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PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : A soldier with either a G6PD Date or a Status will be considered “Green”. Everyone else will be considered “Blank”.

Source : https://medpros.mods.army.mil/medpros/Secured/manual/ChangesJune2004.ppt

Patient - New York University PPT

Presentation Summary : Pathogenesis of G6PD Deficiency GLUCOSE GLUCOSE 6 Phosphate 6 phosphogluconate ATP ADP NADPH+ NADPH Glutathione reductase GSSG GSH Hexokinase G6PD Severe cases may ...

Source : https://files.nyu.edu/gcl1/public/03%20C3%20G6PD-Agoglia.ppt

Is Methylene Blue Safe In Patients With Methemoglobinemia And ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Is Methylene Blue Safe In Patients With Methemoglobinemia And Glucose 6-phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency? Bob Hoffman New York City Poison Center, NY, USA

Source : http://curriculum.toxicology.wikispaces.net/file/view/Methylene+Blue+for+EAPCCT.ppt

Molecular basis of G6PD deficiency - KSU PPT

Presentation Summary : Molecular basis of G6PD deficiency Dr Narazah Mohd Yusoff Director, Human Genome Center, USM Introduction G6PD deficiency – one of the most common inherited ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/abbasalsaeed/Intersting%20lecture%20of%20haematology/G6PD-%20Molecular%20basis.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation - Week 2: Hemolytic Anemia PPT

Presentation Summary : Week 2: Hemolytic Anemia Normocytic anemia Fanconi anemia Diamond-Blackfan (PRCA) Types of hemolysis Evidence of hemolysis Reticulocyte G6PD deficiency

Source : http://www.hawaii.edu/medtech/MEDT451/Hemolytic_files/Hemolytic.ppt

Neonatal Anemia - Oregon Health + Science University PPT

Presentation Summary : ... TORCH infection Congenital erythrocyte defect G6PD, thalassemia, unstable hemoglobins, membrane defects (hereditary spherocytosis, elliptocytosis) ...

Source : http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/health/services/doernbecher/research-education/education/med-education/upload/Neonatal-Anemia.ppt

Download File - Mcst - home PPT

Presentation Summary : G6PD Variants Diagnosis of G6PD Deficiency Hemolytic Anemia Diagnosis of hemolytic anemia CBC and reticulocytic count Screening: Qualitative assessment of G6PD ...

Source : http://mcst.wikispaces.com/file/view/G6PD.ppt

Lecture # 7 Pentose Phosphate Pathway - LSU School of Medicine PPT

Presentation Summary : G6PD deficiency is an inheritable X-linked recessive disorder. Approximately 10-14% of the male African American population is affected.

Source : http://www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/biochemistry/Courses/Biochemistry201/Scott/pentosephosphate.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : G6PD deficiency Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency – a hereditary enzyme deficiency that leads to hemolysis when certain drugs are ingested that induce ...

Source : http://debbiekingnp.com/attachments/209-Hematology%20review%20_%20case%20studies.ppt


Presentation Summary : ... Methylene Blue Sulfacetamide Nalidixic Acid Naphthalene Sulfanilamide Sulfapyridine Sulfamethoxazole INCIDENCE OF G6PD DEFICIENCY IN DIFFERENT ETHNIC ...

Source : http://www.uiowa.edu/~c046138/genet.ppt

Hemolytic Anemias PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Hgb e-phoresis G6PD level PT/PTT Crea platelets Auto- Immune Hemo- lytic Anemia Heredi- tary Sphero- cytosis Sickle Cell Ds G6PD Deficient Vs Unstable ...

Source : http://lab420.com/files/Hemolytic_Anemias1.ppt

Update on (Approach to) Anemia - Columbia University PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (G6PD, PK, etc) Direct & indirect antiglobulin tests (immune) Cold agglutinins Osmotic fragility (spherocytosis) Acid hemolysis test (PNH) Clotting profile ...

