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Displaying meniscus PowerPoint Presentations

Meniscal Tears and Their Treatment - Uniformed Services ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Lateral Meniscus The lateral meniscus covers a larger portion of the tibial surface than does the medial meniscus. Its radius of curvature remains fairly constant, ...

Source : http://www.usuhs.mil/fap/resources/le/MeniscalTearsandTheirTreatment.ppt

PowerPoint - ScienceGeek.net Homepage PPT

Presentation Summary : Reading the Meniscus. Always read volume from the bottom of the meniscus. The meniscus is the curved surface of a liquid in a narrow cylindrical container.

Source : http://www.sciencegeek.net/Chemistry/Powerpoint2/Measuring.ppsx

Meniscal Tears and Their Treatment: Should I Refer? PPT

Presentation Summary : Anterior horn of med meniscus attaches ant to fibers of ACL Posterior horn is wider and attaches just posterior to fibers of ACL Laterally, ...

Source : http://www.fmdrl.org/index.cfm?event=c.getAttachment&riid=4346

Meniscus Injury/Knee Pain - Matt Mitchell M.D PPT

Presentation Summary : Meniscus Injury/Knee Pain Matthew E. Mitchell M.D. Knee Pain Many conditions cause knee pain Non Mechanical Causes Anterior Knee pain Patellofemoral pain Mechanical ...

Source : http://mattmitchellmd.com/patient_information/powerpoint_presentations/meniscus_knee_pain.ppt

Knee anatomy - Schoolwires PPT

Presentation Summary : The Knee Lesson one – Bone, ligaments and meniscus Popliteus Origin – posterior surface of lateral femoral condyle Insertion – upper posterior-medial surface of ...

Source : http://cfbportal.schoolwires.net/cms/lib04/TX01001392/Centricity/Domain/3609/Knee%20anatomy1.ppt

Temporomandibular Disorders and Physical Therapy Interventions PPT

Presentation Summary : The mandible and meniscus move anteriorly together beneath the articular eminence while opening or closing. Second motion is translation, ...

Source : http://eportfolios.ithaca.edu/bannis1/docs/tmj.ppt

Radiographic Imaging in Acute Knee Injuries PPT

Presentation Summary : Radiographic Imaging in Acute Knee Injuries Nick Sparler MS4 ... The posterior horn of the meniscus should be at least as large as any other meniscal quadrant.

Source : http://radiology.med.sc.edu/radpres.ppt

Reading Graduated Cylinders - Homestead PPT

Presentation Summary : Reading Graduated Cylinders Important Stuff! Graduated cylinders are used to measure the volume of liquid samples and are available in many different sizes.

Source : http://ehoffmanscience.homestead.com/Reading_Graduated_Cylinders-1.ppt

Chapter 20: The Knee and Related Structures PPT

Presentation Summary : The Knee: Rehabilitation ... w/ full weight bearing on crutches ROM after 6 weeks and PRE at 4 months Meniscus Injuries Cause of Injury Medial meniscus is more ...

Source : http://www.cabrillo.edu/academics/athletics/training/documents/kneerehab.ppt

Unique properties of water - College of DuPage PPT

Presentation Summary : Liquids and Solids Use the Force Luke! Learning objectives Describe origins of surface tension and meniscus Describe different types of cohesive force Identify type ...

Source : http://www.cod.edu/people/faculty/jarman/richenda/1105_materials/Unique%20properties%20of%20water_1105(download).ppt

Lenses - McGraw-Hill Education PPT

Presentation Summary : Double-convex lens Plano-convex lens Converging meniscus lens In order for a lens to diverge light it must be thinner near the midpoint to allow more bending.

Source : http://highered.mheducation.com/sites/dl/free/007301267x/294301/Chapter36.ppt

My Aching Knee! - Eaton Ortho PPT

Presentation Summary : Degenerative Arthritis Degenerative Knee X-ray Conservative Treatment Hyaluronate therapy Knee Replacement Knee Replacement Meniscus Tears Meniscus Tears ...

