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Displaying poultry disease lesion PowerPoint Presentations


Presentation Summary : coccidiosis control in broilers: ... flock performance maintain efficacy reduce lesion scores reduce resistance development ... poultry disease ...

Source : http://www.canadianpoultrymagazine.com/cms_pdfs/COCCIDIOSIS_CONTROL_Ken_Bafundo.pps

Cutaneous Fungal Infections - PPT - Arkansas State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Cutaneous Fungal Infections Dermatophytosis - "ringworm" disease of the nails, hair, and/or stratum corneum of the skin caused by fungi called dermatophytes.

Source : http://clt.astate.edu/mhuss/Cutaneous%20Fungal%20Infections.ppt

Diseases of the Digestive System - Austin Community College ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Diseases of the Digestive System Gingivitis Gum disease generally doesn't hurt. You may have it for years before you feel discomfort. Telltale signs and symptoms of ...

Source : http://www.austincc.edu/kholling/21_diseases%20of%20digestive%20system_new.ppt

Corynebacterium - Cal State L.A. - Instructional Web Server PPT

Presentation Summary : ... edematous lesion at site of ... handle contaminated meat, poultry,fish animals ... Genera - Human Disease Corynebacterium: Lab Culture C. diphtheriae ...

Source : http://instructional1.calstatela.edu/mlee28/MICR302/13Corynebact,Listeria,Erysip2012.ppt

Where does H5N1 come from? - North Carolina Cooperative Extension PPT

Presentation Summary : In areas free of the disease, poultry and poultry products can be prepared and consumed as usual. ... Where does H5N1 come from? Author: Donna Carver Last modified by:

Source : http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/poulsci/avian_influenza/ASSETS/FinalSpanishmovie.pps

Causes of Disease - Welcome to BowNET - Home of the Bow ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Disease and Epidemiology ... a health care worker touches an infected patient’s lesion or ... a worker eats in a cafeteria where poultry has not been properly ...

Source : http://www.bownet.org/tgeorge/Disease%20causes2011.ppt

Acariasis.ppt - The Center for Food Security and Public Health PPT

Presentation Summary : Acariasis Mange, Scabies ... from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... The typical lesion is an intensely pruritic papular rash with thick yellowish crusts.

Source : http://www.cfsph.iastate.edu/DiseaseInfo/ppt/Acariasis.ppt

Overview of High Consequence Livestock Pathogens PPT

Presentation Summary : Overview of High Consequence Livestock Pathogens For veterinarians ...

Source : http://www.cfsph.iastate.edu/TrainTheTrainer/ppts/pptHighConsequence.ppt

Dermatology - School of Medicine - Wayne State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Acne is a disease of pilosebaceous follicles. 4 ... gram negative bacilli Erysipelas The erysipelas skin lesion has a raised border which is sharply ... poultry, and ...

Source : http://www.med.wayne.edu/elab/impeds/content/boardreview/medped/dermatology/Dermatology%202005.ppt

Digestive Diseases - Socorro Independent School District ... PPT

Presentation Summary : An acute intestinal disease caused by the ... Source of food contamination is usually a person with an infected lesion on the ... Poultry Baked goods Salad (potato ...

Source : http://www.sisd.net/cms/lib/TX01001452/Centricity/Domain/466/Digestive%20Diseases-Shigella-%20food%20intoxication-%20cholera.pptx

Coronary Heart Disease - Central Washington University PPT

Presentation Summary : Coronary Heart Disease ... Fish and Poultry Select lean meat and poultry ... platelets adhere and release growth factors that increase the development of the lesion.

Source : http://www.cwu.edu/~bennettv/340/Coronary%20Artery%20Disease.ppt

Parasites - Socorro Independent School District / Homepage PPT

Presentation Summary : There are three main classes of parasites that can cause disease in humans ... is recommended depends on the size of the eye lesion, ... poultry) Cook to at least 145 ...

Source : http://www.sisd.net/cms/lib/TX01001452/Centricity/Domain/466/Parasites.pptx

Waterfowl Diseases PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Avian Influenza Avian Cholera Most important disease in N ... or nasal discharge Mainly found in poultry ... vacuolar myelinopathy is a lesion in the ...

