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The Hall Effect - University of Rochester PPT

Presentation Summary : THE HALL EFFECT As Presented by Kishore Padmaraju In Experimental Conjunction with Greg Smith Alex Pawlicki OUTLINE What Is The Hall Effect? How does it affect you?

Source : http://www.pas.rochester.edu/~advlab/reports/kishore_hall.ppt

Hall Effect - WordPress.com PPT

Presentation Summary : Presented By: Definition The Hall effect is the production of a voltage difference (the Hall voltage) across a current carrying conductor (in presence of magnetic ...

Source : http://nsitfiles.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/hall_effect.ppt

Lecture 22 - Texas Tech University PPT

Presentation Summary : Standard Hall Effect Experiment Current from the applied E-field Lorentz force from the magnetic field on a moving electron or hole e- v Top view—electrons ...

Source : http://www.phys.ttu.edu/~cmyles/Phys5335/Lectures/Transport3%20-%20Hall%20Effect.ppt

Hall Effect - Northern Illinois University PPT

Presentation Summary : Hall Effect E and B Charged particles can be subject to both electric and magnetic fields. Deflected Current A wire with current has moving charges.

Source : http://www.niu.edu/~mfortner/PHYS211/Unit%204%20Magnetism/p211_04c.ppt

The Hall Effect - Wikispaces PPT

Presentation Summary : The Hall Effect AP Physics Montwood High School R.Casao When a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, a voltage is generated in a direction ...

Source : http://rcasao.wikispaces.com/file/view/The+Hall+Effect.ppt

Quantum Hall Effect - University of California, Berkeley PPT

Presentation Summary : Hsinzon Tsai Raymond Co University of California, Berkeley May 4th 2011 The Basics of Quantum Hall Effect Systematic Setup Definitions and Terminology Classical vs ...

Source : http://budker.berkeley.edu/PhysicsH190_2011/Tsai_Co_Quantum%20Hall%20Effect.ppt

Hall Effect Sensor - Santa Clara University PPT

Presentation Summary : Hall Effect Sensor ME207 – Advanced Mechatronics I Steven Li 10-19-2009 Background Magnetic field sensor based on Hall Effect Hall Effect Discovered in 1879 by ...

Source : http://mech207.engr.scu.edu/SensorPresentations/Li%20-%20Hall_effect_presentation.ppt

Hall Effect Sensors - Utah State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Hall Effect Sensors Daniel Frei Utah State University ECE 5320 March 5, 2004 Outline References used To Explore Further Major Applications What is the hall effect?

Source : http://mechatronics.ece.usu.edu/ece5320/Schedule/hw01-2004/Daniel_Frei_HallEffectSensors.ppt

Hall Effect - Department of Physics PPT

Presentation Summary : Magnetic force acts only on moving charges. Mobile electrons experience magnetic force. The motion of the wire is an electric side-effect of the magnetic force on the ...

Source : http://www.ph.utexas.edu/~phy303l/lectures/Week10/Ch.%2021.5-21.9.pptx

Quantum Hall Effect - University of California, Berkeley PPT

Presentation Summary : Quantum Hall Effect Jesse Noffsinger Group Meeting Talk (As required by the Governor of the State of California) April 17, 2007 Quantum Hall Effect Jesse Noffsinger ...

Source : http://civet.berkeley.edu/cohen/group-meeting-talks/noffsinger_qhe.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : The Hall Effects Richard Beck 141A 2013 Hall Effect Discovery The physics behind it Applications Personal experiments * Richard Beck - Physics 141A, 2013 Discovery ...

Source : http://budker.berkeley.edu/Physics141_2013/Richard%20Beck%20The%20Hall%20Effects.ppt

Goran Sljuka - University of Massachusetts Lowell PPT

Presentation Summary : Goran Sljuka Fractional Quantum Hall Effect History of Hall Effect Hall Effect (Integer ) Quantum Hall Effect Fractional Hall Effect HEMT Topological Order History ...

Source : http://faculty.uml.edu/jtherrien/Classes/QE/Files/Frac_QHE.ppt

Hall Effect Sensor - Vermont Technical College PPT

Presentation Summary : The Hall Effect Sensor Rene Dupuis Background Information The Hall effect was discovered by Edwin Hall in 1879; “electron” was not experimentally discovered; had ...

Source : http://web.vtc.edu/elm/projects/2007-2008/solar_car_daq/rene/data%20sheets/hall%20effect%20sensor.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : A Hall-effect sensor usually has how many wires? 1 2 3 4 CHAPTER QUIZ 7. In Figure 19-13, the top waveform is produced by what type of sensor?

Source : http://wps.prenhall.com/wps/media/objects/6568/6725731/ppts/Chapter19.ppt

Hall Effect Sensor - Utah State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Hall Effect Sensor Clinton Torgersen ECE 5320 Assignment #1 Sensor Outline Reference List Introduction Principles Applications Functional Principle Major ...

Source : http://mechatronics.ece.usu.edu/ece5320/Schedule/hw01-2004/clint_torgersen_s.ppt

Physics of Graphene - Brookhaven National Laboratory PPT

Presentation Summary : Physics of Graphene A. M. Tsvelik Graphene – a sheet of carbon atoms Lattice effects: Ripples in graphene Crumpling of graphene sheet – the main source of disorder.

Source : http://quark.phy.bnl.gov/~pisarski/talks/Colloquia/tsvelik/Graphene.ppt

Speed Sensing PPT

Presentation Summary : Speed Sensing (the Hall Effect) John Hoyt Need for Speed Sensors Team Hybrid may use a drive-train system that uses drive shafts driven by separate components.

Source : http://web.vtc.edu/ELM/projects/2006-2007/Formula_Hybrid/Presentations/Speed_Sensing_%28the_Hall_Effect%29.ppt

Anomalous Hall and Nernst Effect in Ferromagnetic Spinel ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Anomalous Hall and Nernst Effect in Ferromagnetic Spinel CuCr2Se 4-xBrx – Evidence for Dissipationless anomalous Hall Current Author: Preferred Customer

Source : http://www.princeton.edu/~npo/Talks/AHE_ISQMTokyo05.ppt

Draft Z2 Talk PPT

Presentation Summary : COQUSY06, Dresden Z2 Structure of the Quantum Spin Hall Effect Leon Balents, UCSB Joel Moore, UCB Summary There are robust and distinct topological classes of time ...

Source : http://gabriel.physics.ucsb.edu/~balents/talks/Z2a.ppt

Quantum Hall Effect on Graphene at 45 T (2006 Science Highlight) PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Quantum Hall Effect on Graphene at 45 T (2006 Science Highlight) Subject: A single sheet of graphite, known as graphene, consists of a hexagonal array of ...

Source : http://www.magnet.fsu.edu/usershub/publications/sciencehighlights/2006/Quantum%20Hall%20Effect.ppt

Hall effect in pinned and sliding states of NbSe3 PPT

Presentation Summary : Hall effect in pinned and sliding states of NbSe3 A. Sinchenko, R. Chernikov, A. Ivanov MEPhI, Moscow P. Monceau, Th. Crozes Institut Neel, CNRS, Grenoble

Source : https://www.lps.u-psud.fr/IMG/ppt/Sinchenko.ppt

Room-Temperature Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene (2007 ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Room-Temperature Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene PI: Philip Kim, Department of Physics, Columbia Universty Supported by NSF (No. DMR-03-52738 and No. CHE-0117752), NYSTAR

Source : http://www.magnet.fsu.edu/usershub/publications/sciencehighlights/2007/jiang_boebinger_14may2007.ppt

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