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Displaying gallstones PowerPoint Presentations

whipple surgery what is - Department of Surgery: Residency Pages PPT

Presentation Summary : Case 1 → denotes gallstones denotes the acoustic shadow due to absence of reflected sound waves behind the gallstone Symptomatic cholelithiasis aka ...

Source : http://education.surgery.ufl.edu/students/powerpoint/Gallstone%20Disease.ppt

Gallstones - Michigan State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Gallstones. Complications include. Obstruction of bile duct: commonly cystic duct and common bile duct. Cholecystitis (infection/ inflammation of the gallbladder)

Source : http://www.rad.msu.edu/course/rad553/unit2/online/powerpoints/Biliary.pptx

Cholelithiasis - Download Center PPT

Presentation Summary : Cholelithiasis Consults Historically cholecystits was operated on emergently which increased mortality. Surgical consult is appropriate, and depending on the ...

Source : http://www.ksums.net/files/Archive/3rd/428/Surgery/Lectures/CAT%202/Cholelithiasis%20351.ppt

Gallbladder Disease - Surgical Students Society of Melbourne PPT

Presentation Summary : Surgical Students Society of Melbourne, 2011 J. Bridie Mee RMH intern www.jacksonregionalsurgery.com Gallstone Disease Cholelithiasis Choledocolithiasis Biliary Colic ...

Source : http://sssmelb.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/gblectureslides.ppt

Gallstone Disease - Philadelphia University PPT

Presentation Summary : Gallstone Disease Overview Gallstone pathogenesis Definitions Differential Diagnosis of RUQ pain 7 Cases Gallstone Pathogenesis Bile = bile salts, phospholipids ...

Source : http://www.philadelphia.edu.jo/academics/hjaber/uploads/Gallstone%20Disease.ppt

The gallbladder, gallstones, and beyond…. PPT

Presentation Summary : Gallstone “Cleanse” Preparation. Eat a diet high in alkaline-forming foods and low in fats for at least 3-5 days before the cleanse. Help to gently prepare the ...

Source : http://surgery.ucsd.edu/som/surgery/divisions/trauma-burn/training/Documents/The_Gallbladder_Gallstones_Beyond.pptx

The Link Between Estrogen and Gallbladder Disease PPT

Presentation Summary : ... of estrogen return to normal cycling after delivery Oral Contraceptives Accelerate the development of cholesterol gallstones in women who are already ...

Source : http://www.uky.edu/~hadleyr/PA2009/Butler.ppt

Cholecystitis + Cholelithiasis - Labmongers PPT

Presentation Summary : Cholecystitis & Cholelithiasis by: Gari Glaser What is it? By definition, cholecystitis is an inflammation of the gallbladder wall and nearby abdominal lining.

Source : http://labmongers.files.wordpress.com/2006/12/cholecystitis-cholelithiasis-presentation.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Gallstone Disease Tad Kim, M.D. Connie Lee, M.D. Definitions Cholelithiasis = gallstones Acute calculous cholecystitis = 2/2 occlusion of the cystic duct by gallstone ...

Source : http://education.surgery.ufl.edu/students/powerpoint/Gallstone%20Disease_Lee.ppt

Gallbladder Disease PPT

Presentation Summary : Passage of gallstones from the gallbladder into the common bile duct can result in a complete or partial obstruction of the common bile duct. Frequently, ...

Source : http://www.joshcorwin.com/pa/Fall%20Semester/PAC03%20-%20Medicine/Gastroenterology/Gallbladder%20Disease.ppt

Gallstone Disease and Acute Cholecystitis PPT

Presentation Summary : USS Will confirm gallstones in the gallbladder CBD dilatation i.e. >8mm (not always!) May visualise stone in CBD (most often does not) ...

Source : http://www.sgsu.org.uk/pageassets/societies/society/ois/resources/Gallstone-disease-and-acute-cholecystitis.ppt

Cholelithiasis and it’s Complication - Dr.Abdul.Kader WEISS PPT

Presentation Summary : GALLSTONES. Composition : The major elements involved in the formation of gallstones are : Cholesterol (85% of stones, radiolucent) . Bile pigment ((15% of stones ...

