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Ethics and Moral Values - Iowa State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Ethics and Moral Values Clark Wolf Iowa State University Philosophical approaches to ethical choice and reflection… “The problems of philosophy involve questions ...

Source : http://www2.econ.iastate.edu/classes/econ362/hallam/Presentations/Ethics_Moral_Values_Wolf.ppt


Presentation Summary : Identify the moral value(s) or principles(s) on which you based your decision. At the conclusion of the activity, compare the moral values that you used.

Source : http://criticalthinkingwiseman.wikispaces.com/file/view/THINKING+CRITICALLY+ABOUT+MORAL+ISSUES.pptx

Values - Utah Education Network PPT

Presentation Summary : Values * * * * * What are Values? Qualities, Characteristic or ideas about which we feel very strongly. Value define what is of worth. Our values affect our ...

Source : http://www.uen.org/Lessonplan/downloadFile.cgi?file=29134-2-36755-Values_PowerPoint.ppt&filename=Values_PowerPoint.ppt

Chapter 5: Kant’s Moral Theory - Loyola Marymount University PPT

Presentation Summary : Kant’s Moral Theory ... last paragraph Three Principles “An act must be done from obligation in order to have moral worth.” “An action’s moral value is due ...

Source : http://myweb.lmu.edu/mjuszli/ETHICS_320/Kant's_Moral_Theory_Presentation.ppt

Moral Reasoning and Values Clarification - Deaf Ed PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Moral Reasoning and Values Clarification Author: Angela Williams Last modified by: sslike Created Date: 2/19/2006 6:06:15 AM Document presentation format

Source : http://www.deafed.net/PublishedDocs/Moral%20Reasoning%20&%20Values%20Clarification.ppt

Values - Valdosta State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Focuses primarily on moral values, such as ... to discuss the reasons for their value choices and positions Moral dilemma episodes with small-group ...

Source : http://teach.valdosta.edu/whuitt/edpsyppt/Theory/values.ppt

Ethics PPT

Presentation Summary : Intrinsic vs. Extrinisc. Intrinsic moral value: The act itself has moral value. Extrinsic moral value: the consequences of the act provide the moral value.

Source : http://www.berniephilosophy.com/files/52083049.pptx

Relativism - Creighton University PPT

Presentation Summary : Moral 3. Aesthetic Relativism Melchert ~ Who’s To Say? Arguments for ... If one set of values & beliefs is equal in truth value and moral value to any other ...

Source : https://people.creighton.edu/~ees33175/Intro-phil_WebSite/Intro-phl_powerpoint-slides/Melchert-relativism.ppt

Factual and Conceptual Issues - Texas A+M University PPT

Presentation Summary : Factual and Conceptual Issues ANALYZING MORAL PROBLEMS Factual Issues Conceptual Issues Application Issues Moral/Value Issues Case 1: A new government law requires ...

Source : https://ceprofs.civil.tamu.edu/rjames/Factual%20and%20Conceptual%20Issues2.pps

Moral Development, Values + Religion - Gordon College PPT

Presentation Summary : Does moral development require parental discipline? Humanist Psychology says No ... Ego ideal – rewards by conveying a sense of pride and personal value.

Source : http://www.gordonstate.edu/Faculty/p_terry/Feldman%20Powerpoints/Feldman%2011-1%20Moral%20Development.pptx

Moral Responsibility - Philosophy PPT

Presentation Summary : Moral Responsibility Excusability: we are not morally responsible if: the consequences of actions are unexpected actions are constrained by external threats or ...

Source : http://philosophy.tamu.edu/~sdaniel/Notes/clas22a04.ppt

Kohlberg and Morality - University of Dallas PPT

Presentation Summary : My Study Kohlberg’s study used children 10-16 to determine the different levels of moral development. Kohlberg posed 8 dilemmas with ... moral value to acts and ...

Source : http://dante.udallas.edu/edu3327/Spring_2009/PowerPoints_CG_S2009/Fogerty_Kohlberg.ppt

The Basics (continued) PPT

Presentation Summary : The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc./Jill Braaten, Photographer Which is a moral value-judgment? It’s terrible to keep that dog penned up all day long.

Source : http://highered.mheducation.com/sites/dl/premium/0078038286/instructor/911386/mooreparker10_ppt_ch01b.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : The novel that I had chosen is Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne. The most important moral value in this novel is we must be determined.

Source : http://rnirumala.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/moral-value.pptx

Moral Development, Values + Religion - Gordon College PPT

Presentation Summary : Value trust, caring & loyalty to others; ... Religion provides the authority for moral prescriptions. Can Morality be Examined Apart from Religion? Rest –

Source : http://www.gordonstate.edu/Faculty/p_terry/Santrock%20Presentations/Moral%20Development/Santrock%2013%20New%20Moral%20Development.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation - Philosophy 144 Lecture 14 Moral ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Critical Thinking Lecture 13 Moral Arguments By David Kelsey Moral Evaluations Value claim (also called value judgments): non-factual claims that assert that some ...

Source : http://davidkelseyphilosophy.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/docs/CritReason-13-MoralArgs-student.331150847.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Types of Values: Moral Material Aesthetic Intrinsic Extrinsic Universal/American Group specific values ... Self-value Values give direction and consistency ...

Source : http://www.uen.org/Lessonplan/downloadFile.cgi?file=4609-6-3829-Values.ppt&filename=Values.ppt

Deontological Ethics - Bloomsburg University PPT

Presentation Summary : Deontological [Duty] Ethics. Kant’s most distinctive contribution to ethics was his insistence that one’s actions possess moral worth only when one does his duty ...

Source : http://facstaff.bloomu.edu/whoward/documents/Values%20Kant's%20Deontological%20Ethics.pptx

Ethics, Virtue and Professionalism—An Overview PPT

Presentation Summary : Ethics, Virtue and Professionalism—An Overview Howard Brody, ... are tools of inquiry, not rigid formulas Productive Moral Conversation (III) Basic moral value, ...

Source : https://www.msu.edu/course/hm/546/images/Ethics%20Overview%20HM%20546.ppt

Moral and Legal Reasoning - IPFW - User Homepages PPT

Presentation Summary : What is a moral value judgment? How is it different from a taste value judgment? It is wrong for Senator Kennedy to have withheld information.

Source : http://users.ipfw.edu/caseldij/Moral%20and%20Legal%20Reasoning.ppt

Conservation and Moral Development: PPT

Presentation Summary : Value: modes of attributing moral value to acts and persons. Differentiating and relating means and ends, ... “The dragon was nice but he was stealing food” ...

Source : http://dante.udallas.edu/edu3327/Final_Exam/Spring_2014/PowerPoints/Martinez_Kohlberg.pptx

Chapter 1: A Moral Theory Primer - Oxford University Press PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter 1: A Moral Theory Primer What is a Moral Theory? The Main Concepts: The Right and the Good Intrinsic value: something's being valuable because of features ...

Source : http://www.oup.com/us/companion.websites/9780195388725/ppt/Ch1_Slides

No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : Descriptive Study 2000 Demographics PowerPoint Presentation Results from the moral value side consistent with 14 years of research Moral reasoning scores by ...

Source : http://www.educ.uidaho.edu/center_for_ethics/research%20projects/research%20files/aahperd/aahperd%202001%20research%20on%20moral%20reasoning%20.ppt

Ethical Relativism - John Provost PPT

Presentation Summary : Ethical Issues Ethical Egoism Boss: “Ethical egoism differs from ethical subjectivism because it is concerned with a person’s best self-interest.

Source : http://www.johnprovost.net/ethics/Moral%20Issues%205.ppt

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