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Displaying hypoglycemia in hospital PowerPoint Presentations

Hypoglyemia Avoidance in the Hospital Setting PPT

Presentation Summary : Provider-Specific Factors Increasing Risk of Hypoglycemia in the Inpatient Setting. Lack of coordination between dietary and nursing departments leads to mistiming of ...

Source : http://inpatient.aace.com/sites/all/files/Strategeies-S8-Avoiding-Inpatient-Hypoglycemia-032514.pptx

Improving Inpatient Diabetes Care - inpatient.aace.com PPT

Presentation Summary : Role of Nursing in the Continuum of Inpatient Diabetes Care * ... Hypoglycemia can be life-threatening Common causes of hypoglycemia in the hospital ...

Source : http://inpatient.aace.com/sites/all/files/Strategies-S6-Role-of-Nursing-in-the-Continuum-of-Inpatient-Diabetes-Care.ppt

Hypoglycemia - DiabetesPro - Home - American Diabetes Association PPT

Presentation Summary : Hypoglycemia/ Autonomic Neuropathy Michael Riddell, PhD Associate Professor ... What transition do you think worked the best to lower hospital visits?

Source : http://professional.diabetes.org/admin/UserFiles/file/Transitions/Slides/Slides%20-%20Emerging%20Complications%20-%20%20Hypoglycemia%20Neuropathy%20-%20Riddell.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Hypoglycemia in the Hospital Sara Alexanian, MD Director, Inpatient Diabetes Program Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition Case #2 What are the red ...

Source : http://www.bumc.bu.edu/im-residency/files/2013/07/Hypoglycemia-in-the-Hospital-Dr.-Alexanian-7.3.2013.ppt


Presentation Summary : BLOOD GLUCOSE CONTROL: Policies, Procedures, and Protocols An learning module for NURSES at Saint Joseph Health System Developed by: Dana Graves RN, MSN, CDE

Source : http://www.quia.com/files/quia/users/educat8300/Blood-Glucose-Module-for-Nurses

Neonatal Hypoglycemia - Emory University Department of Pediatrics PPT

Presentation Summary : Neonatal Hypoglycemia ... standard Bedside glucose levels are for screening Monitor at least hourly until glucose level has stabilized Know your hospital policy ...

Source : http://www.pediatrics.emory.edu/divisions/neonatology/apnec/Neonatal%20Hypoglycemia-APNEC.ppt

Inpatient Hyperglycemia - The University of Iowa PPT

Presentation Summary : Blood Glucose Targets Labor and Delivery ... well-controlled on oral agent that does not result in hypoglycemia: ... (This technique is underutilized in hospital) ...

Source : http://www.uiowa.edu/~medtest2/insulin_trial/Inpatient%20Hyperglycemia1.pps

Hospital Management of Hyperglycemia PPT

Presentation Summary : Hyperglycemia in the Hospital: Subcutaneous Regimens Arizona ACP – Chapter Meeting Cheryl.O’Malley@bannerhealth.com November 5, 2006

Source : http://www.hospitalmedicine.org/CMDownload.aspx?ContentKey=90e6039e-8fb1-4dca-888d-af09cbe81e70&ContentItemKey=7f128fd1-440e-47f3-bebf-042ae4185cd5

How to Manage Blood Sugar in the Hospital PPT

Presentation Summary : How Should We Manage Blood Sugar in the Hospital? IHS Leadership Symposium April 20, 2010 Nate Brady MD, MPH Assistant Medical Director Center for Clinical Transformation

Source : http://www.ihs.org/documents/symposium/How%20to%20Manage%20Blood%20Sugar%20in%20the%20Hospital.ppt

Strategies_to_Reduce_Hypoglycemia - Texas Center for Quality ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Define Hypoglycemia. Identify Risk Factors for Hypoglycemia. Identify signs and symptoms of Hypoglycemia. Discuss elements of a hypoglycemia management protocol

Source : http://www.texashospitalquality.org/resources/ade/strategies_to_reduce_hypoglycemia.asp


Presentation Summary : BLOOD GLUCOSE CONTROL HYPOGLYCEMIA Learning Module Developed by: Dana Graves RN, MSN, CDE ... The in-hospital blood glucose range is 70 – 180mg/dl.

