endodontic Tx The three-canalled maxillary premolar requires an access cavity modification into a "T“ shape, ...

Source : http://endoexpert.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/CASE-PRES-1-Dr.-Ahmad-Al-Qahtani-R3.ppt

Harvard school of Dental Medicine Department of Restorative ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Harvard school of Dental Medicine Department of Restorative Dentistry Dental Anatomy Course Author: Rainier Urdaneta Last modified by: Fabio Tunes

Source : http://fabiotunes.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/dental-anatomy-introduction.ppt

Anatomy of Mandibular Denture Bearing Area - Dr.Rola Shadid - PPT

Presentation Summary : Buccal Shelf Area . The mucous membrane covering the buccal shelf area is loosely attached, less keratinized & contains thick submucosal layer.

Source : http://drrolashadid.weebly.com/uploads/1/4/9/4/14946992/lecture_4_2.pptx


Presentation Summary : 7 8 25 26 Eruptive Pattern 10 – 11 years: mand. cuspid max. 1st premolar mand. 1st premolar Brand and Isselhard. Anatomy of Orofacial Structures. 6th Ed ...

Source : http://marriottoralanatomy.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/4/3/13437139/dentition_ppt..ppt

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