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Marasmus PPT

Presentation Summary : Where is Marasmus located? Marasmus is most prevalent in Third-World countries because of the lack of money, food, and clean drinking water.

Source : http://southcobbhs.typepad.com/files/marasmus.pptx

Malnutrition PPT

Presentation Summary : Malnutrition Protein / Energy Definitions of Malnutrition Kwashiorkor: protein deficiency Marasmus: energy deficiency Marasmic/ Kwashiorkor: combination of chronic ...

Source : http://fp.okstate.edu/ktay/Malnutrition.ppt


Presentation Summary : Marasmus involves inadequate intake of protein and calories and is characterized by emaciation. Marasmus represents the end result of starvation where both proteins ...

Source : http://www.pitt.edu/~super7/17011-18001/17671.ppt

Protein Energy Malnutrition - Mayo Clinic PPT

Presentation Summary : Develop a global partnership for development Define: PEM Underweight: weight for age < 80% expected Marasmus: weight for age < 60% expected Kwashiorkor: ...

Source : http://www.mayo.edu/mayo-edu-docs/mayo-school-of-graduate-medical-education-documents/ProteinEnergyMalnutrition_Howard.ppt

Assessment of Laboratory Values - Nutrition and Dietetic ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Rx, bilirubin, metals Marasmus Vs Kwashiorkor Marasmus: Starvation or Fasting Weight is often </= 80% of normal but albumin may be within the reference range.

Source : http://www.ndepnet.org/local/resources/Albumin_and_Malnutrition_Assessment.ppt

Nonverbal Communication - College of Communications - CSU ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... cont. Touch a.k.a. Haptics Babies died from lack of touching Disease called “Marasmus” means wasting away Touch increases a child’s mental functioning ...

Source : http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/jhayes/000-Web-HCOM100/005-Other%20TA's%20Work/NONVERBAL.PPTlecture_Conway.ppt


Presentation Summary : Marasmus Anna Canard Jeff Farrah Heather Stabley Ginger Gantenbein Presentation Outline Definition of Marasmus Pathophysiology Metabolic Changes Who is Affected and ...

Source : http://mailer.fsu.edu/~pgilmer/glp_website/pptfall2003/2003gr9.ppt

Kwashiorkor PPT

Presentation Summary : Marasmus Scurvy A nutritional disorder caused by vitamin C deficiency. Characterized by bleeding gums and red rash, tiredness, joint and muscle aches.

Source : http://hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/eans/Malnutrition%20Diseases[1].ppt

Nonverbal Communication PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (marasmus) Increases IQ Increases compliance Types of NV Communication Physical Attractiveness: Attractive women get higher grades, more dates, ...

Source : http://www.highlands.edu/academics/divisions/humanities/communications/ljohnson/PowerPoint%20Presentations/Chapter%205.ppt

Fundamentals of Nutrition PPT

Presentation Summary : High mortality rate Stop and Share Differentiate between marasmus and kwashiorkor by identifying three differences between the two conditions.

Source : http://www.delmarlearning.com/companions/content/0766835677/student/Chapter%2006.ppt

nutrient deficiencies - Mount Mansfield Union High School PPT

Presentation Summary : nutrient deficiencies vitamin C (ascorbic acid) vitamin A not enough calories (energy) overall caloric deficiency = marasmus severe deficiency of overall calories ...

Source : http://www.mmu.k12.vt.us/teachers/kefferm/humanbio/nutrition/nutrient%20deficiencies%20for%20class.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Types of malnutrition Severe Protein-Energy Malnutrition (>3 S.D.) Kwashiorkor (low protein) Marasmus (low calories) Mild/moderate undernutrition ...

Source : http://www.stanford.edu/dept/humbio/Core/aside/handouts/manlutrition05-14-02.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Rice , idli, Potato, honey etc Dull look , dry and rough skin Kwashiorkor And marasmus Carbohydrates Rice , idli, Potato, honey etc. Dull look , dry ...

Source : http://www.banasthali.org/banasthali/wcms/en/home/3-disease-deeksha-.ppt


Presentation Summary : 3- Weak myocardial contractility. MARASMUS Marasmus Definition:- It is a state of chronic malnutrition due to deficiency of total caloric requirements.

Source : http://hind.cc/6th%20MBBS/PEDIATRICS/Dr.Shahenaz/DISEASES%20OF%20MALNUTRITION.ppt

Understanding malnutrition - Peach Foundation PPT

Presentation Summary : Marasmus Severe wasting of fat and muscles which the body breaks down to make energy leaving ‘skin and bones’ Common form of acute malnutrition in nutritional ...

Source : http://peachpk.com/articles/images/file/powerpoint%20presentations/nutrition%20in%20emergency/Understanding%20malnutrition.ppt


Presentation Summary : Describe conditions associated with either positive or negative nitrogen balance Describe causes and characteristics of marasmus and kwashiorkor Explain what makes a ...

Source : http://www.csi.edu/facultyAndStaff_/webTools/sites/Anderson6/courses/288/NURP%20102%20Chpt%204.ppt

Protein Calorie Malnutrition PPT

Presentation Summary : ... out of proportion to LBM loss: Starvation = Marasmus Predominant protein depletion (reduced LBM): Cachexia = Kwashiorkor Combined (Marasmic Kwashiorkor): ...

Source : http://www.uic.edu/depts/mcam/nutrition/docs/Lect16_PCM.ppt

Malnutrition PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Color on strip Normal > 13.5 cm Green Moderately malnourished 12.5- 13.4 cm Yellow Severely malnourished < 12.5 cm Red Marasmus Marasmus contd ...

Source : http://taishan1.weebly.com/uploads/2/1/1/7/2117112/malnutrition.ppt

Health and diseases - Makemegenius.com PPT

Presentation Summary : Disease caused Symptoms Sources Proteins Kwashiorkor And marasmus Dull look , dry and rough skin Rice , idli, Potato, ...

Source : http://www.makemegenius.com/download_file.php?fname=Health__and__diseases.pot

Aids in Africa PPT

Presentation Summary : In marasmus there is extreme thinness (wasting), especially of the arms. In kwashiorkor you don't look so thin, partly because the body retains more fluid, ...

Source : http://www.msbeardsclass.com/resources/Famine+in+Africa.ppt

Food Supply and Malnutrition - Geography for 2013 + Beyond - Home PPT

Presentation Summary : Marasmus & Kwashiorkor Activities Complete the worksheet using text on page 111 on New Wider World – Waugh Complete the activities on GATW link http://www. ...

Source : http://www.geographypods.com/uploads/7/6/2/2/7622863/food_supply_and_malnutrition.ppt

Egan’s Fundamentals of Respiratory Care PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Kwashiorkor and marasmus Marasmus is typically seen in children aged 6 to 18 months in deprived areas of the world who are chronically malnourished.

Source : http://www.floridagoldcoast.com/ati/ppp/Chapter_21.ppt

Protein Deficiency PPT

Presentation Summary : Most often children die from a simple fever or common measles. Marasmus – a wasting disease that is caused by lack of calories and protein.

Source : http://holyoke9.wikispaces.com/file/view/Protein+Deficiency.ppt

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