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Logarithm and Exponential Functions - Johns Hopkins University PPT

Presentation Summary : Logarithm and Exponential Functions Overview of logs and exponential functions “Logarithm is an exponent” Inverse functions Log functions and exponential ...

Source : http://www.mathematics.jhu.edu/106/Notes/Math%20106%20lecture%204-3_5-1.ppt

Introduction To Logarithms - Henrico County Public Schools PPT

Presentation Summary : Introduction To Logarithms Example 4 Solution: Now take it out of the logarithmic form and write it in exponential form. First, we write the problem with a variable.

Source : http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/math/HCPSAlgebra2/Documents/10-2/2006_10_2.ppt

Ch 5 Inverse, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Ch 5 Inverse, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Subject: A Graphical Approach to College Algebra Author: Hornsby/Lial/Rockswold Last modified by

Source : http://trojan.troy.edu/studentsupportservices/assets/documents/presentations/math_science/LogarithmsandTheirProperties.ppt

Logarithms Tutorial - Henrico County Public Schools PPT

Presentation Summary : Logarithms Tutorial Understanding the Log Function Where Did Logs Come From? The invention of logs in the early 1600s fueled the scientific revolution.

Source : http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/math/HCPSAlgebra2/Documents/10-1/Logs.ppt

A History of Logarithms - Illinois State University PPT

Presentation Summary : A History of Logarithms MAT 320 Instructor: Dr Sunil Chebolu By Maria Paduret How LOGARITHMS appeared? People didn’t know how to multiply or divide big numbers.

Source : http://math.illinoisstate.edu/schebol/teaching/320-10-files/Maria.ppt

Properties of Logarithms - LeTourneau University PPT

Presentation Summary : Properties of Logarithms Lesson 5.5 Basic Properties of Logarithms Note box on page 408 of text Most used properties Using the Log Function for Solutions Consider ...

Source : http://www.letu.edu/people/stevearmstrong/Math1203/Lesson%205.5.ppt

8.4 – Properties of Logarithms - Pleasanton Unified School ... PPT

Presentation Summary : 8.4 – Properties of Logarithms Properties of Logarithms There are four basic properties of logarithms that we will be working with. For every case, the base of the ...

Source : http://pleasanton.k12.ca.us/avhsweb/kiyoi/Powerpoints/IntAlgebra/8.4%20Properties%20of%20Logarithms.ppt

Logarithms and Music - Saint Joseph's University PPT

Presentation Summary : Logarithms and Music Christina Colangelo Lesson Plan Introduction Justification for Lesson Description of Population Prerequisite Knowledge Major Math Content NCTM ...

Source : http://people.sju.edu/~rhall/Mathofmusic/Christina.ppt

Logarithms - University of Washington PPT

Presentation Summary : Logarithms Tutorial to explain the nature of logarithms and their use in our courses. What is a Logarithm? The common or base-10 logarithm of a number is the power to ...

Source : http://faculty.washington.edu/jackels/tutorials/Logs/Logs.PPT

Logarithms PPT

Presentation Summary : Logarithms Logarithms Logarithms to various bases: red is to base e, green is to base 10, and purple is to base 1.7. Each tick on the axes is one unit.

Source : http://revsworld.com/AP_SUPA_Chem/AP%20stuff/Math/Logarithms.ppt

Properties of logarithms - Wikispaces PPT

Presentation Summary : 8.5 Properties of Logarithms p. 493 What are the three properties of logs? How do you expand a log? Why? How do you condense a log? Properties of Logarithms Let b, u ...

Source : http://winterrowd-math.wikispaces.com/file/view/8.5+Properties+of+logarithms.ppt

Exponential and Logarithmic Equations - LeTourneau University PPT

Presentation Summary : Exponential and Logarithmic Equations Lesson 5.6 Solving Exponential Equations Graphically Given Graphical Solution Graph each side of the equation Use calculator to ...

