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Displaying isolated third nerve palsy PowerPoint Presentations

Ocular motor nerve palsies PPT

Presentation Summary : 1. Third nerve 2. Fourth nerve 3. Sixth nerve Anatomy of third nerve Oculomotor nucleus Pituitary gland Carotid artery Cavernous sinus III nerve Clivus Basilar artery ...

Source : http://web.squ.edu.om/med-Lib/MED_CD/E_CDs/Illustrated%20Tutorials%20in%20Clinical%20Ophthalmology/tutorials/61Ocular%20Motor%20Nerve%20Pals.ppt

Pontine CVA? - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center PPT

Presentation Summary : ... some risk Management Isolated Third Nerve Palsy If patient is diabetic/ hypertensive and the pupil is not involved and they do not have too much pain*, ...

Source : http://www.ttuhsc.edu/eye/Faculty%20Presentations/Ocular%20Motility%20II.ppt

Pupillary deception - HOACLS PPT

Presentation Summary : Lee, et al, The Evaluation of Isolated Third Nerve Palsy Revisited: An Update on the Evolving Role of Magnetic Resonance, Computed Tomography, ...

Source : http://www.hoacls.org/includes/dspDownload.cfm?nLectureMaterialID=99

Clinical Case Challenges In Neuro-Optometry III PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Pholedrine 5% With third neuron damage Horner’s pupil ... Patient of vasculopathic age Sixth nerve palsy is isolated May follow the patient without ...

Source : http://moamember.org/documents/Clinical%20Case%20Challenges%20In%20Neuro-Optometry%20III.ppt

Grand Rounds - Vanderbilt University Medical Center PPT

Presentation Summary : Pituitary Macroadenoma manifesting as an isolated fourth nerve palsy. ... Up to one third have undetermined etiology Watching the CN IV palsy “evaluation for ...

Source : http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/root/ppt/eyeinstitute/Teed_Re-Double.ppt

Double Vision Emergency Department Diagnosis and Management J ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... likely an isolated cranial nerve problem Is there any exophthalmos or ... with pupillary sparing This is likely a patient with a “diabetic thirdpalsy; ...

Source : http://www.uic.edu/com/ferne/slides/diplopia.pps

The Red Eye - Siepser Laser Eyecare PPT

Presentation Summary : Strabismus Thyroid Disease Exophthalmous Isolated lateral rectus paralysis Diabetes Isolated 3rd Intracranial 6th Nerve palsy Cardinal Signs Third Nerve Palsy ...

Source : http://www.siepservision.com/pdfs/Common_Eye_Problems_and_diagnosisv.5-1.ppt

Forearm and Wrist Fractures - Surgical Students Society of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Broken Ulnar = Monteggia 5. www.imagingpathways.health.wa.gov.au Summary of Fractures Galeazzi Monteggia Isolated ... nerve palsy Radial nerve palsy ... third ...

Source : http://sssmelb.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/forearm-and-wrist-fractures-1.ppt

No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : 1. Neurogenic Third nerve palsy Third nerve misdirection Horner syndrome Marcus Gunn jaw-winking syndrome 2. Myogenic Myasthenia gravis Myotonic dystrophy

Source : http://web.squ.edu.om/med-Lib/MED_CD/E_CDs/Illustrated%20Tutorials%20in%20Clinical%20Ophthalmology/tutorials/07Ptosis.ppt

FRACTURES - University of South Carolina PPT

Presentation Summary : ... HOLSTEIN-LEWIS FRACTURE Distal third humeral fracture 18% are associated with radial nerve palsy, ... Nightstick Fracture Treatment of isolated ...

Source : http://radiology.med.sc.edu/presentations/FRACTURES.ppt

FERNE Template - University of Illinois at Chicago PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (weakness associated with an isolated spinal nerve), ... Nerve Palsy (Saturday night ... the Midbrain at the Level of the Third Nerve Slide 19 Spinal Cord- 3 ...

Source : http://www.uic.edu/com/ferne/pps/memc_2007/ferne_memc_2007_braincourse_asimos_neuroexam_091707_finalcd.pps

MAXILLO-FACIAL TRAUMA - Calgary Emergency Medicine PPT

Presentation Summary : ... third nerve palsy entrapped EOM does not resolve forced duction test Enophthalmosis : ... fractured teeth fractured jaw, isolated facial fractures bite marks, ...

Source : http://calgaryem.com/files/finalpowerpointfacialinjury.ppt

Localization of Brain Stem Lesions - Selam Higher Clinic PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Contralateral hemiplegia due to corticospinal tract invovment Ipsilateral facial palsy Vll N ... Isolated vertigo with ... of third nerve Consists of ...

Source : http://selamhigherclinic.com/resources/neurology/presentation/Localization_of_Brain_Stem_Lesions.ppt

Neurologic and neurosurgical emergencies in the ICU PPT

Presentation Summary : Shift is often heralded by a third cranial nerve palsy ... particularly as more sensitive brain tissue O2 monitors are available to discern episodes of isolated ...

Source : http://www.jefferson.edu/content/dam/tju/jmc/files/medicine/Pulmonary_Critical_Care/divisional/FellowshipInfo/SCCM-RICU/AICU-N-1_NueroEm.ppt

Wrist and Forearm Injuries - Calgary Emergency Medicine PPT

Presentation Summary : Short arm cast x 6-8 wks If the # were in mid or proximal third of ... ulna Interventions for isolated diaphyseal ... Complications include median nerve palsy, ...

Source : http://calgaryem.com/files/forearm_injuries.ppt

Clinical-Anatomical Syndromes of Ischemic Infarction Part II PPT

Presentation Summary : ... one third of patients were dead and one third ... dyphagia loss of balance isolated sensory symptoms may be considered as transient ... (III nerve palsy, ...

Source : http://www.tracv.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Posterior-circulation-stroke-2013.ppt

Diabetic Eye Disease - CareGate PPT

Presentation Summary : ... than non-diabetics to have isolated or multiple oculomotor nerve palsies In a ... demyelination Third nerve ischemic palsy usually spares pupil ...

Source : http://phdres.caregate.net/curriculum/ppt_files/Diabetic_Eye_Disease.ppt

Motility assessment and strabismus - University of Jordan PPT

Presentation Summary : ... eye covered are called Ductions Nerve supply Third CN ... either a nerve palsy or an ... of isolated nerve palsies Extraocular muscles ...

Source : http://www2.ju.edu.jo/sites/Academic/a.gharaibeh/Lists/Taught%20Courses/Attachments/5/Strabismus%202012%20Dr.Mutaz.ppt

Patient Case Presentation - Keck School of Medicine of USC PPT

Presentation Summary : ... nerve palsy improved No pronator drift, power 5/5 throughout CT Scan MRI Brain Surgery Right interhemispheric transcallosal approach to third ... isolated loss of ...

Source : http://keck.usc.edu/en/Education/Academic_Department_and_Divisions/Department_of_Neurological_Surgery/Education_and_Training/~/media/ACFD5C9EA67B4750A150D5F679456DCE.ppt

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