Source : http://drweissclinic.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/cholelithiasis-and-it_s-complication.ppsx

Gallstones - Wikispaces PPT

Presentation Summary : GALLSTONES Josephine Sarpong TYPES OF GALLSTONES Cholelithiasis-tiny crystals of stones in the gallbladder. Cholecystitis-inflammation of gallbladder from stones.

Source : http://embryo-anatomy.wikispaces.com/file/view/Gallstones.ppt

Gallbladder Disease - Ogden Surgical-Medical Society Home PPT

Presentation Summary : Scope of Gallbladder Disease and Cholecystectomy. Among the most common surgical procedure performed—about 500,000 per year. Prevalence of gallstones estimated at ...

Source : http://ogdensurgical.com/PowerPoints/GallbladderDisease-RobertMoesingerMD.pptx

THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM - Georgia Highlands College PPT

Presentation Summary : THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM ... Mumps Halitosis Impacted wisdom teeth Cavities Heartburn Hiatus hernia Gastric ulcers Enteritis Hepatitis Cirrhosis Gallstones ...

Source : http://www.highlands.edu/academics/divisions/scipe/biology/faculty/henderson/APII/PPT/Chapter_23.ppt

Gallbladder and Extrahepatic Biliary System PPT

Presentation Summary : Gallbladder and Extrahepatic Biliary System Chapter 32 Schwartz’s Why Should You Care? Lap Chole = frequent 2nd year case Anatomy can be tricky Complications can be ...

Source : http://academicdepartments.musc.edu/surgery/education/basic_science/2009-10/Gallbladder_and_Extrahepatic_Biliary_System.pps

Care of the Client with Disorders of the Gallbladder PPT

Presentation Summary : Gallstones are the most common cause of obstructed flow. Tumors and abscesses also can obstruct the bile flow. * Located in the RUQ: ...

Source : http://www.austincc.edu/nursmods/evc/evc_lev3/rnsg_1247/gastrointestinal_tract/documents/GallbladderDX-updatedSpring2010.ppt

Airgas template - Morgan Community College PPT

Presentation Summary : Cholelithiasis, or gallstones, is caused by precipitation of substances contained in bile, mainly cholesterol and bilirubin. Chronic pancreatitis is a severe, ...

Source : http://www.morgancc.edu/faculty/smith,l/Patho/More%20P%20Pts/Ch%2030%20Liver%20&%20Pancreas.pptx


Presentation Summary : GALLBLADDER TUMORS Aswad H. Al.Obeidy FICMS, FICMS GE&Hep Kirkuk General Hospital MALIGNANT TUMORS The incidence of gallbladder carcinoma in the United States is 2.5 ...

Source : http://www.kgh.297m.com/Researchs/GALLBLADDER%20TUMORS.ppt

I was - UCA | Faculty Sites at the University of Central Arkansas PPT

Presentation Summary : Next morning they pass soft green/brown spheroids that are presumed to be gallstones. Skeptics of Treatment. ... Liver cleanse – gallbladder cleanse- liver flush.

Source : http://faculty.uca.edu/johnc/Economic%20Botany%20Presentations%202009/Eco%20presentation%20-%20gallbladder%20treatments.pptx

Gallbladder Disorders - Philadelphia University PPT

Presentation Summary : Liver cells damaged by immune response; increased risk for primary liver cancer; ... Gallstones Disorder of the Exocrine Pancreas Pathophysiology 1.

Source : http://www.philadelphia.edu.jo/academics/ibashayreh/uploads/Nursingcareofptwithgallbladder,liver%20disorders1.ppt

Abdominal Ultrasound - ..:: Biomedical engineering ::.. PPT

Presentation Summary : Abdominal Ultrasound A pelvic ultrasound evaluates the structures and organs in the lower abdominal area ... Detect gallstones, inflammation of the gallbladder ...

Source : http://www.biobrain1.com/uploading3/Ultrasound/Abdominal%20Ultrasound.ppt

Chapter 12 Digestive System - Cengage Learning PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Alternative treatment for gallstones by using ultrasound to align the computerized lithotripter and source of shock waves with the stones To crush the ...

Source : http://www.delmarlearning.com/companions/content/1418039209/ppt/CHAPTER12DIGESTIVESYSTEM.ppt

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