Source : http://www.quia.com/files/quia/users/educat8300/Blood-Glucose-Module-Hypoglycemia

American Diabetes Association - DiabetesPro - Home - American ... PPT

Presentation Summary : standards of medical care in diabetes—2013

Source : http://professional.diabetes.org/SlideLibrary/media/5515/ADA%20Standards%20of%20Medical%20Care%202013%20FINAL%2021%20Dec%202012.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia in Type 2 Diabetes Patients in the Hospital Setting 15-minute Quick Case * This program is provided by sanofi-aventis U.S.

Source : http://www.quickcasesindiabetes.com/download.aspx?file=Hypoglycemia_and_Hyperglycemia_Hospital_PPT_Without_Sound.ppt

Neonatal Hypoglycemia - Angelfire: Welcome to Angelfire PPT

Presentation Summary : Neonatal Hypoglycemia Stan Jack, D.O. Saint Joseph Hospital Family Practice Residency Neonatal Hypoglycemia - Significance Persistent or recurrent hypoglycemia can ...

Source : http://www.angelfire.com/super2/fp/Neonatal_Hypoglycemia.ppt

Management of Inpatient Hyperglycemia: Facts or Fiction PPT

Presentation Summary : Management of Inpatient Hyperglycemia: Review of Recent Trials and Guidelines ... * NON_ICU The slide lists events that can trigger in-hospital hypoglycemia.

Source : http://www.palmettohealth.org/documents/Baptist%20CME/Inpatient%20lecture_1%2D14%2D2010.ppt

020212--BrittainAziz-InpatientGlucoseManagement - Palmetto Health PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Jan 2012 Hospital-wide definitions for hypoglycemia and severe ... et al. Management of diabetes and hyperglycemia in the hospital. Diabetes Care ...

Source : http://www.palmettohealth.org/documents/Baptist%20CME/BrittainAziz%5FCME.ppt

“Utilization of the Insulin Order Sheets In The Management ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title “Utilization of the Insulin Order Sheets In The Management of Inpatient Hyperglycemia” Author: Michael Doldan Last modified by: pstokes

Source : http://www.chsbuffalo.org/files/Medical_Education/RS%20-%20Doldan.ppt

Non-Diabetic Hypoglycemia - Drharper.ca PPT

Presentation Summary : Non-Diabetic Hypoglycemia Medical Grand Rounds May 14, 2004 Dr. William Harper Assistant Professor of Medicine, McMaster University. Endocrinologist, Hamilton General ...

Source : http://drharper.ca/Hypoglycemia.ppt

Slides - CDA Clinical Practice Guidelines - Canadian Diabetes ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice GuidelinesIn-Hospital Management of Diabetes. Chapter 16. Robyn Houlden, Sara Capes, Maureen Clement, David Miller

Source : http://guidelines.diabetes.ca/CDACPG_resources/pptx_slides/Ch16_In-HospitalManagement.pptx

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Hypoglycemia < 60 mg/dL: ... Slide 11 Other Measures Summary of These Data At Least We Don’t Order “Sliding Scale” Insulin in the Hospital Any Longer ...

Source : http://www.diabetestechnology.org/FDA/Hirsch-%20Current%20practices%20and%20experiences%20with%20tight%20glycemic%20control.ppt

Tight Glycemic Control in Critically Ill Patients PPT

Presentation Summary : Sliding scale regimen ordered on admission is usually used throughout the hospital stay without ... exacerbating both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia Basal ...

Source : http://arkham.bsd.uchicago.edu/GmedIntranet/documents/Hosp_Docs/Teaching/Inpatient%20Mgt%20of%20Hyperglycemia%2010-06%20.ppt

Tools for Management of Diabetes in the hospial 10-27-05.ppt PPT

Presentation Summary : Objectives Understand the need for protocols for managing hyperglycemia and diabetes in the hospital Present what the ... Safe (Minimal risk of hypoglycemia) ...

Source : http://myendo.com/Tools%20for%20Management%20of%20Diabetes%20in%20the%20hospial%2010-27-05.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : A printable summary sheet can be accessed via a link located in the “Teaching ... many of the adverse glycemic events that occur in the hospital (hypoglycemia, ...

Source : http://www.hospitalmedicine.org/CMDownload.aspx?ContentKey=ed774fec-bf26-4817-8004-8eb266ed5e19&ContentItemKey=1b245eb4-7f61-4a60-a5f3-046aec38eff5

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