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Displaying mandibular premolars PowerPoint Presentations


Presentation Summary : Introduction. The mandibular premolars are four in number and are placed immediately posterior to the canine. They erupt at around 9-10 yrs of age

Source : http://faculty.mu.edu.sa/download.php?fid=77294


Presentation Summary : The lower second premolar is the fifthtooth from the middle line of the mandible. Its general form somewhat similar to that of the mandibular first premolars but ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/elsahn/powerpoint/MANDIBULAR%20SECOND%20PREMOLAR.pptx

Premolars PPT

Presentation Summary : * Grooves – 6 (Central, mesial mesiobuccal, mesiolingual, distobuccal, distolingual) Distobuccal groove is the longest. Position of Premolars Posterior Succedaneous ...

Source : http://marriottoralanatomy.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/4/3/13437139/dhy114_premolars_week_5_2011.ppt

Premolars PPT

Presentation Summary : Premolars There are four maxillary and four mandibular premolars. 4 & 4 contact 3 & 3 mesially and 5 & 5 distally 5 & 5 contact 4 &4 mesially and 6 &6 distally.

Source : http://ocw.up.edu.ps/repositories/up.edu.ps/upinardata/117/lecture_ant._premolars_-_part_3.ppt

Few4y efewfwfny - College of Southern Idaho PPT

Presentation Summary : Mandibular First Premolars The mandibular first premolars (#21 and #28) have a long and well-formed buccal cusp and a small, nonfunctioning lingual cusp.

Source : http://www.csi.edu/facultyAndStaff_/webTools/sites/Bowcut58/courses/409/ch12.ppt

instuments used in oral surgery - Dentalstudymaterial Blog PPT

Presentation Summary : INSTRUMENTS USED IN ORAL SURGERY The mandibular premolar forceps have identical broad open beaks that are longer than the beaks of the anterior forceps.

Source : http://dentalstudymaterial.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/instruments_used_in_oral_surgery.ppt

More Tooth Identification - College of Southern Idaho PPT

Presentation Summary : More Tooth Identification Posterior Posterior Maxillary First Premolar These premolars have bifurcated roots. A Longitudinal groove is present on the root.

Source : http://www.csi.edu/facultyAndStaff_/webTools/sites/Bowcut58/courses/409/More%20Tooth%20Identification.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... teeth The most common missing permanent teeth are Mandibular and maxillary third molars Maxillary lateral incisors Mandibular second premolars The most ...

Source : http://www.cabrillo.edu/~sreddy/DH180/Chapter%205.ppt

Third molars PPT

Presentation Summary : Third molars 3-7-08 Maxillary Molars Sinus Proximity– Alternate Procedure Palatal root sitting close to the sinus Reflect a flap Stryker bone off the buccal ...

Source : http://pacificdds2009.com/courses/y2q3/os1/study%20aids/3-7-08%20Third%20molars.ppt


Presentation Summary : Sensory for mandibular premolars and anterior teeth pulp tissue. Merges with the mental nerve to form the IA nerve. May crossover midline.

Source : https://www.iusb.edu/dental/docs/local-anesthesia-pptx/Anatomy_Review_11.pptx

Intraoral Radiographs - kwilkerson PPT

Presentation Summary : Intraoral Radiographs ... and third premolar (in the cat), all mandibular premolars and molars have two roots It is important to know how many roots each tooth has.

Source : http://kwilkerson.yolasite.com/resources/Intraoral%20Radiographs.ppt


Presentation Summary : PRINCIPAL MORPHOLOGIC COMPARISONS Those morphologic features used to compare and differentiate teeth within each of 2 categories (maxillary molars and mandibular molars)

Source : http://www.jmc.gov.jo/UploadedFiles/Documents/54b03294-3a94-4312-a2f8-3f63302d4cbb.ppt


Presentation Summary : PRINCIPLES OF TOOTH PREPARATION pp:119-133 ... (lingual of maxillary molars and premolars and buccal of mandibular molars and premolars ) ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/haneef/Documents/SDS-LEC-4%20PRIN%20OF%20TOOTH%20PREP.ppt

Canine Endodontics and Prosthodontics - Salem Valley ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Canine Endodontics and Prosthodontics. Treatment of complicated crown fractures of the maxillary 4th premolars and mandibular 1st molar in a dog

Source : http://salemvalleyvet.com/refId,25866/refDownload.pml

Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth PPT

Presentation Summary : Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth Post and Core System Treatment planning for non-vital teeth Pretreatment Evaluation: Quality of the endodontic treatment ...

Source : http://www.geocities.ws/dentalsem/Endodontically_Treated.ppt


Presentation Summary : Locations include Occlusal surface of molars and premolars. ... All teeth including mandibular incisors Cause multitude of factors SYNONYMS Nursing caries, ...

Source : http://utechdmd2015.wikispaces.com/file/view/classificationofdentalcaries-090721094719-phpapp02.ppt

No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : The mandibular canal ... As seen in the above film, the floor of the maxillary sinus flows around the roots of the maxillary molars and premolars.

Source : http://dent.osu.edu/radiology/PPT-Resources/brd-rev-intraoral-anat.PPT

Hard Tissue Charting - Wikispaces PPT

Presentation Summary : Hard Tissue Charting Dental Hygiene Theory Instructor: Nickee dela Cruz R.R.D.H.

Source : http://utechdmd2015.wikispaces.com/file/view/Hardtissuecharting.ppt/172956281/Hardtissuecharting.ppt

The Anatomy, Physiology and Morphology of the Tooth PPT

Presentation Summary : ... white hard covering over the crown of the tooth no nerve or blood supply ... Some maxillary second premolars ... Look over the facial nerve and mandibular ...

Source : http://silversword.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/power-point-the-anatomy-physiology-and-morphology-of-teeth.ppt

Harvard school of Dental Medicine Department of Restorative ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Dental Anatomy Arrangement of Teeth Primary Dentition refers to the twenty deciduous teeth, ... Max 2nd premolars often erupt before the mandibular counterparts.

Source : http://fabiotunes.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/dental-anatomy-introduction.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Guidelines Identify tooth shown Dot represents cusp of opposing tooth Mandibular teeth are 1/2 cusp ... cusps of the mandibular premolars contact the MMR of ...

Source : http://www.4drs.org/download/presentations/prosth/CDP/Determinants%20of%20Occlusion.ppt

Instruments in Oral Surgery PPT

Presentation Summary : Mandibular- 74 (Ash) can also use on the premolars ... Arial Tahoma Times New Roman Wingdings Medical design template Instruments in Oral Surgery Hemostats ...

Source : http://pacificdds2009.com/courses/y2q3/os1/study%20aids/Instruments%20in%20Oral%20Surgery%20I.ppt

JShotwell-Week9.ppt - Deep Blue PPT

Presentation Summary : Class IV RPD Design Considerations Class 4 - Mandibular Rest seat location ... I-bar clasps on the premolars Class 4 - Maxilla Note the red, ...

Source : http://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/handle/2027.42/64947/JShotwell-Week9.ppt?sequence=8


Presentation Summary : Radiographs reveal the presence of the first premolars. ... After the space has been regained a space maintainer, ... The mandibular incisors remain crowded and ...

Source : http://webteach.mccs.uky.edu/pedsdent/Managing%20the%20Arch%20Circumference%20(Cases).ppt

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