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Displaying magnetic optical current transformer PowerPoint Presentations


Presentation Summary : Title: MAGNETIC OPTICAL CURRENT TRANSFORMER Author: R Last modified by: VANAD Created Date: 10/23/2010 2:37:01 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show

Source : http://123seminarsonly.com/Seminar-Reports/025/54743077-MOCT.ppt


Presentation Summary : The Magneto-Optical current transformer is based on the Faradays effect.. ... ‘B’ is the magnetic flux density along the optical path, ‘l’ is the optical path.

Source : http://123seminarsonly.com/Seminar-Reports/025/80534096-40070895-MOCT.pptx

Project name: Investigation of electrokinetic, spectral, and ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Investigation of electrokinetic, spectral, and optical characteristics of low-frequency induction discharge of the transformer type. Magnetic core

Source : http://plasma.karelia.ru/events/ppt/Thu1550_KolmakovKN_October2003.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation - Electric, magnetic and ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Electric and magnetic sensors and actuators (chapter 5, Part A) Introduction Broadest by far of all other classes In numbers and types of sensors In variety within ...

Source : http://ee.ascs3.uakron.edu/ida/sensors-files/sensors-video-files/sensors/chapter5-a.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... to the direction of both the current and magnetic ... High Power frequency A.C Current Transformer with electro-optical technique High frequency and ...

Source : http://srirajkumar.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/unit-iv-old.ppt

Introduction to Sensors - RAISE - Polytechnic University PPT

Presentation Summary : ... in magnetic field by generating an opposing voltage/current (e.g. transformer) ... Index, Reflectivity, Absorption Optical Magnetic Field (amplitude ...

Source : http://gk12.poly.edu/Information/RAISE_Workshop_PowerPointFiles/Introduction%20to%20Sensors.ppt

Optical Microscopy Laboratory at NHMFL - Florida State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Optical Microscopy ... Curie Temperature for Ferromagnetism Property of all magnetic materials A constant temperature for ... Eddy Current Electric currents ...

Source : http://www.magnet.fsu.edu/education/ret/program/2005/documents/kimjavatutorials.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Generator High Power frequency A.C Current Transformer with electro-optical technique High frequency and ... Magnetic flux density due to the current to be ...

Source : http://srirajkumar.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/unit-iv_ac-measurements.ppt

ME3484: Mechatronics PPT

Presentation Summary : ... in magnetic field by generating an opposing voltage/current (e.g. transformer) ... Index, Reflectivity, Absorption Optical Magnetic Field (amplitude ...

Source : http://gk12.poly.edu/amps-cbri../ppt/Intro%20to%20Sensors.ppt

Incremental Optical Encoders PPT

Presentation Summary : Signal Generation There are four techniques of transducer signal generation Optical ... as a transformer. ……Contd. A magnetic field ... current and magnetic ...

Source : http://www.engineer.tamuk.edu/departments/EECS/Faculty/rchalloo/Group-III/midterm_final.ppt

Laser interferometer - Georgia Institute of Technology PPT

Presentation Summary : Optical Encoders, Laser ... An alternating current is driven in the primary coils . Then it will create a varying magnetic flux in the transformer’s ...

Source : http://www-old.me.gatech.edu/mechatronics_course/Sensors_F09.ppt

Industrial Automation PPT

Presentation Summary : Example of analog transducer Emergency panel PLC Control Room Current Transformer 0..1A rms Field ... Also with magnetic instead of optical grating Force ...

Source : http://lamspeople.epfl.ch/kirrmann/Slides/AI_210_Instrumentation.ppt


Presentation Summary : ... the help of thermo-optical sen-sors ... magnetic core (3) of the transformer when ... than the 50 Hz magnetization current of the transformer ...

Source : https://www.esa-spaceweather.net/spweather/workshops/eswwII/proc/Session5/GIC05ESASpaWeath05.pps

Chapter 3: Operational Amplifiers and Signal Conditioning PPT

Presentation Summary : ... active filters, current-loop signal ... magnetic and electrostatic ... Optical Linear Signal Isolation An LED and matched phototransistors are used to ...

Source : http://www.siuc.edu/~mhebel/est202/pp/Ch-3s.ppt

PHYSICS 51: Introduction PPT

Presentation Summary : Right hand rule determines the direction of the magnetic moment (m) of a current-carrying loop B field due to ... Resonance Transformer: ... occur are Optical Gain ...

Source : http://www.sjsu.edu/people/richard.r.craig/courses/phy51/s1/FINAL%20REVIEW.ppt

Industrial Automation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... strain gauges Piezo-electrical effect Force measurement Principle of optical ... Room Current Transformer 0..1A rms Field ... Magnetic (EM )-disturbances EN ...

Source : http://www.tnu.edu.vn/sites/quynhntt/Bi%20ging%20chia%20s/industrial%20automation/AI_210_Instrumentation.ppt

T6A01 What electrical component is used to oppose the flow of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: T6A01 What electrical component is used to oppose the flow of current in a DC circuit? Author: Scott Honaker Last modified by: Scott Honaker

Source : http://www.microhams.com/classes/tech/T6.ppt

Technician Licensing Class PPT

Presentation Summary : Variable inductor Double-pole switch Potentiometer Transformer ... A current controlled amplifier An optical sensor A pass ... energy in a magnetic ...

Source : http://ecee.colorado.edu/~mathys/ecen2420/pdf/TechnicianLicense/T6slidesQuestionsOnly.ppt

“Power plug-meter” PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter one: Introduction Power plug-meter: It’s a device which can measure, and display the voltage , current and power the connected device

Source : http://eng.najah.edu/sites/eng.najah.edu/files/nour_and_haifa_0.pptx

HVDC light,a tool for transmission of electric power PPT

Presentation Summary : ... converter The current in the transformer winding contains ... unit through an optical fibre The voltage ... eliminating the magnetic fields They have ...

Source : http://www.allseminars.110mb.com/ppts/HVDC%20LIGHT,%20A%20TOOL%20FOR%20TRANSMISSION%20OF%20ELECTRIC%20POWER.ppt

Sensors PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Analog output LVDT: Linear Variable differential Transformer Non-Contact Sensors Ultrasonic Optical Magnetic ... Laser vibrometer Capacitive or Eddy current ...

Source : http://www.eng-sci.udmercy.edu/courses/e478/dass/courses/E478-Mechatronics/Course_notes/Sensors_2.ppt

Austin JasmerJordan SwensonXueGu PPT

Presentation Summary : Current Status. Long-term. Possible Problems. ... Magnetic. Optical (infrared) Sensors. Opposed. ... 115-12V transformer. 20. 0. 0. CCRI. CRL.

Source : http://saturn.ece.ndsu.nodak.edu/ecewiki/images/2/2a/Presentation1.ppt

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