Source : http://people.eku.edu/frederickb/bio586/talks2006/Disease_Update_Nicole.ppt

Zoonoses and You - Virginia Commonwealth University PPT

Presentation Summary : Zoonoses and You Julia ... well as in animals especially poultry and ... Slide 55 Lyme disease EM Lesion Slide 58 Lyme disease-Prevention Lyme disease ...

Source : http://www.commed.vcu.edu/IntroPH/Zoonoses/ZoonosesandYou.ppt

overview, inorgs, trace nutrients PPT

Presentation Summary : DISEASE CLINICAL SYMPTOMS BIOCHEMICAL LESION NUTRIENT none named stomatitis, Impaired carbohydrate riboflavin (B2) ... Meat and poultry was reduced, ...

Source : http://pacificdds2009.com/courses/y1q3/biochem3/notes/S10L10%20-%20B%20vitamins.ppt

Some of the History of Equine Recreation - Cooperative Extension PPT

Presentation Summary : (poultry and rabbits) ... Prevention (Disease and Harm) ... they still can affect the tenderness and quality of the meat around the actual lesion.

Source : http://www.unce.unr.edu/4H/programs/stem/files/ppt/QAPoultryRabbits.ppt

Selected Diesease in Humans - Kennesaw State University ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Bacterial Diseases Viral Diseases Fungal ... causative agent of Lyme disease Transmitted through the bite of an infected ... painless lesion called a hard chancre at ...

Source : http://science.kennesaw.edu/~jhendrix/bio3340/handouts/selecteddiseases.ppt

USDA-FSIS Sanitation Performance Standards PPT

Presentation Summary : Sanitation Performance Standards Elizabeth A ... U.S. Poultry & Egg ... Any person who has or appears to have an infectious disease, open lesion, including ...

Source : http://www.usapeec.ru/upload/1207825066.ppt

Introduction of AOAC INTERNATIONAL's Proficiency Testing Program PPT

Presentation Summary : Treatmenta Lesion Size Sporulation ... cattle/swine/poultry ... Disease Etiologic agent Aflatoxicosis Aspergillus Alimentary toxic aleukia Fusarium Balkan ...

Source : http://chemlife.umd.edu/classroom/bsci493/2.02_mycotoxins.ppt

Anti-Inflammatory Cooking: Everyday Foods Can Reduce Risk of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Anti-Inflammatory Cooking: Everyday Foods Can Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease Author: Richard Collins Last modified by: richardc Created Date

Source : http://www.coloradoacc.org/documents/collinsPresentation.ppt

Pulmonary Board Review - Welcome to the UNC Department of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Pulmonary Board Review 2009 What we’re going to speed through Evaluation of symptoms: cough and dyspnea PFTs Asthma COPD Interstitial lung diseases Pneumoconioses ...

Source : https://medicine.med.unc.edu/education/internal-medicine-residency-program/files/ppt/Pulmonary%20Board%20Review.ppt

BACTERIAL INFECTIONS PART II - Osteopathic Medical School ... PPT

Presentation Summary : BACTERIAL INFECTIONS PART II ... food or water Poultry and poultry ... skin lesion or lymph node bx Cat-scratch disease Most cases need no ...

Source : http://www.atsu.edu/postgrad/dermatology/ppt/bacinf2.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Infections range from an inconsequential skin lesion to a fatal septicemia or pneumonia * Other Staphylococci S ... poultry and meat Disease is often mild ...

Source : http://www.dmacc.edu/instructors/dlglassman/Bio186%20PowerPoints/Bio186%20Chapter%2019%20Gram%20Positives.ppt

Cardiovascular System, HTN, Coronary artery disease, heart ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Cardiovascular System, HTN, Coronary artery disease, heart failure, Vascular disorders. ZoyaMinasyan, RN, MSN-Edu

Source : http://wcun120and121.pbworks.com/f/Cardiovascular%20System%2C%20HTN%2C%20Coronary%20artery%20disease.pptx

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