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Displaying insulin dosing PowerPoint Presentations

Insulin by Pump (PPT) - American Diabetes Association® PPT

Presentation Summary : INSULIN BY PUMP * Goal: Optimal Student Health and Learning Accurate and timely insulin dosing is a vital piece of a comprehensive plan. * Participants will be able ...

Source : http://main.diabetes.org/dorg/PDFs/Advocacy/Safe_at_School/insulin-by-pump-2008.ppt

Insulin by Pen ( PPT ) - American Diabetes Association® PPT

Presentation Summary : INSULIN BY PEN * Goal: Optimal Student Health and Learning Accurate and timely insulin dosing is a vital piece of a comprehensive plan. * Participants will be able ...

Source : http://main.diabetes.org/dorg/PDFs/Advocacy/Safe_at_School/insulin-by-pen-2008.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : INSULIN ADMINISTRATION Overall Goal: Student Health and Learning Participants will learn: Types of insulin Insulin delivery basics Vial and syringe administration Pen ...

Source : http://www.tcoek12.org/tcoeforms/health/diabetes/STMInsulin.ppt

Insulin Pump and Sensors - School of Medicine + Health ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Insulin Pumps and Sensors Eric L. Johnson, M.D. Assistant Medical Director Altru Diabetes Center Assistant Professor Department of Family and Community Medicine

Source : http://www.med.und.edu/familymedicine/slidedecks/documents/InsulinPumpandSensorsFinal11-18-10.ppt

High dose insulin for beta blocker and calcium channel ... PPT

Presentation Summary : High dose insulin for calcium channel blocker overdose. Pan wong. ... Dosing: No set dosing guideline for this indication. Titrate to keep MAP >65 . Levine et al. 2013.

Source : http://blogs.uw.edu/jv3/files/2014/05/HighDoseInsulin_CBB_Overdose.pptx

Insulin PPT

Presentation Summary : Diabetes Mellitus Normal Insulin Synthesis Prosinsulin is produced in the beta cells Before secretion, prosinsulin cleaved into Insulin Connecting peptide (aka C ...

Source : http://patheyman.com/sites/default/files/nursing/notes/03-diabetes2-drugs.ppt

Antidiabetic Medications - UW Courses Web Server PPT

Presentation Summary : TZD (cont) TZD (cont) TZD (cont) Insulin Where does it work? Insulin (cont) Insulin (cont) Insulin Action Insulin Dosing Insulin Administration Insulin (cont ...

Source : http://courses.washington.edu/pharm585/Antidiabetic%20Medications.ppt

INSULIN - Boston University Medical Campus | Boston University PPT

Presentation Summary : * * * * * * * * * Aggressive glucose control has a positive effect on mortality and morbidity in inpatients Insulin ... Inadequate dosing of subcutaneous insulin ...

Source : http://www.bumc.bu.edu/im-residency/files/2013/07/HyperG_crisit_noon_conference_2013.ppt

IV Insulin Protocols ACCE final.ppt - adaendo PPT

Presentation Summary : Indications, Thresholds and Target Range Glucose, Protocols and Methodology Transition to Subcutaneous Insulin, Bruce W. Bode, MD FACE Susan S. Braithwaite, MD FACE

Source : http://www.adaendo.com/bode/IV%20Insulin%20Protocols%20ACCE%20final.ppt

INsulin - Practical Medication Information for Consumers ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Sliding Scale Insulin (Insulin for Dummies) Basal Bolus. Insulin Drips. ... Carbohydrate Dosing. 500/ Daily Insulin = Grams of Carb/unit Novolog. Mealtime Units of .

Source : http://www.toomanymeds.com/pro/powerpoints/Insulin.pptx


Presentation Summary : Insulin is another tool to use for blood glucose control and should not be viewed as a last resort when all else fails. They key concepts in type 2 diabetes are (1) ...