Source : http://www.letu.edu/people/stevearmstrong/Math1203/Lesson%205.6.ppt

8.5 – Exponential and Logarithmic Equations PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: 8.5 – Exponential and Logarithmic Equations Author: Amador Valley Math Departmen Last modified by: Amador Valley Math Departmen Created Date

Source : http://pleasanton.k12.ca.us/avhsweb/kiyoi/Powerpoints/IntAlgebra/8.5%20Exponential%20and%20Logarithmic%20Equations.ppt

Ch 5 Inverse, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions PPT

Presentation Summary : Solution Isolate the logarithm and change to exponential form. Properties of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions For b > 0 and b 1: ...

Source : http://trojan.troy.edu/studentsupportservices/assets/documents/presentations/math_science/ExponentialandLogarithmicEquationsandInequalities.ppt

Logarithm – Common and Natural Logarithms PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Logarithm – Common and Natural Logarithms Author: User Last modified by: choosg Created Date: 3/17/2009 9:12:54 AM Document presentation format

Source : http://choosgs3math.wiki.hci.edu.sg/file/view/2.5%20Common%20and%20Natural%20Log%202.ppt/329084514/2.5%20Common%20and%20Natural%20Log%202.ppt

Logarithmic Functions - Georgia Highlands College PPT

Presentation Summary : Logarithmic Functions Categorized as Transcendental (Non-Algebraic) Functions. Inverse of an Exponential Function. Many real-life situations can be modeled using ...

Source : http://www.highlands.edu/academics/divisions/math/lralston/Logarithmic%20Functions.pptx

Logarithmic Functions PPT

Presentation Summary : Logarithmic Functions Definition of Logarithm with base b The logarithm of y with base b is denoted by logby and is defined as follows: logby = x if and only if bx ...

Source : http://winterrowd-math.wikispaces.com/file/view/8.4%20Logarithmic%20Functions.ppt

Properties of Logarithms PPT

Presentation Summary : Ex 3: Write each expression as a single logarithm. Homework: Page 678 #8 – 38 evens . Title: Properties of Logarithms Author: emawn Last modified by: marieni

Source : http://web.nsboro.k12.ma.us/algonquin/faculty/mathteachers/marieni/documents/sec10.3day1ppt_000.ppt

12.3 Properties of Logarithms - Taos Municipal Schools PPT

Presentation Summary : This suggests that the logarithm of a power is found by multiplying the logarithm and the exponent.

Source : http://www.taosschools.org/ths/Departments/MathDept/spitz/Math%20Assignments/Algebra%202%20Powerpoints/12.3%20Propertis%20of%20Logarithms.ppt

8.4 – Properties of Logarithms PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: 8.4 – Properties of Logarithms Author: Amador Valley Math Departmen Last modified by: Administrator Created Date: 12/30/2011 10:54:13 PM Document ...

Source : http://mrcalise.weebly.com/uploads/2/3/9/8/2398127/8.4_properties_of_logarithms.ppt

C2.6 Exponentials and logarithms - Haringeymath's Blog PPT

Presentation Summary : AS-Level Maths: Core 2 for Edexcel C2.6 Exponentials and logarithms These icons indicate that teacher’s notes or useful web addresses are available in the Notes Page.

Source : http://haringeymath.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/c2-6-exponentials-and-logarithms.ppt

4.3 Properties of Logarithms - McEachern High School PPT

Presentation Summary : ... log MATH Express as a sum of logarithms (e x p a n d). Express as a single logarithm ... Express as a single logarithm (condense). = log5 (19*3) 4) ...

Source : http://www.mceachernhigh.org/member/teachers/class_documents/lg118362/Accel.%20Math%202/2B%20-%202%20Properties%20of%20logs%20worksheet.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Logarithms Logarithm’s to the base 10 are called “common logarithms”. Your calculator has a “LOG” button that solves ALL base 10 logarithms.

Source : http://www.lcctc.k12.pa.us/math/Power%20Point%20Math%20Modules/Exponential%20Functions%20(%20Pre%20-%20Calc%20)/Logarithms.pps

Lesson 9-2: Logarithms and Logarithmic Functions PPT

Presentation Summary : Lesson 5-6: Logarithms and Logarithmic Functions Advanced Math Topics Key Concept Logarithms with base b Read: “Log of x base b is y” Key Concepts Common ...

Source : http://www.cdschools.org/cms/lib04/PA09000075/Centricity/Domain/268/Lesson%205-6.ppt

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