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Displaying laryngomalacia PowerPoint Presentations

Current concepts in diagnosis and management of laryngomalacia PPT

Presentation Summary : Current Concepts in Diagnosis and anagement of Laryngomalacia Shraddha Mukerji, MD Harold Pine, MD Department of Otolaryngology University of Texas Medical Branch ...

Source : http://www.utmb.edu/otoref/Grnds/Laryngomalacia-090331/laryng-slides-090331.ppt

Assessment and Management of Pediatric Stridor PPT

Presentation Summary : ... biphasic Stridor Congenital Laryngeal Anomalies Laryngomalacia-different types Tracheomalacia Vocal Cord Paralysis Laryngeal Clefts Vascular Rings and Slings ...

Source : http://www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/pediatrics/residents/docs/Stridor%20talk%20for%20Peds%20Residents1-August%202008.ppt


Presentation Summary : STRIDOR IN NEONATES AND INFANTS Ravi Pachigolla, MD Ronald Deskin, MD Definition of Stridor Venturi Principle Musical Sounds Levels of Obstruction History and ...

Source : http://www.utmb.edu/otoref/Grnds/Stridor-infants-980415/Stridor-infants-980415.pps

Stridor In Infants - Tripod.com PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Subglottic stenosis Laryngeal webs Laryngomalacia (congenital laryngeal stridor) Most common cause of persistent stridor in infants (first 6 weeks of life) ...

Source : http://ausaiyan.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/stridorininfants.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : BRONCHOSCOPY Cori Daines, MD ... Upper airway obstruction Suspected aspiration Evaluation of tracheostomies NORMAL ANATOMY BRONCHOALVEOLAR LAVAGE LARYNGOMALACIA ...

Source : http://uappc.peds.arizona.edu/documents/Bronchscopy.ppt

Wheezing - NCC Pediatrics Residency at Walter Reed - Bethesda PPT

Presentation Summary : ... insufficiency Encephalocele Dermoid of base of tongue Thyroglossal duct cyst Lingual thyroid Inspiratory Stridor Causes Laryngomalacia ... 26 Wheezing History ...

Source : http://www.nccpeds.com/powerpoints/Wheezing1.ppt

An Approach to a child with Respiratory Symptoms PPT

Presentation Summary : Congenital: laryngomalacia, laryngeal web, vascular ring, Aspiration ... Born Holm disease Asthma Trauma Costochondritis Psychogenic Pericardial lesions ...

Source : http://www.prsharma.com.np/professionals/teachingslides/An%20approach%20to%20a%20child%20with%20respiratory%20symptoms.ppt

The Pediatric Airway - Emory University Department of Pediatrics PPT

Presentation Summary : The Neonatal Airway and Neonatal Intubation Matthew L. Paden, MD Pediatric Critical Care Fellow Emory University Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Source : http://www.pediatrics.emory.edu/ccm/lectures/files/The%20Neonatal%20Airway.ppt

Respiratory Alterations - NURSING FDTC Batch Spring 2011 - Home PPT

Presentation Summary : Respiratory Alterations: ... Laryngomalacia Laryngeal cartilage is soft and flaccid, causing the supraglottic structures to collapse into the airway, ...

Source : http://fdtc.weebly.com/uploads/7/1/7/2/7172299/respiratory_alterations_2009.ppt

Pediatric Voice - Homepages at WMU PPT

Presentation Summary : Arial Times New Roman Wingdings Quadrant Pediatric Voice Pediatric voice disorders Laryngomalacia Other more common anomalies Congenital Laryngeal Web Less common ...

Source : http://homepages.wmich.edu/~stasko/sppa640/ppt/Pediatric%20Voice.ppt

ENT Pathology PPT

Presentation Summary : Laryngomalacia. As you can see in laryngomalacia the epiglottis will fold in and in severe cases there will be retroflexion of the epiglottis causing obstruction of ...

Source : http://anes-som.ucsd.edu/intranet/3pm_lectures/Ped_lectures/PowerPoint/ENT_ENT%20Pathology.pptx

Early Detection and Management of Respiratory Failure PPT

Presentation Summary : Early Detection and Interventions in Respiratory Failure Dr Nigam Prakash Narain Definition: Respiratory Failure Defined as inadequate gas exchange due to pulmonary ...

Source : http://www.pediatriconcall.com/fordoctor/Conference_abstracts/Early%20Detection%20and%20Management%20of%20Respiratory%20Failure.ppt

xa.yimg.com PPT

Presentation Summary : Sivan Y, Ben-Ari J, Soferman R, DeRowe A. Diagnosis of laryngomalacia by fiberoptic endoscopy: awake compared with anesthesia-aided technique. Chest.

Source : http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/18873316/2098181177/name/laringomalacia.ppt

STRIDOR - Yorkshire Neonatal Network - Welcome to the ... PPT

Presentation Summary : STRIDOR ANNE ASPIN 2010 Common causes Laryngomalacia – 60% Congenital subglottic stenosis Vocal cord palsy - unilateral, birth trauma – temporary Bilateral vocal ...

Source : http://www.yorkshireneonet.nhs.uk/training/surgical-docs/STRIDOR_000.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... divided and expanded with a costal cartilage graft Conclusions The most common causes of congenital stridor include laryngomalacia, subglottic stenosis.

Source : http://www.childrensdayton.org/cms/resource_library/files/8997f483ea93d0ae/merzdayton_grand_rounds_part_3.ppt

Croup - Sydney Children's Hospital - Home PPT

Presentation Summary : CROUP Dr Jonny Taitz Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick April 2003 ... Subglotic stenosis, laryngomalacia, laryngeal cysts, webs, thermal, chemical injury) ...

Source : http://www.sch.edu.au/geschn/pres/ncpg_croup.ppt

Chest and Lungs - Palmer College of Chiropractic, Intranet ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Chest and Lungs Adapted from Mosby ... Laryngomalacia Floppiness of the larynx Laryngotracheomalacia Entire large airway is involved Chest and Lungs Adapted from ...

Source : http://w3.palmer.edu/oneill/OBPEDS/PPT%20FW%2006/Chest%20&%20Lungs%20(c%20fw06).ppt

Neonatal Anesthesia - ASJA PPT

Presentation Summary : Anesthesia During the First ... Encephalocele Myelomeningocele Neonatal Conditions Requiring Surgeries Airway Obstruction Choanal atresia Laryngomalacia Supraglottic ...

Source : http://asja-eg.com/admin/cmes/files/Anesthesia%20first%20year%20of%20life.ppt

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