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Displaying p block elements PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : The p-block elements Element symbol electron configuration Carbon C [He]2s22p2 Silicon ...

Source : http://www.cpprashanthschemistry.com/uploads/7/2/2/1/7221782/p_block_elements.pps

THE PERIODIC TABLE - Los Angeles City College PPT

Presentation Summary : ... 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p, 4s.... is arranged as representative elements (s and p block elements), transition metals (d block metals), lanthanides and actinides ...

Source : http://faculty.lacitycollege.edu/boanta/POWERPOINT/16periodicity.ppt

Chapter 5: The Periodic Law - SCHOOLinSITES :: Web hosting ... PPT

Presentation Summary : The p-Block Elements: Groups 13-18 For atoms of p-block elements, the total number of electrons in the highest occupied level is equal to the group number minus 10.

Source : http://images.schoolinsites.com/SiSFiles/Schools/AL/MorganCounty/BrewerHigh/Uploads/Presentations/Ch.%205-2,%20Electron%20Configuration%20and%20the%20Periodic%20Table.ppt

The s-Block Elements PPT

Presentation Summary : The s-Block Elements Chapter 39 Members of the s-Block Elements Chapter summary Characteristic properties of the s-block elements Variation in properties of the s ...

Source : http://home.netvigator.com/%7Ekiechan/The%20s-Block%20Elements.ppt

The d- Block Elements PPT

Presentation Summary : d-block elements:The elements of periodic table belonging to group 3 to 12 are known as d-Block elements. because in these elements last electron enters in d sub ...

Source : http://ajaybhadouriya.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/d-block-elements.pptx

The Periodic Table and Periodic Law PPT

Presentation Summary : What groups would this be? p-block elements are found in groups 3A-8A. This block’s elements have filled or partially filled p orbitals.

Source : http://www.calhoun.k12.al.us/teacherpages/teacherfiles/Classification%20of%20the%20Elements.ppt

Chapter Twenty-One PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter Twenty-One The p-Block Elements Introduction The p-block includes The noble gases except helium. The nonmetals except hydrogen. The metalloids.

Source : http://jpsciencekv1asr.org/download/chemistry/ppt/p-block.ppt

The Periodic Table PPT

Presentation Summary : p- block elements Group 18 are the Nobel gases that are unreactive with any other elements. p- block elements Nobel gases have their highest PEL completely full, ...

Source : http://www.neshaminy.org/cms/lib6/PA01000466/Centricity/Domain/579/Chapter6%20ThePeriodicTable%201.ppt

The History of the Modern Periodic Table - IB Chem PPT

Presentation Summary : Periodic Law Alkali Metals Alkaline Earth Metals Transition Metals InnerTransition Metals Halogens Noble Gases The s and p block elements are called REPRESENTATIVE ...

Source : http://ibchem.com/ppt/shelves/per/pt_general.pps

Chemistry PPT

Presentation Summary : LaVigne Chemistry Chapter 6/7 Notes #2 Classification of Elements- Blocks p- block: groups 3-8 Different numbers of non-valence e- result in different properties in ...

Source : http://www.manistique.k12.mi.us/Directory/Lavigne/Chem%20notes,%20etc/MP1/ch6%20notes2%20(version%202).ppt

The Periodic Law PPT

Presentation Summary : p-Block elements. p-Block and s-block elements together are known as the main group elements. Properties vary considerably. Includes nonmetals, metalloids, and metals.

Source : http://www.madisonpublicschools.org/5162082116483923/lib/5162082116483923/Periodic_Table.pptx

The Periodic Table PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (Related to QM) s-block elements The Periodic Table Important Basics The Modern Periodic Table Organization Increasing At.

Source : http://faculty.pepperdine.edu/dgreen/Chem120/ppt/PeriodicTable/PeriodicTable.pps

The Periodic Law PPT

Presentation Summary : Periods and Blocks of the Periodic Table The p-block elements consist of all the elements of Groups 13–18 except helium.

