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Displaying pericardiocentesis PowerPoint Presentations

Pericardial Tamponade - Welcome to the UNC Department of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... including w/ serial TTEs and/or RHC Tx of Cardiac Tamponade Most require urgent/emergent pericardiocentesis Closed pericardiocentesis Generally in cath lab ...

Source : https://medicine.med.unc.edu/education/internal-medicine-residency-program/files/ppt/7.27.09%20Burkhart%20Tamponade.ppt

Case 4 - Tripod.com PPT

Presentation Summary : Describe pericardiocentesis, complications, equipment, and choices of approach; demonstrate technique. For more detail, discuss some or all of slides 6 through 17.

Source : http://ecology96.tripod.com/CASE_04.PPT

Acute Pericarditis - Tulane University PPT

Presentation Summary : Pericardiocentesis and Biopsy In those with pericardial tamponade and in those with known or suspected purulent or neoplastic pericarditis.

Source : http://tulane.edu/som/tuhvi/upload/MandMconf03-2005.ppt

Dynamic Cardiology Station for Paramedic National Registry PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Pericardiocentesis Tension Pneumothorax - Needle decompression Hypothermia - See Hypothermia algorithm Massive pulmonary embolism - surgery, ...

Source : http://www.ehs.net/1112/projects/dynamic/cardFinal.ppt

Diapositiva 1 - metcardio.org PPT

Presentation Summary : STEP 1 STEP 2 Pericardiocentesis is performed with the patient’s head and thorax propped up with a wedge so that the patient is sitting at 30- or 45-degree ...

Source : http://www.metcardio.org/ppts/2010/Moretti_Pericardiocentesis_2010.ppt

Myocarditis + Pericarditis - Calgary Em PPT

Presentation Summary : ... findings of tamponade Must distinguish between purulent & viral May need diagnostic pericardiocentesis NSAIDS – good relief of pain & fever Colchicine ...

Source : http://calgaryem.com/files/pericarditis_myocarditis.ppt

Medical Terminology - UW Health, University of Wisconsin ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Ot/o Aur/o Auricul/o Opthalm/o Optic/o Opt/o osis ic ia Peri Ambi per circum The anatomy & dissection of a medical term Pericardiocentesis The aspiration of fluid ...

Source : http://www.uwhealth.org/files/uwhealth/docs/ppt/EEC_courses/paramedic_training/medical_terminology.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... – 500 mL Large defined as > 500 mL Confirm location of the pericardial effusion Rule out loculated effusions Assist pericardiocentesis Pericardiocentesis ...

Source : http://portal.mah.harvard.edu/templatesnew/departments/BID/NICI/uploaded_documents/1017%20FDelling%20Tamponade.ppt

Pericardial Involvement in ESRD - New York University PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Stable Large Effusion Subxiphoid Pericardiotomy or Pericardiostomy Pericardial Window Pericardiectomy Pericardiocentesis Involves putting a needle into ...

Source : http://medicine.med.nyu.edu/nephrology/files/med_nephrology/attachments/Pericardial_Involvement_in_ESRD.ppt

Pericarditis and Myocarditis - Calgary Em PPT

Presentation Summary : ... What is the significance of this ECG in the setting of his CXR? ECG Findings of Pericardial Effusion When should a pericardiocentesis be done Diagnostically ...

Source : http://calgaryem.com/files/pericarditis_and_myocarditis_dowling_april6_06.ppt

The Presentation of Pericardial Decompression syndrome PPT

Presentation Summary : We have obtained IRB approval for a retrospective review of all patients who underwent pericardiocentesis. There seems to be connection between adenocarcinoma, ...

Source : http://www.hsc.wvu.edu/gme/MediaLibraries/GME/Media/PPTs/GME-Week-2011/7-(CV)-Caranasos.ppt

Pericardial Pathology - Steve's Homepage PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Slide 37 Echocardiogram Pericardial Effusion Diagnostic evaluation Management High Risk Features Treatments Pericardiocentesis Complications ...

Source : http://drhart.net/ppt/Pericarditis%20-%20morning%20report.ppt

Airgas template - Morgan Community College PPT

Presentation Summary : Oxygen Cardiac drugs Surgery Pericardiocentesis (removal of fluid from the sac with a needle) ANSWER Pericardiocentesis (removal of fluid from the sac with a needle) ...

Source : http://www.morgancc.edu/faculty/smith,l/Patho/Power%20Points%20Ed%203/19%20Cardiac%20Disorders.ppt

Pericardium - Brown University PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Pericardiocentesis Pericardial Window Balloon Pericardiotomy Pre-pericardiocentisis Post-pericardiocentesis Late complication of pericardial disease Fibrous ...

Source : http://www.brown.edu/Courses/Bio_281-cardio/cardio/pericardium2.ppt

Approach to Medical Therapy, PTCA, or Surgery in the Diabetic ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... 2006 Be ready to perform emergency pericardiocentesis 8F guide is required for stent-graft placement Contact blood bank for universal products STAT Reversal of ...

Source : http://www.clinicaltrialresults.org/Slides/Baklanov%20perforation.ppt

Download - Internal Medicine Residency Program - Wake Forest ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Patients diagnosed with echocardiographic Cardiac Tamponade were taken to pericardiocentesis with invasive hemodynamic monitoring of right atrial, ...

Source : http://intmedweb.wfubmc.edu/download/cardiac_tam.ppt

Shock Types + Physiology - Department of Surgery: Residency Pages PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (relieve PTX, pericardiocentesis, change ventilator settings) Neurogenic Shock. Shock 2/2 spinal cord injury, regional anesthesia, autonomic blockade ...

Source : http://education.surgery.ufl.edu/students/PowerPoint/Shock_Vlada.pptx

Acute Pericarditis - Harvard University PPT

Presentation Summary : A goal-directed study may be appropriate. 2)Echocardiographic guidance and monitoring of pericardiocentesis. Class IIb 1) Postsurgical pericardial disease, ...

Source : http://portal.mah.harvard.edu/templatesnew/departments/BID/NICI/uploaded_documents/2008-10%20Acute%20Pericarditis%20MYork.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Surgical subxiphoid video-assisted thoracoscopy pericardial-peritoneal pericardial window pericardiectomy Pericardiocentesis Diagnostic tap usually not ...

Source : http://iris.nyit.edu/still/Cardiology/2002/14_Pericardial_Diseases.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation - Advocate Health Care PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Hypertensive Early thrombolysis reduces incidence but Late increases risk Treat with pericardiocentesis and early surgical repair Acute MR Management Echo for ...

Source : http://www.advocatehealth.com/documents/residents/cmc/cardiology/ccpcardiogenic.ppt

Pericardial Disease - Virtual Healthcare Quality Institute PPT

Presentation Summary : Echo-guided Pericardiocentesis Suspect Tamponade Perform echo Presence of pericardial effusion – confirm the diagnosis. Absence of pericardial effusion ...

Source : http://www.cardiovascularinstitute.org/images/Pericardial_Disease.ppt

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