Source : http://www.eatonortho.com/storage/presentations/MyAchingKnee.ppt

Knee - The Evergreen State College PPT

Presentation Summary : If the tear is tiny, the meniscus stays connected to the front and back of the knee. If the tear is large, the meniscus may be left hanging by a thread of cartilage.

Source : http://academic.evergreen.edu/curricular/anp07/Knee.ppt

The Knee PPT

Presentation Summary : Congenital thickening of joint capsule Redundant meniscus Loose piece of intra ... Menisci of the Knee Medial meniscus Lateral meniscus Meniscal ligaments ...

Source : http://www.usuhs.mil/fap/resources/ms3/Knee.ppt

Knee Injury Assessment - Georgia College + State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Knee Injury Assessment ... “inside the knee”=cruciate injury or meniscus Jointline pain=meniscus Posterior pain=cruciate injury Weight-bearing status ...

Source : http://hercules.gcsu.edu/bcooper/HEAT%203685/Knee%20Injury%20Assessment.ppt

Introduction to Metric Measurement PowerPoint PPT

Presentation Summary : The metric system was created to develop a unified, natural, universal system of measurement. In 1790 King Louis XVI of France assigned a group to begin this task.

Source : http://www.irvingisd.net/~towens/PPT/metric%20measurement.ppt

Meniscus Injury/Knee Pain - Matt Mitchell M.D PPT

Presentation Summary : Shoulder Pain/Impingement Matthew E. Mitchell M.D. Disclaimer Patients should discuss specific injuries with their primary care doctor or surgeon.

Source : http://mattmitchellmd.com/patient_information/powerpoint_presentations/shoulder_impingement.ppt

Meniscal tears, Osteoarthritis + Osgood- Schlatters Disease PPT

Presentation Summary : Meniscal tears, Osteoarthritis & Osgood- Schlatters Disease By: Juliann Plimpton Meniscal Tears MOI/ Etiology Valgus force- adducts the knee- tears medial meniscus ...

Source : http://juliannplimpton.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/8/7/13874568/meniscal_tears_osteoarthritis__osgood-_schlatters_disease.ppt

Basic Fluid Dynamics - Florida International University PPT

Presentation Summary : Basic Fluid Dynamics ... Rsize R 0 30 60 90 R/Rsize 1 1.15 2 Young-Laplace Law The contact angle affects the radius of the meniscus as 1/R = cos 1 ...

Source : http://www2.fiu.edu/~sukopm/GLY5835/05.ppt

Knee Anatomy - inetTeacher.com PPT

Presentation Summary : Knee Anatomy Sports Medicine Knee Joint The most poorly constructed joint in the body. ... Cartilage Meniscus- half moon shaped cartilage lying between the knee joint.

Source : http://www.inetteacher.com/Upload2/203169/docs/SM%20KneeAnatomy.ppt

KNEE - KU Medical Center PPT

Presentation Summary : KNEE Tibiofemoral Joint Modified hinge joint. ... Medial meniscus drawn forward during extension: Due to tension in anterior capsular fibers.

Source : http://classes.kumc.edu/sah/resources/andersen/Anatomy-General-2011/kumc%2047%20knee%20student.ppt

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction PPT

Presentation Summary : Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction University Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Presentation designed for patient education Updated 2/11 ... meniscus tear, ...

Source : http://orthodoc.aaos.org/bartbranam/ACL%20recon-patients%20revised%202-11.ppt

Metric Mania - Volume - The Science Spot PPT

Presentation Summary : Volume T. Trimpe 2008 http://sciencespot.net/ English vs. Metric Units Which is larger? ... Read the measurement based on the bottom of the meniscus or curve.

Source : http://www.sciencespot.net/Media/metric_Volume.ppt


Presentation Summary : ACL provides 0% impairment if no instability. Meniscus provides minimum of 1%. AMA rating cannot be 0% for ACL tear with meniscal tear, even if no instability.

Source : http://ittsie.com/wcla/images/pdfs/2013/WCLA%209-12-13.pptx

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