Source : http://www.diabetesclinic.ca/en/prof/12presentations/intensive_insulin_therapy.ppt

How to Use Short Acting Insulin Patient Education Handout PPT

Presentation Summary : How to Use Short Acting Insulin Patient Education Handout John Brill, MD, MPH Primary Care Clerkship July 2009 The Patient 72 yo Latina woman Patient of mine at St ...

Source : http://www.fammed.wisc.edu/sites/default/files/webfm-uploads/documents/med-student/pcc/sample-community-project.ppt

Insulin Initiation and Titration - The Ontario Chapter of the ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Insulin Initiation and Titration Author: Fiona Hendry Last modified by: Monika Musial Created Date: 3/10/2002 2:40:25 PM Document presentation format

Source : http://ocfp.on.ca/docs/current-issues/insulin-titration---case-study---andy.ppt

Insulin Initiation and Titration - The Ontario Chapter of the ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Insulin Initiation and Titration for Family Physicians ... TIPS CHOOSE AN INSULIN CATEGORY CHOOSE A BRAND 1 10 1 4.0–7.0 Basal Insulin Dosing and Titration ...

Source : http://ocfp.on.ca/docs/current-issues/insulin-titration---case-study---william.ppt?sfvrsn=2

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... with eventual addition of Regular or Rapid Acting BID Alternate Insulin Dosing in GDM Regular or rapid acting (lispro or aspart) with meals, ...

Source : http://www.med.und.edu/familymedicine/slidedecks/documents/GDMPADrEJohnson5-25-11.ppt

Insulin Therapy .ppt - Home - KSU Faculty Member websites PPT

Presentation Summary : Highlights Multiple Insulin Injection Therapy I N S U L I N I N J E C T I O N Insulin: Type 1 diabetes is dependent on insulin for ... but no insulin dosing.

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/2902/Documents/Insulin%20Therapy.ppt

Diabetes in the Transplant Patient - Vanderbilt University ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Post-transplant Diabetes Mellitus in Renal Transplant Recipiants. Tobin, ... Proposed Moderate Glycemic Targets and Insulin Dosing in Hospitalized Patients (Cont’d)

Source : http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/documents/vtci/files/3_thurs_diabetes_in_the_transplant_patient_s_alexander.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Insulin Subcutaneous Sliding Scale Refer to pre-printed order Questions? When should an insulin sliding scale be used? Supplement regularly scheduled insulin or oral ...

Source : http://www.vhpharmsci.com/Presentations/Insulin.ppt

Diabetes Medications - Growing Our Nurses - Nurse Residency ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Insulin and NPO. Insulin is NOT just for food. ... Dosing 2 or 3 times daily (metformin) 1 or 2 times daily (metformin XR) Side effects Diarrhea, nausea.

Source : http://nursesasteachers.org/residency_program/documents/DiabetesPharmacology.ppt

Insulin Administration PPT

Presentation Summary : Insulin in Schools Today . Most students with diabetes take insulin at school. Insulin dosing is specific to individual students and dosing changes may occur

Source : http://kbn.ky.gov/practice/Documents/11InsulinAdmbyULPDeck11112613.pptx

Diabetes Update PPT

Presentation Summary : Clarification of Pump Orders from Barbara Davis Center Diabetes Resource Nurse Winter/Spring 2013 Example of an update to insulin orders during the school year ...

Source : http://www.coloradokidswithdiabetes.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Clarification-of-Pump-Orders-from-BDC.ppt

Insulin PPT

Presentation Summary : Insulin in Schools Today . Most student need to take insulin in school. Insulin dosing varies from student to student and change over time. Student's needs for ...

Source : http://www.kysna.com/KSNA_Srp_2012/handouts/Insulin%20School%20Nurse%20presentation.pptx

Folie 1 - DiabetesPro - American Diabetes Association PPT

Presentation Summary : agents & non-insulin . injectables - ... Dosing frequency. High. Dopamine-2. agonists. Activates DA receptor. ... Folie 1 Last modified by:

Source : http://professional.diabetes.org/admin/UserFiles/0%20-%20Sean/Slide%20Decks/EASD_ADA_FINAL%20June%202012.pptx

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