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Lithium-Ion Battery + Nano-technology - Home | IIT Chicago ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Lithium-Ion Battery + Nano-technology Last modified by: Chicago-Kent College of Law Document presentation format: On-screen Show Other titles

Source : http://www.kentlaw.edu/faculty/fbosselman/classes/Spring2008/PowerPoints/BryanLamble.ppt

Nano-thermodynamics of battery electrode materials PPT

Presentation Summary : Nano-thermodynamics of battery electrode materials Anton Van der Ven, Department of Materials Science and Engineering The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mi

Source : http://acswebcontent.acs.org/prfar/2009/nugget/10324/10324.ppt

Current trend in materials development for Li-ion batteries PPT

Presentation Summary : ... * * Potential path forward to overcoming the constraints Replacement of carbon materials with Nano ... Nexelion Anode Composition * * Comparison of Battery ...

Source : http://nano.indiana.edu/documents/GNagasubramanian.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Applications of Nano Battery Electronics Defense Aerospace Industrial The Nanotechnological Batteries make every thing possible from a hybrid vehicle capable of ...

Source : http://fp.okstate.edu/nanotech/Reports/2007/Presentations/Soumya%20Yadala.ppt

Physics 490N - Welcome to UMassK12 PPT

Presentation Summary : Electric Solar Cells Inside a Solar Cell Electric Solar Cells Nanostructured Solar Cells Hydrogen Fuel Cell Nano-Battery Nanotechnology R&D is interdisciplinary ...

Source : https://www.umassk12.net/nano/Saturday/Energy.ppt

Silicon Nanowires for Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries PPT

Presentation Summary : Overview. Battery Technology Landscape. Battery Basics. Lithium Ion Battery. State of the Art. Silicon Nanowire Anode. Why Silicon Nanowires? Experimental Results

Source : http://light.eecs.berkeley.edu/courses/ee235sp09/student_presentations/Silicon%20Nanowire%20Batteries.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : The idea is that if one nano sized battery does not make enough power, trillions of nano batteries in arrays and in series will. (Credit: ...

Source : http://www.okcareertech.org/about/initiatives/oklahoma-nanotechnology-education-initiative/nanotechnology-camp-2011/lessons/lemon-batteries/Lemon_Batteries_Updated_September_2011.ppt


Presentation Summary : A battery tray was installed in the floor of the car. ... NANO CAR Description: Specially designed for mechanical engineers. Document presentation format:

Source : http://royalmechanical.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/nano-car.ppt

Carbon Nanotubes - Artie McFerrin Chemical Engineering ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Paper battery. Could easily be mistaken for a sheet of black paper. Functions as both a lithium-ion battery and a supercapacitor. Lightweight, thin, flexible

Source : http://research.che.tamu.edu/groups/Seminario/nanotechnology/S5_Carbon%20Nanotubes.pptx

The Role of Nanotechnology in US Energy Independence PPT

Presentation Summary : The Role of Nanotechnology in US Energy Independence ... Slide 18 Slide 19 Toshiba Quick Charge Battery Nano Possibilities Altair Technology NanoSafe ...

Source : http://www.kentlaw.edu/faculty/fbosselman/classes/EnergyLawSp07/PowerPoints/BerberichTheRoleofNanotechnologyinUSEnergyIndependence.ppt

History of the Ipod - University of Maine System PPT

Presentation Summary : Ipod case study Craig lizotte What is Ipod An mp3 player designed my Apple. Creator was Tony Fadell he approched different companies untill apple accepted his idea ...

Source : http://perleybrook.umfk.maine.edu/slides/fall%202006/ELC310/ipod%20case%20study.ppt

Brief Overview of Nanotechnology - Michigan Ross | University ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Size Matters How Big is a Nano? ... increasing storage and battery life – computers, ... Brief Overview of Nanotechnology Author: mjcstonebraker

Source : http://webuser.bus.umich.edu/Organizations/EVCClub/beta/ppts/nano.ppt

Nanomaterial Consumer Products and FDA Regulation PPT

Presentation Summary : Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in Consumer Products: Regulatory Challenges and Necessary Amendments George A. Kimbrell The International Center for Technology ...

Source : http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/dockets/06n0107/06n-0107-ts00008-Kimbrell.ppt

New nano-composite cathode material LiFePo4 battery Advanced ... PPT

Presentation Summary : New nano-composite cathode material LiFePo4 battery Advanced crystallization of ultrafine particles with coated carbon technology enhance the conductivity

Source : http://www.electricpowerscooter.net/images/pdf/lifepo4%20power%20battery_1.ppt

Nanotechnology and its Applications to Fuel Cells - Server PPT

Presentation Summary : Nanotechnology and its Applications to Fuel Cells Christina Bishop University of Tulsa Two types of fuel cells appear to be the most promising for commercial ...

Source : http://frontpage.okstate.edu/nanotech/Reports/Posters/Nanotechnology%20and%20Fuel%20Cells.ppt

Strategic Partnership for Research In NanotechnoloGy PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Strategic Partnership for Research In NanotechnoloGy Author: Douglas Natelson Last modified by: Alice Chow Created Date: 7/22/2004 10:21:26 PM

Source : http://mmptdpublic.jsc.nasa.gov/jscnano/CD/Other%20Rice%20presentations/Jack%20Agee.ppt

iTune, iPod, and iTune Store PPT

Presentation Summary : What started the project of iTunes. ... Rubeinstein found a small LCD screen and a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. ... iPod Nano. Currently has 6 Generations.

Source : http://faculty.csuci.edu/minder.chen/Project/Case/iTune,%20iPod,%20and%20iTune%20Store.pptx

Topic-Sentiment Mixture: Modeling Facets and Opinions in Weblogs PPT

Presentation Summary : Discussions are faceted E.g. iPod: battery? Price? Nano? … Usually different opinions on different facets Opinions have polarities Positive, negative, and neutral …

Source : http://www-personal.umich.edu/~qmei/pub/www07-tsm.ppt

Nanotechnology PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Computer Processors Ipod Nano Air purifier Socks Many more Future Applications Boost cell phone or laptop battery life Cut ... Ipod Nano Air purifier Socks Many ...

Source : http://faculty.uca.edu/ronmc/INFO3321/Spring_2006/Presentations/BIG%20Presentations/Group%202%20M/Nanotechnology.ppt

History of Electron Microscopy - Samuel Roberts Noble ... PPT

Presentation Summary : History of Electron Microscopy Author: JEOL 880 Last modified by: Scott ... Teeters Battery Nano-Batteries: Electrolyte-Filled Pores Nano-Batteries: ...

Source : http://www.microscopy.ou.edu/pp/nanocomposites-2007.ppt

Nanotechnology in Daily Life - Artie McFerrin Chemical ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Nano sized dots of nickle. ... Longer battery life. ... Although a lot of information was presented on what nanotechnology can do in our daily lives, ...

Source : http://research.che.tamu.edu/groups/Seminario/nanotechnology/S4-Nanotechnology%20in%20day%20life.pptx


Presentation Summary : Nuclear Battery Using D-Clusters in Nano-materials --- plus some comments about prior H 2-Ni power cell studies. George H. Miley1,3, Xiaoling. Yang1 , Heinrich Hora2

Source : http://mragheb.com/NPRE%20498ES%20Energy%20Storage%20Systems/Nuclear%20Battery%20using%20Clusters%20in%20Nanomaterials.pptx

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