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Protein Energy Malnutrition - Mayo Clinic PPT

Presentation Summary : ... PEM Underweight: weight for age < 80% expected Marasmus: weight for age < 60% expected Kwashiorkor: weight for age < 80% + edema Marasmic kwashiorkor: ...

Source : http://www.mayo.edu/mayo-edu-docs/mayo-school-of-graduate-medical-education-documents/ProteinEnergyMalnutrition_Howard.ppt

Malnutrition PPT

Presentation Summary : Malnutrition Protein / Energy Definitions of Malnutrition Kwashiorkor: protein deficiency Marasmus: energy deficiency Marasmic/ Kwashiorkor: combination of chronic ...

Source : http://fp.okstate.edu/ktay/Malnutrition.ppt

Kwashiorkor, Cotton and Grasshoppers PPT

Presentation Summary : To view the slides as presented by Dr. Dunkel, Please press the F5 key. When the presentation begins, Press the down-arrow key to move to . the next part of the ...

Source : http://www.montana.edu/mali/ppts/worldHungerDunkelSanambelepresentationsmall.pptx


Presentation Summary : ETIOLOGY Kwashiorkor can occur in infancy but its maximal incidence is in the 2nd yr of life following abrupt weaning. Kwashiorkor is not only dietary in origin.

Source : http://www.pitt.edu/~super7/17011-18001/17671.ppt

Marasmus PPT

Presentation Summary : Marasmus. Starvation. Cachexia. Emaciation. Kwashiorkor. The previously listed are all brother and sister forms of Marasmus.

Source : http://southcobbhs.typepad.com/files/marasmus.pptx

Kwashiorkor PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Kwashiorkor Author: HRSB Last modified by: User Created Date: 12/5/2007 7:50:57 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Company: HRSB

Source : http://hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/eans/Malnutrition%20Diseases[1].ppt

nutrient deficiencies - Mount Mansfield Union High School PPT

Presentation Summary : ... kwashiorkor they are NOT fat bellies! this is from gas/fluid buildup because they are breaking down their own muscle proteins to serve their hearts and brains ...

Source : http://www.mmu.k12.vt.us/teachers/kefferm/humanbio/nutrition/nutrient%20deficiencies%20for%20class.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Kwashiorkor more likely in areas where cassava, yam, plantain, rice and maize are staples, not wheat Increased carbohydrate intake with decreased protein ...

Source : http://www.stanford.edu/dept/humbio/Core/aside/handouts/manlutrition05-14-02.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Rice , idli, Potato, honey etc Dull look , dry and rough skin Kwashiorkor And marasmus Carbohydrates Rice , idli, Potato, honey etc. Dull look , dry ...

Source : http://www.banasthali.org/banasthali/wcms/en/home/3-disease-deeksha-.ppt

Assessment of Laboratory Values - Nutrition and Dietetic ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Albumin in Kwashiorkor Kwashiorkor: protein depletion or hypoalbuminemic malnutrition Weight may be normal or excessive, but protein stores (albumin) ...

Source : http://www.ndepnet.org/local/resources/Albumin_and_Malnutrition_Assessment.ppt


Presentation Summary : ... associated with either positive or negative nitrogen balance Describe causes and characteristics of marasmus and kwashiorkor Explain what makes a protein complete ...

Source : http://www.csi.edu/facultyAndStaff_/webTools/sites/Anderson6/courses/288/NURP%20102%20Chpt%204.ppt

Coding for Malnutrition- A Success Story at WVU Healthcare PPT

Presentation Summary : www.cdc.gov Malnutrition related ICD-9 codes Type of Comorbidity associated with ICD-9 260 Kwashiorkor 261 Nutritional Marasmus 262 Other Severe Protein-Calorie ...

Source : http://www.wvda.org/meeting2012/Malnutrition.ppt

Hello Dr. Donald and Fellow Students. PPT

Presentation Summary : Kwashiorkor, A Forgotten Disease Name: John Ojih (MPH) Program Walden University Environmental Health PUBH -6165-5 Dr. Donald Goodwin Audience: Potential Donor Agencies

Source : http://environmentalhealthtoday.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/app9ojihj_ppt.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Protein Energy Malnutrition, Kwashiorkor-Marasmic Mix. EdemaAfebrileDermatosisApathy. PATHOPHYSIOLOGY. LOW PROTEIN INTAKE . DEFICIENCY OF ESSENTIAL AA. DECREASED ...

Source : http://img.199jobs.com/2013/12/MARASMIC-KWASHORKOR.pptx

Understanding malnutrition - Peach Foundation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (SAM) has two clinical forms: marasmus and kwashiorkor. Marasmus is characterised by severe wasting whilst kwashiorkor is characterised by bilateral oedema ...

Source : http://peachpk.com/articles/images/file/powerpoint%20presentations/nutrition%20in%20emergency/Understanding%20malnutrition.ppt

IDST 2205- Lecture 4 Food Security PPT

Presentation Summary : ... social unrest dependence on food imports Food related health problems Marasmus (to waste away)- energy deficiency Kwashiorkor (displaced child) ...

Source : http://www.faculty.de.gcsu.edu/~doetter/courses/idst2205/lectures/idst2205_pres04.ppt

GOMEZ CLASSIFICATION - LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans PPT

Presentation Summary : Nevertheless both the anatomical and physiological changes are reversible as we can see in these MRIs of children with kwashiorkor before and after treatment.

Source : http://www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/pediatrics/docs/Protein%20Energy%20Malnutrition%20November%202011.ppt

Food Supply and Malnutrition - Geography for 2013 + Beyond - Home PPT

Presentation Summary : Marasmus & Kwashiorkor Activities Complete the worksheet using text on page 111 on New Wider World ...

Source : http://www.geographypods.com/uploads/7/6/2/2/7622863/food_supply_and_malnutrition.ppt

Fundamentals of Nutrition PPT

Presentation Summary : High mortality rate Stop and Share Differentiate between marasmus and kwashiorkor by identifying three differences between the two conditions.

Source : http://www.delmarlearning.com/companions/content/0766835677/student/Chapter%2006.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation - No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : The main symptoms of kwashiorkor are reddish-orange hair and a bloated stomach. The main symptoms of marasmus is extreme thinness and a shriveled appearance.

Source : http://users.ipfw.edu/Mourad/Courses/FNR%20103%2008/chapter07_lecture.ppt

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