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Ch 5 Inverse, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Ch 5 Inverse, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Subject: A Graphical Approach to College Algebra Author: Hornsby/Lial/Rockswold Last modified by

Source : http://trojan.troy.edu/studentsupportservices/assets/documents/presentations/math_science/Inversefunctions.ppt

7.4 - d Gelman PPT

Presentation Summary : 7.4 Inverse Functions p. 422 Review from chapter 2 Relation – a mapping of input values (x-values) onto output values (y-values). Here are 3 ways to show the same ...

Source : http://www.dgelman.com/powerpoints/algebra/alg2/spitz/7.4%20Inverse%20Functions.ppt

6. 1 One-to-One Functions ; Inverse Function PPT

Presentation Summary : One-to-One Functions; Inverse Function A function f is one-to-one if for each x in the domain of f there is exactly one y in the range and no y in the range is the ...

Source : http://zcannon.edublogs.org/files/2010/01/Lecture6One-One-functions.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : INVERSE FUNCTIONS Set X Set Y 1 2 3 4 5 2 10 8 6 4 Remember we talked about functions---taking a set X and mapping into a Set Y An inverse function would reverse that ...

Source : http://mathxtc.com/Downloads/NumberAlg/files/Inverse%20Functions.ppt

8.3 – Logarithmic Functions as Inverses PPT

Presentation Summary : Solutions Find the inverse of each function: Y=log0.5x y=log5x2 y=log(x-2) How does this help us? We don’t have a way to graph a log, BUT we can ...

Source : http://www.pleasanton.k12.ca.us/avhsweb/kiyoi/Powerpoints/IntAlgebra/8.3%20Logrithmic%20Functions%20as%20Inverses.ppt

Inverse Functions and their Representations PPT

Presentation Summary : Inverse Functions and their Representations Lesson 5.2 Definition A function is a set of ordered pairs with no two first elements alike. f(x) = { (x,y) : (3, 2), (1 ...

Source : http://www.letu.edu/people/stevearmstrong/Math1203/Lesson%205.2.ppt

1.6 Inverse Functions - East Peoria Community High School PPT

Presentation Summary : 1.6 Inverse Functions Students will find inverse functions informally and verify that two functions are inverse functions of each other. Students will use graphs of ...

Source : http://ep309.org/faculty/plummmat/math/1.6%20Inverse%20Functions%20A.ppt

Inverse Circular Functions and Trigonometric Equations PPT

Presentation Summary : The inverse function of the one-to-one function f is defined as Inverse Sine Function Example of Finding Inverse Sine Value Additional Examples Inverse Sine ...

Source : http://shawtlr.net/trig/trig_m7.ppt

The Inverse of Trigonometric Functions - teacher web PPT

Presentation Summary : The inverse sine function. Graph of the function. Because every horizontal line y=b where b is between -1 and intersects the graph of y=sin x. Infinitely many times ...

Source : http://teacherweb.com/CT/NorwalkHighSchool/Ireland/The-Inverse-of-Trigonometric-Functions.pptx

1.8 Inverse Functions, page 222 - Shelton State Community College PPT

Presentation Summary : 1.8 Inverse Functions, page 222 Objectives Verify inverse functions Find the inverse of a function. Use the horizontal line test to determine one-to-one.

Source : http://www.sheltonstate.edu/Uploads/files/faculty/Lisa%20Nix/Math%20112/1.8%20Inverse%20Functions.ppt

4.7 Inverse Trig Functions - SchoolWorld an Edline Solution PPT

Presentation Summary : 4.7 Inverse Trig Functions Objective Evaluate and graph the inverse sine, cosine and tangent function. Evaluate the compositions of trig functions Inverse Sine ...

Source : http://www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/SLebold/files/4.7%20Inverse%20Trig%20Functions.ppt

Inverse Functions - CNYRIC PPT

Presentation Summary : Inverse Functions Mrs. King Pre-Calculus One-to-one functions Different inputs produce different outputs. If a b, then f(a) f(b) No elements of the range repeat.

Source : http://www.ocs.cnyric.org/webpages/aking/files/day%201%20inverse%20functions.ppt

Derivatives of Inverse Functions - LeTourneau University PPT

Presentation Summary : Derivatives of Inverse Functions Lesson 3.6 Terminology If R = f(T) ... resistance is a function of temperature, Then T = f -1(R) ... temperature is the inverse ...