Source : http://www.columbia.edu/itc/hs/medical/selective/AdvClinicalPathology/2004/lecture/Update%20on%20(Approach%20to)%20Anemia.ppt

Real Board PPT

Presentation Summary : Is this a case of Sickle cell, G6PD deficiency or spherocytosis? When giving dantrolene, which medication is contraindicated? Verapamil (calcium channel blocker) ...

Source : http://www.anesthesiawiki.net/metrohealthanesthesia/MHAnes/presentations/boardQuestions.ppt

FBC – Case F Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD ... PPT

Presentation Summary : FBC – Case F Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency Tuan Tran Thi Trang Tu Nguyen Patient History Discussion Issues Variations of G6PD Clinical ...

Source : http://www.angelfire.com/pro/clinicalpathology/haematologyCaseF.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : G6PD and malaria There are many common G6PD deficiencies and their distribution corresponds closely with the distribution of malaria. Appears that G6PD-202A confers ...

Source : http://faculty.plattsburgh.edu/neil.buckley/Evolution/Chapter8a.ppt

Hereditary Hemolytic Anemias - Baylor College of Medicine PPT

Presentation Summary : ... diabetic acidosis Mediterranean and others: may hemolyze with fava beans Drugs Causing Hemolysis in G6PD Antimalarials Primaquine Sulfonamides, ...

Source : http://www.bcm.edu/departments/medicine/heme-onc/?PMID=4566

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : C-C bond cleavage and formation reactions (6-8)-convert 2Xu5P and R5P to 2F6P and GAP 2F6P + GAP R5P + 2Xu5P Page 864 G6PD is strongly inhibited by NADPH Reaction 2: ...

Source : http://www.esf.edu/chemistry/nomura/fch530/files/FCH530%20Lecture%2024.ppt

Cost of Neonatal Intensive Care in Private Sector Jordan ... PPT

Presentation Summary : SEVERE ACUTE HEMOLYSIS IN G6PD DEFICIENT NEWBORN SECONDARY TO MEFENAMIC ACID Y. K. Abu-Osba, R. A. Jarad, K. H. Zaineddin, M. I. Mesmeh Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ...

Source : http://medical.abu-osba.com/PublishedPapers/20091514442.ppt

HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA - Columbia University Medical Center PPT

Presentation Summary : ... allowing regeneration of glutathione Protects against oxidative stress Lack of G6PD leads to hemolysis during oxidative stress Infection Medications Fava beans ...

Source : http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/dept/ps/2004/Academic/second_year/hematology/Hemolytic%20Anemia.ppt

Hyperbilirubinemia - University of Washington PPT

Presentation Summary : G6PD cont Evaluation: Qualitative: Fluorescent Intensity (FST) of NADPH-not useful with partial enzyme activity, semi-quantitative Quantitative: Several ...

Source : http://fammed.washington.edu/network/0000EDD0-80000001/Hyperbilirubinemia-2012.ppt

Hyperbilirubinemia in Infants - Alverno College PPT

Presentation Summary : G6PD OATP 2 UGT1A1 Correct Incorrect Please try again! The G6PD enzyme is responsible for maintaining adequate levels of NADPH in the red blood cells which helps ...

Source : http://faculty.alverno.edu/bowneps/MSN621/student%20tutorials/HyperbilirubinemiaMSN%20621.ppt

Pentose Phosphate Pathway - Central Washington University PPT

Presentation Summary : ... 1995 G6PD Deficiency Distribution of G6PD deficiency coincides prevalence of malaria G6PD deficiency may impart some degree of malaria resistance Also ...

Source : http://www.cwu.edu/~geed/543/Pentose%20Phosphate%20Pathway.ppt

CHOLERA - University of Pittsburgh PPT

Presentation Summary : ... is effective but resistant is common. Nalidixic acid is also effective but should be avoided in patients with G6PD deficiency.

Source : http://www.pitt.edu/~super7/19011-20001/19911.ppt

Biochemical and Molecular Genetics of Human Disease PPT

Presentation Summary : Biochemical and Molecular Genetics of Human Disease I Monogenic disorders Garrod’s Inborn Errors of Metabolism G6PD deficiency Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

Source : http://www.med.umich.edu/lrc/coursepages/m1/humangenetics/lecture17BMGHD.ppt

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