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Phylum Rotifera - Keystone College PPT

Presentation Summary : Phylum Rotifera Anatomy Rotifer Anatomy Feeding Corona, Mastax and Jaws Loricate types Keratella, a loricate rotifer Sessile types Planktonic types Rotifer Life Cycle ...

Source : http://academic.keystone.edu/JSkinner/Limnology/Rotifera.ppt

Phylum Nematoda - Eastern Kentucky University PPT

Presentation Summary : The Pseudocoelomate Phyla Animals with False Body Cavities Pseudocoelomate Phyla Phylum Nematoda (Roundworms) Phylum Rotifera (Rotary animals) Phylum Nematomorpha ...

Source : http://people.eku.edu/sumithrans/Zoo/labs/Pseudocoelomates.ppt

Mesozoa, Rotifera - Yola PPT

Presentation Summary : Aschelminthes (Rotifera, Acanthocephala, Nemertea) The Aschelminth body plan Aschelminths have a pseudocoel which is never lined with mesodermal epithelia Growth is ...

Source : http://imabiologystudent.yolasite.com/resources/Aschelminthes.ppt

Biodiversity of Freshwater Metazoa: - Belgian Focal Point to ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Hue University Rotifer Taxonomy workshop 6-12 March 2010 Phylum Rotifera Pelagic, littoral, interstitial; Solitary or colonial Free-living or sessile Epizoic, ...

Source : http://www.taxonomy.be/gti_course/taxonspecific/rotifer-taxonomy-dr-h-segers-rbins/2_-_Introduction_to_the_Rotifera.ppt/download

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Phylum Rotifera Phylum Rotifera 1850 described species most live in freshwater (100’s / L) Others live in salt water, soil, water film on moss, plankton small ...

Source : http://web.mnstate.edu/wisenden/L7%20Rotifera%2007.ppt

Animal Reproduction - Georgia Perimeter College PPT

Presentation Summary : Animal Reproduction from Chapter 46 15 July 2014 * Animal-Reproduction.ppt 15 July 2014 Animal-Reproduction.ppt * Phylum Rotifera Small aquatic & marine animals ...

Source : http://facstaff.gpc.edu/~apennima/Principles/Animal-Reproduction.ppt

Ch 12 - Blastocoelomates and Other Phyla - Ball State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Phylum Rotifera > 1,800 described species < 1 mm Complex, variety of body forms Solitary Pseudocoelomate Generally freshwater Rotifer body Head, trunk, foot Ciliary ...

Source : http://mpyron.iweb.bsu.edu/432info/PPT/RotiferAcanthocephala.ppt

Rotifer Biology and Strains PPT

Presentation Summary : Rotifer Biology and Strains Systematics Phylum: Nemahelminthes eller Aschelminthes Class: Rotifera (lat. Hjulbærer) Order: Monogononta Familiy: Branchionidae 90% are ...

Source : http://aquaculture.asia/files/online_2/LF-5-Rotifer-Biology-and-Strains.ppt

Algae and Microinvertebrates - University of Michigan PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Heterotrophic dinoflag feed on diatoms or other protists Marine “blooms” Red tides Rotifers Phylum Rotifera “Rotating wheel” Habitat: ...

Source : http://rivers.snre.umich.edu/www311/Algae%20and%20Microinverts%20-%202006.ppt

No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : Exploration of a Roundworm Phylum Rotifera Members of the phylum Rotifera are called rotifers. Most rotifers are tiny, transparent, ...

Source : http://www.potosisd.k12.wi.us/staff/hutchcroft/Biology%20Notes/Ch%2034%20Book%20PPT.ppt

34-1 Phylum Platyhelminthes - Green Local Schools PPT

Presentation Summary : Ascaris: Slide 30 Life Cycle: Hookworms: Hookworm Life Cycle: Trichinella: Slide 36 Pinworm Slide 38 Phylum Rotifera Rotifer Structures: Body Parts: ...

Source : http://www.greenlocalschools.org/Downloads/Flatworms,%20Roundworms,%20Rotifers%20-%20Ch%2034.ppt

Kingdom Animalia - University of Indianapolis PPT

Presentation Summary : Kingdom Animalia Invertebrates All animal phyla except Phylum Chordata (the chordates) 97% of animals are invertebrates Review of animal phylogeny Parazoa: Phylum ...

Source : http://pages.uindy.edu/%7Esdavis/b155/lectures/24invertsb.ppt

No Slide Title PPT


Source : http://bio.fsu.edu/~bsc2011l/powerpoint/Pseudocoelomates.ppt

Topic 8 Lophotrochozoan "Minor" Phyla - Plattsburgh State ... PPT

Presentation Summary : About 2000 species have been described. 9.1 Phylum Rotifera The beating of the cilia in the corona draws in plankton-containing water for food.

Source : http://faculty.plattsburgh.edu/neil.buckley/Invertebrate%20Zoology/Lophotrochozoan%20Minor%20Phyla.ppt

Major Divisions of Life - Florida State University PPT

Presentation Summary : organ level of organization ... Parasites Parasites Parasites Parasites Ecology Phylum Rotifera the rotifers Physiology Feeding have a “crown” of ...

Source : http://bio.fsu.edu/~bsc2011l/mcghee/lectures/4-Pseudocoelomates.ppt

Acoelomate Bilateral Animals - Hartnell College PPT

Presentation Summary : Phylum Rotifera Rotifers have a ciliated crown, the corona, that is characteristic of the phylum. Phylum Rotifera Rotifers come in a wide range of colors and shapes.

Source : http://www.hartnell.edu/faculty/nwheat/14.%20Acoelomorpha,%20Platyzoa,%20and%20Mesozoa.ppt

Representative Pseudocoelmate Phyla - UCO - Biology PPT

Presentation Summary : Representative Pseudocoelmate Phyla Nematoda Nematomorpha Acanthocephala Rotifera Pseudocoelomates The phyla are eumetatzoans, have bilateral symmetry (grade ...

Source : http://www.biology.uco.edu/AnimalBiology/Pseudo/Pseudo.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Phylum Rotifera ~2000 species Corona of ciliated cells Pseudoceolomic Central nervous system Complete gut Many species are female only Parthenogenetic Phylum ...

Source : http://faculty.mwsu.edu/biology/jon.scales/Courses/Zoology/lectoutlines/10_lesser_lophophorans.ppt

Pseudocoelomate Animals - Hartnell College PPT

Presentation Summary : Phylum Rotifera Members of the phylum Rotifera are pseudocoelomate and have three embryonic germ layers (triploblastic).

Source : http://www.hartnell.edu/faculty/nwheat/15.%20Pseudocoelomate%20Animals.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Survey-Animal Kingdom I Porifera Cnidaria Platyhelminthes Nematoda Annelida Review of Animal Development Phylum Porifera Belongs to Parazoa (beside ...

Source : http://www2.volstate.edu/BIOlogy/bio/1120/Powerpoint/poriferiaannelida.ppt

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