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Function Generators - Arab Academy for Science, Technology ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Since a function generator provides sine, square, and triangular wave outputs, any of these may be the primary waveform generated by the instrument.

Source : http://www.aast.edu/pheed/staffadminview/pdf_retreive.php?url=66_15575_EC410_2014_1__2_1_LECTURE%204.ppt&stafftype=staffcourses

Introduction to the Function Generator - University of Washington PPT

Presentation Summary : Introduction to the Function Generator BK Precision Model 4040A Function Generator Power Switch Output Waveform Selection Frequency Control/Display Output Jack and ...

Source : http://faculty.washington.edu/lcrum/Archives/TCSS372AS07/Function_generator.ppt

Function Generator PPT

Presentation Summary : Function Generator needs DC voltage for biasing. So we should provide DC voltage by Regulator. We use MC7815 and MC7805 to provide -15V & -5V.

Source : http://ee.sharif.edu/~elecprinc-SatMon/handouts/Function%20Generator.pptx

Multiplexer as a Universal Function Generator PPT

Presentation Summary : Multiplexer as a Universal Function Generator Lecture L6.7 Section 6.2 Multiplexers Multiplexers Multiplexers Multiplexers Multiplexers Multiplexers 2 x 1 MUX is a ...

Source : http://cse.secs.oakland.edu/haskell/CSE171/Lectures/Winter2004/L6.7%20MuxFncGen.ppt

Introduction to the Oscilloscope - George Washington University PPT

Presentation Summary : Function Generator Controls George Washington University Not only can we change the shape and frequency of a wave, but we can also change the amplitude. 2 Volts ...

Source : http://www.seas.gwu.edu/~ece002/2011/1classSlides/class5_lab.ppt

Chapter 14 PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter 14 Electronic Instruments Dr.Debashis De Associate Professor West Bengal University of Technology Applications of the Sweep Frequency Generator: FUNCTION ...

Source : http://wps.pearsoned.com/wps/media/objects/11428/11702393/Chapter%2B14.ppt

No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : Electronics: Principles and Applications Eighth Edition (Instrumentation Labs) Charles A. Schuler Lab 1 Introduction to the Function Generator and DMM

Source : http://highered.mheducation.com/sites/dl/free/0073373761/934977/Function_Generator_and_DMM_presentation.ppt

Experiment 2 - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute PPT

Presentation Summary : The Function Generator Model Thevenin Model Note: We might also see a circuit with no load resistor, like this voltage divider. Thevenin Method Find Vth ...

Source : http://hibp.ecse.rpi.edu/~connor/education/thevenin.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Daily Check Solve and graph the following equations. 1. 2. Math II UNIT QUESTION: How are absolute value equations similar to piecewise functions?

Source : http://blogs.harrisonhigh.org/dennis_attaway/2.5---piecewise-functions.ppt

Labview Tutorial. - McGill University PPT

Presentation Summary : LabVIEW 7.1 Tutorial. Measurement Lab. MECH262-MECH261 ... (Contd) LabVIEW Interface (Contd) Lab. Equipment Oscilloscope Function Generator Digital Voltmeter ...

Source : http://www.cim.mcgill.ca/%7Epaul/Labview.ppt

Alternator Protection for Emergency StandbyEngine Generators PPT

Presentation Summary : Alternator Protection for Emergency Standby Engine Generators Kenneth L. Box P.E. Regional Sales Manager – Power Electronics Cummins Power Generation

Source : http://www.ewh.ieee.org/r3/atlanta/ias/Alternator%20Protection%20for%20Emergency%20StandbyEngine%20Generators.ppt

FIGURE 6-1 Comparison of: (a) ac waveform: (b) dc waveform ... PPT

Presentation Summary : FIGURE 6-1 Comparison of: (a) ac waveform: (b) dc waveform; (c) dc variable power supply and battery-sources of dc; (d) function generator-a source of ac; (e ...

Source : http://people.eku.edu/fardos/TEC368/CH06.pps

Learning about AC signals - Sonoma State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Learning about AC signals ES 110 Basic Components Function generator LED Relay Speaker Pot Ohm’s Law Drawing the circuit Schematic capture: http://phet.colorado.edu ...

Source : http://www.sonoma.edu/users/f/farahman/sonoma/courses/es110/es110_more_files/learningabout_ac_signals.ppt

Use of the Oscilloscope - NTHU PPT

Presentation Summary : Changing Function Generator Settings Now change the AMPLITUDE dial on the function generator. Notice that the reading on the oscilloscope changes.

Source : http://www.phys.nthu.edu.tw/%7Egplab/file/95-2/e4/Use%20of%20the%20Oscilloscope-UMD.ppt

The Role of Technetium in Nuclear Medicine PPT

Presentation Summary : The Role of Technetium in Nuclear Medicine Definition of Nuclear Medicine: branch of medicine and medical imaging that uses radioactive substances in therapy and ...

Source : http://www.bnl.gov/ncss/files/ppt/StudentPres/PC_The%20Role%20of%20Technetium%20in%20Nuclear%20Medicine.ppt

Experiment 10: Inverting Amplifier - Virginia Tech PPT

Presentation Summary : Function generator on oscilloscope is used for Vi. PSpice Circuit for Non-Inverting Amplifier. Op Amp Equivalent Circuit. v d = v 2 – v 1. A is the open-loop ...

Source : https://filebox.ece.vt.edu/~LiaB/ECE2074/Lectures/Powerpoint/Experiment%2011.pptx

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : ELG4135 Electronics III Course Project Low Cost, Low Power Function Generator By Md Amirul Bhuiya Norman Escobar December 1, 2006 Introduction What are Function ...

Source : http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~rhabash/Bhuiyaetal.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Lab #7 – Thevenin/Norton Activity #1 – finding the Thevenin/Norton Equivalent for the function generator The function generator is a voltage source that produces ...

Source : http://www2.nau.edu/~pam7/EE188/Labs/Lab7/Lab%207.ppt

Purpose PPT

Presentation Summary : Function generator. Bread board. Apply and verify Ohm’s laws. Digital Multi Meter (“DMM”) A DMM is a device to measure. voltage, current, resistance,

Source : http://www.physics.utah.edu/~gernot/elem_labs/AAAPowerpoint/2025%20powerpoint/Physics%202025%20Fall%202012%20Working%20With%20Electronic%20Equipment.pptx

Introduction to the Oscilloscope PPT

Presentation Summary : OBJECTIVES . Lab Safety Review . Electrical Signals – Quick Overview . Explain Common Lab Equipment– Oscilloscope, Function Generator, etc. Learn how to use an ...

Source : http://www.seas.gwu.edu/~ece11/fall11/labs/tutorials/Tutorial4_Oscope_Presentation.pptx

The Virtual Instrument PPT

Presentation Summary : The Virtual Instruments Presented by: Peter Blach and Jace Curtis Advisor: Dr. Arthur Broderson

Source : http://research.vuse.vanderbilt.edu/srdesign/1999/group19_99/oral%201.ppt

EE 2303 LECTURE 3 - Michigan Technological University PPT

Presentation Summary : EE 2303 LECTURE 3 Author: bjayapra ... Signals DC and AC Signal Sinusoid Signal Mathematical Representation A.C. Signal Analysis FUNCTION GENERATOR FUNCTION GENERATOR ...

Source : http://www.ece.mtu.edu/labs/EElabs/EE2303/EE2303_Week3.ppt

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