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Displaying myocardial contraction PowerPoint Presentations

Positive Inotropic Drugs - Azusa Pacific University PPT

Presentation Summary : Positive Inotropic Drugs Chapter 21 ... inotropic Actions Digoxin improves the pumping ability of the heart Increases the force of myocardial contraction by ...

Source : http://home.apu.edu/%7Ejchandler/Pharm%20PP_08/Cardiac%20Drugs_partI_08.ppt

Functions of the Heart - Amazon S3 PPT

Presentation Summary : Cardiac Cycle Cardiac cycle is a sequence of events that occurs during one heart beat. Coordinated contraction and ... change in myocardial contraction that ...

Source : http://s3.amazonaws.com/engrade-myfiles/4021609007793802/Heart_Functions_Chapter_17.ppt

Cardiac Medications - Owensboro Community and Technical College PPT

Presentation Summary : ... strengthens myocardial contraction Levophed ... which allows for dilation of the vessel and more blood flow Decreases preload, afterload, and myocardial O2 ...

Source : http://legacy.owensboro.kctcs.edu/jsmith/Cardiac%20Medications.ppt

Cardiovascular.ppt - Welcome - people.emich.edu PPT

Presentation Summary : Cardiovascular Drugs Functional Components of the Heart Myocardium: cardiac muscle fibers are arranged into four chambers, 2 atria and 2 ventricles Conduction system ...

Source : http://people.emich.edu/smcgregor/Pharmacology/Lectures%202k4/10-09-04%20Cardiovascular.ppt

Physiology - Bloodhounds Incorporated PPT

Presentation Summary : Physiology Cardiovascular ... 13 Hemoglobin Heart Valves Ensure One-Way Flow of Blood in the Heart Heart Valves Slide 17 Blood Flow Blood Flow Myocardial Contraction ...

Source : http://www.bloodhoundsincorporated.com/physio-class/student-resources/physio--dr-harvey/11_heart.ppt

Myocardial Protection - anaesthesia.co.in PPT

Presentation Summary : Myocardial Protection ... + retrograde More prompt arrest Better disribution of solution Hypothermia Basal metabolism in the absence of myocardial contraction, ...

Source : http://anaesthesia.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Myocardial-Protection.ppt

Jp cardio drugs - Juntos Podemos PPT

Presentation Summary : Cardiovascular System Muscular ... & water Stimulates adrenal cortex to secrete aldosterone Cardiotonic-Inotropic Effects Increase force of myocardial contraction ...

Source : http://fornursingstudents.uthscsa.edu/modules/cardiodrugs.ppt

Cardiac System - Azusa Pacific University PPT

Presentation Summary : ... K-adenosine triphosphatase, an enzyme in cardiac cell membrane that decreases the movement of sodium out of myocardial cell after contraction.

Source : http://home.apu.edu/~jchandler/Pharmacology/Cardiac%20System.ppt

Physiology - Bloodhounds Incorporated PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Angioplasty/Open Heart Surgery Slide 39 Cardiac Muscle Cells Contract Without Nervous Stimulation Slide 41 Cardiac Contraction Myocardial Contractile ...

Source : http://bloodhoundsincorporated.com/student-resources/heart-2.ppt

Cardiovascular Physiology - tplagge PPT

Presentation Summary : Cardiovascular Physiology Lecture Outline Cardiovascular System Function Functional Anatomy of the Heart Myocardial Physiology Cardiac Cycle Cardiac Output Controls ...

Source : http://www.tplagge.net/courses/Bio235/Lectures/Cardiovascular%20Physiology.ppt

Chapter 3 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... open with ventricular contraction allow blood to flow into ... 2005 Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology, ... to stimulate myocardial contraction..

Source : http://www.morgancc.edu/faculty/Smith,L/A&P%20II/Power%20Points/ch20.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Cardiac Glycosides Cardiac Glycosides ... for Ca Results in increase formation of actinomyosin Leads to greater myocardial contraction. Cardiac Glycosides ...

Source : http://cardiovascularinstitute.org/images/Cardiac_Glycosides_Color.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : The signal for myocardial contraction comes NOT from the nervous system but from specialized myocardial cells also called . auto rhythmic cells.

Source : http://mbbsclub.com/download/1/PHYSIOLOGY/Heart/Electrical%20Activity%20of%20Heart.pptx

Cardiac Stimulants and Depressants - Cengage Learning PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter 17 Cardiac Stimulants and Depressants The Heart The heart is a four-chamber organ located in the upper left thoracic cavity. Purpose Pumps the blood around ...

Source : http://www.delmarlearning.com/companions/content/1401888860/student_resources/PPT/Ch17.ppt

The Heart - Science by Slim . PPT

Presentation Summary : Description of the Heart (Part ... set up basic rhythm of contractions Conduction system coordinates contraction of myocardial fibers Conduction system ...

Source : http://js082.k12.sd.us/My_Classes/Advanced_Biology/Circulatory%20system/heart.pps

No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : Basic Anatomy and Physiology The functions of the cardiovascular system include delivery of ... increase the force of myocardial contraction Negative inotropic ...

Source : http://www.delmarlearning.com/companions/content/1401842933/ppts/ch08.ed.ppt

Zool 352 Lecture 33 - Washington State University PPT

Presentation Summary : ... ANS Nature of myocardial action potentials Relationship between myocardial action potentials and the electrocardiogram Myocardial excitation-contraction ...

Source : http://sbs.wsu.edu/biol352/CardiacMuscleI.ppt

Anatomy + Physiology - Division Of Training PPT

Presentation Summary : Calcium couples the electrical event of depolarization to the mechanical event of contraction Electrophysiology Na+ Na+ Na+ K+ Na+ ... myocardial contraction ...

Source : http://www.divisionoftraining.com/Training%20Material/Presentations/Cardic%20A%26P%20(RM%20Fire).ppt

Strain Rate Imaging PPT

Presentation Summary : blood motion imaging, ... Good surrogate measure of overall longitudinal left ventricular contraction and ... MVG is an indicator of regional myocardial contraction.

Source : http://cardiologycmc.in/PPT/Strain%20Rate%20Imaging1.pptx

Cardiovascular System - Amazon S3 PPT

Presentation Summary : Blood pH End-diastolic volume Cyanosis Coronary blood flow * Inotropic Effect Refers to change in myocardial contraction not due to stretching of fibers + inotrope ...

Source : http://s3.amazonaws.com/engrade-myfiles/4029331764823523/Cardio_Part_I_Ch_17.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter 14 Cardiovascular Physiology About this Chapter Blood flow pumping & distribution Anatomy and histology of the heart Mechanism of cardiac contraction Heart ...

Source : http://faculty.pasadena.edu/dkwon/Chapter%2014_cardiology.ppt

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