Source : http://www.parcelsales.scgov.net/ssDocuments/1250/Chemistry/Notes/The%20Periodic%20Law.ppt

Enthalpy PPT

Presentation Summary : Chemistry Session Objectives Group 16 elements: Chalcogens Occurrence Selenium and tellurium Physical properties of group16 elements Extraction of sulfur The Frasch ...

Source : http://media.careerlauncher.com/clauncher/iitsis/ppt/chemistry/52.%20p-block%20elements-3.ppt

Matter and Measurement - Columbia University PPT

Presentation Summary : Periodicity of Atomic Properties Elements in the same group have the same number of valence electrons and related electron configurations; hence have similar chemical ...

Source : http://www.columbia.edu/itc/chemistry/f1404/lectures_ppt/4_07_2003_Mon_f1404.ppt

s_block - SALEM-Immanuel Lutheran College PPT

Presentation Summary : The s-Block Elements (a) (iii) Describe the general trend of the first and second ionization enthalpies down Group I of the Periodic Table. Answer 40.2 Variation in ...

Source : http://www.ilc.edu.hk/SubjectWeb/ChemWeb/Ppt/s_block.ppt

Enthalpy PPT

Presentation Summary : Chemistry Session Objectives Action of Acids on group 14 elements Action of Alkalies Oxides of group 14 elements Halides of group 14 elements Illustrative Example ...

Source : http://media.careerlauncher.com/clauncher/iitsis/ppt/chemistry/51.%20p-block%20elements-2.ppt

Elements and the Periodic Table - Home - Seaford School ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Elements and the Periodic Table ... Actinides Periods and Blocks of the Periodic Table Assignment Groups 1 and 2 Hydrogen and Helium The d- block The p - block The f ...

Source : http://agi.seaford.k12.de.us/sites/SHowellChem/GeneralChemistry/Natural%20Approach%20To%20Chemistry%20Powerpoints%202012/6%20%20Elements%20and%20the%20Periodic%20Table%20chapter%206%20All.ppt

The d block: - Powerpoint Presentations for teachers PPT

Presentation Summary : The d block: The d block consists of three horizontal series in periods 4, 5 & 6 10 elements in each series Chemistry is “different” from other elements

Source : http://www.worldofteaching.com/powerpoints/chemistry/The%20d%20%20Block.ppt

The Periodic Table and Periodic Law - Ms. Buroker's Awesome ... PPT

Presentation Summary : The p block elements. The p-block elements consist of all the elements of Groups 3A – 8A except helium. The elements of Group 7A are known as the

Source : http://shschemteacher.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/periodictableandperiodiclaw.ppt

Chapter 11: Periodic Properties PPT

Presentation Summary : He shares e- config but not properties. p block elements: Group 13-18 Includes all the three types of elements: metals, non metals and metalloids.

Source : http://web.fuhsd.org/kavita_gupta/website%20chemH/chap5ppt.ppt

Chemistry Chapter 5 The Periodic Law - Licking Heights Local ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Chemistry Chapter 5 the Periodic Table In 1860, Stanislao Cannizzaro presented a method for accurately measuring the relative atomic masses of the elements.

Source : http://www.lhschools.org/Downloads/Modern%20Chemistry%20Chapter%205.ppt

The Periodic Table of Elements - Socorro Independent School ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Belong to the p-block in the periodic table THE ... Actinides are radioactive elements. Belong to the f-block in the periodic table The atomic radius of a ...

Source : http://www.sisd.net/cms/lib/TX01001452/Centricity/Domain/382/The%20Periodic%20Table%20of%20Elementsb.ppt


Presentation Summary : ... 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p, 4s.... is arranged as representative elements (s and p block elements), transition metals (d block metals), lanthanides and actinides ...

Source : http://faculty.lacitycollege.edu/boanta/POWERPOINT51/periodicity.ppt

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