Source : http://www.letu.edu/people/stevearmstrong/math1903/Lesson3.6Derivatives%20of%20Inverse%20Functions.ppt

Calculus 3.8 - University of Houston PPT

Presentation Summary : We can find the inverse function as follows: Switch x and y. At x = 2: To find the derivative of the inverse function: At x = 2: At x = 4: Slopes are reciprocals.

Source : http://online.math.uh.edu/HoustonACT/Greg_Kelly_Calculus_Lectures/Calc03_8.ppt

chap.06.ppt - Bucks County Community College PPT

Presentation Summary : A function is a rule that assigns a unique value to every member in its domain. 1 7 7 2 2 f 3 3 3 3 5 5 0 Notation: f (2) = 1, f (3) = 7, f (5) = 3 and f (9) =0

Source : http://faculty.bucks.edu/farberb/PowerPoints/141ch7InverseFunctions.ppt

Investigating Inverses - Welcome to blue PPT

Presentation Summary : Sketch the graph of the given function. Then determine the inverse of the function. Finally graph the inverse on to the same coordinate plane as the original function

Source : http://blue.utb.edu/qttm/at/ppt/Inverse%20Functions/Investigating%20Inverses.pptx

INVERSE vs. RECIPROCAL - Henrico County Public Schools PPT

Presentation Summary : Inverse Trig Functions Inverse Trig = Solve for the Angle INVERSE vs. RECIPROCAL Its important not to confuse an INVERSE trig function with a RECIPROCAL trig function.

Source : http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/math/ito_08/08TrigGraphs/8les3/inv_trig_n.ppt

Inverse Functions (PPT) - Dana Center PPT

Presentation Summary : Functions Imagine functions are like the dye you use to color eggs. The white egg (x) is put in the function blue dye B(x) and the result is a blue egg (y).

Source : http://www.utdanacenter.org/mathtoolkit/downloads/scope/OLDalg2scope/inversefunctions.ppt

Inverse Functions - TCC: Tidewater Community College PPT

Presentation Summary : Inverse Functions Definition of Inverse Functions A function g is the inverse of the function f if f(g(x)) = x for each x in the domain of g and

Source : http://www.tcc.edu/VML/Mth163/documents/InverseFunctionsforCalculus.ppt

Chapter 5 Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Trigonometric ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter 5 Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Trigonometric Equations and Inequalities 5.1 Inverse sine, cosine, and tangent 5.2 Inverse cotangent, secant, and cosecant

Source : http://faculty.ccc.edu/ashuaibi/Spring13_Courses/Math141_DE/Math141_DE_PowerPoint_Slides/chapter5_slides.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : PRECALCULUS I Composite and Inverse Functions Translation, combination, composite Inverse, vertical/horizontal line test Dr. Claude S. Moore Danville Community College

Source : http://cfcc.edu/faculty/cmoore/c1s5-6coinv.ppt

6.8 – Trig Inverses and their graphs - PBworks PPT

Presentation Summary : Inverse Trig Functions Original Function Inverse y = sin x y = sin-1 x y = arcsin x y = cos x y = cos-1 x y = arccos x y = tan x y = tan-1 x y = arctan x Consider ...

Source : http://phelpscchs.pbworks.com/f/Ch+6.8+-+Inverse+Trig+Graphs.ppt

Sec. 5.8 Inverse Trig Functions and Differentiation PPT

Presentation Summary : Inverse Trig Functions and Differentiation By Dr. Julia Arnold Inverse Trig Functions and Differentiation By Dr. Julia Arnold Since a function must pass the ...

Source : http://www.tcc.edu/VML/Mth163/documents/InverseTrigFunctionsandDifferentiation.ppt

Inverse Trig Functions - Henrico County Public Schools PPT

Presentation Summary : Inverse Trig Functions Principal Solutions Principal Solutions In the last section we saw that an INVERSE TRIG function has infinite solutions: arctan 1 = 45° + 180k ...

Source : http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/math/ito_08/08TrigGraphs/8les3/inv_princ_n.ppt

Trigonometric Functions - University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point PPT

Presentation Summary : Analytic Trigonometry Chapter 6 TexPoint fonts used in EMF. Read the TexPoint manual before you delete this box.: AAAAAAAAAAA The Inverse Sine, Cosine, and Tangent ...

Source : http://www4.uwsp.edu/math/nwodarz/Math119Files/119-0708S-S02-Chapter06.ppt

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