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Displaying endocrine cases PowerPoint Presentations

DIABETES and ENDOCRINE CASES - Spire Healthcare, UK Private ... PPT

Presentation Summary : In some cases, it may be suspected that severe nocturnal hypoglycemia is present in a patient sleeping on their own, but when not witnessed, this would not constitute ...

Source : http://www.spirehealthcare.com/Documents/Gatwick%20Park%20Docs/DIABETES%20and%20ENDOCRINE%20CASES.pptx

Endocrine Physiology: Case Studies in Calcium Metabolism PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine Physiology: Case Studies in Calcium Metabolism C.W. Spellman PhD, DO Assoc. Prof. Medicine Assist. Dean, Dual Degree Program Head, Endocrinology & Dir ...

Source : http://www.hsc.unt.edu/tcom2006/endoQuiz2.ppt

Endocrine Pathology, Case 4 - LUMEN - Medical School Curriculum PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine Pathology, Case 4 60-year-old previously healthy woman presents with fatigue and cold intolerance. She has had about 10 pound weight gain over the past 6 ...

Source : http://zoomify.lumc.edu/path/endo/endocrinecase4.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine Physiology: Case Studies in Adrenal Disorders C.W. Spellman, ... Reference Lab Values for Cases Glucose 60 -110 mg/dL Na 136 -144 mEq/dL K 3.8 ...

Source : http://www.hsc.unt.edu/tcom2006/endoQuiz3.ppt

Endocrine Physiology - University of Illinois at Chicago - UIC PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine Physiology Dale Buchanan Hales, PhD Department of Physiology & Biophysics Arnold A Berthold (1803-1861) In one of the first endocrine experiments ever ...

Source : http://www.uic.edu/classes/phyb/phyb402dbh/lecture1.ppt

The Endocrine System - Florida Association of EMS Educators PPT

Presentation Summary : The Endocrine System Controls many body functions exerts control by releasing special chemical substances into the blood called hormones Hormones affect other ...

Source : http://www.faemse.org/downloads/endocrine.ppt


Presentation Summary : FUNCTION/DYSFUNCTION OF ENDOCRINE PANCREAS Diabetes Pancreatic ... 2% of the North American population Many of these cases are undiagnosed Diabetes ...

Source : http://www.clt.astate.edu/mgilmore/pathophysiology/Diabetes.ppt

Endocrine Review - School of Medicine + Health Sciences | UND ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine Review Eric L. Johnson, MD Assistant Professor Department of Family and Community Medicine UNDSMHS Assistant Medical Director Altru Diabetes Center

Source : http://www.med.und.edu/familymedicine/slidedecks/documents/PAEndocrineReviewApr2010.ppt

Nursing Management of Clients with Stressors of Endocrine ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Nursing Management of Clients with Stressors of Endocrine Function DIABETES MELLITUS Author: kathleen burger Last modified by: Kathleen Created Date

Source : http://www2.sunysuffolk.edu/burgerk/nursing/NUR133%20Spring%2009/PPP%20for%20Webpage/Web%20Endocrine.ppt

Endocrine Emergencies - Department of Library Services PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine Emergencies ... 10 min and repeat as necessary in cases with frank generalized tetany Slower continuous infusion of Calcium gluconate in less acute cases ...

Source : http://www.ais.up.ac.za/med/blocksa7/blocksa7lectureendocrineemergencies.ppt

The Endocrine System - Northwest Technology Center - Alva ... PPT

Presentation Summary : The islets of Langerhans serve its endocrine functions ... Human growth hormone Increases height in cases of abnormal lack of growth Example -somatotropin ...

Source : http://www.nwtech.edu/dbutton/medterm/chapt15_lecture.ppt

Endocrine, Reproductive and Urinary System Review PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine Glands The Effects of Pituitary Hormones on Target Tissues Causes of Hyperthyroidism ... resulting in sterility only in those cases where both sides are ...

Source : http://www.amcollege.edu/course-downloads/files/BSR-608-Reproductive-Urinary-Endocrine-Review.ppt

Growth Hormone Deficiency - Pediatric Nursing PPT

Presentation Summary : Autoimmunity involved in destruction of beta cells. 15 new cases ... bone age studies Thyroid scan Ultrasound to thyroid Endocrine Disorders Growth hormone ...

Source : http://pedstudent.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/endocrine_10.ppt

Endocrine – Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine – Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands Dr. Geoffrey Pollack October 10, 2007 Endocrine - Thyroid Embryology Median thyroid anlage forms at base of tongue in ...

Source : http://www.slrsurgery.org/files/schedules/basicscience/Endocrine%20%96%20Thyroid%20and%20Parathyroid%20Glands.ppt

Chapter 18: The Endocrine System - Daniel Boone Area School ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine System. Uses chemical messengers to relay information and instructions between cells. ... In most cases, controlled by negative feedback mechanisms.

Source : http://www.dboone.org/teachers/Lorraine%20Stagg/Documents/HON%20-%2018%20Endocrine%20System%20-%20ppt.pptx

Case Study # - University of Pittsburgh PPT

Presentation Summary : Case Study 4 Gabrielle Yeaney, M.D. Question 1 The patient is a 72-year-old male who presents with bitemporal hemianopsia without endocrine abnormalities.

Source : http://neuro.pathology.pitt.edu/casestudies/CaseStudy4.ppt

Psychiatric and neurocognitive changes in primary ... PPT

Presentation Summary : The Maturation of a Specialty: Workforce Projections for Endocrine Surgery Julie Ann Sosa, MA, MD, FACS Associate Professor of Surgery Sections of Oncologic and ...

Source : http://archive.ahrq.gov/news/events/conference/2008/Sosa.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ENDOCRINE EMERGENCIES Jim ... or undiagnosed primary hypothyroidism Occurs in 0.1% or less of cases of hypothyroidism Very rare under age 50 50% of cases become ...

Source : http://www.ifem.cc/site/DefaultSite/filesystem/documents/Web_Resources/endocrinemer.PRE.PPT

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : An unsuspected, underdiagnosed Endocrine ... I have studied and treated as many as 50,000 endocrine-immune cases in dogs, cats and horses.

Source : http://drplechner.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/An-unsuspected-underdiagnosed-endocrine.pps

Endocrine System Homeostatic Imbalances - Lawndale High School PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine System Homeostatic ... still fairly normal but with a maximum height of 4 feet Hypersecretion of GH Gigantism 8-9 feet is common Most cases of ...

Source : http://www.lawndalehs.org/ourpages/auto/2009/9/22/73979795/Ch09_Ch9c.ppt

Disorders of the Thyroid and Parathyroid - Austin Community ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Disorders of the Thyroid and ... less than 50% of cases * Symptomatic relief of thyrotoxicosis ... idea of how many organs are involved in the endocrine ...

Source : http://www.austincc.edu/nursmods/evc/evc_lev3/rnsg_1247/endocrine_disorder/documents/DisordersoftheThyroidandParathyroidupdated_000.ppt

Neoplastic Thyroid Disease - Endocrinology-Online.com PPT

Presentation Summary : Thyroid nodules are the most common endocrine disorder.1,2 Although thyroid nodules commonly occur and ... the number of thyroid cases diagnosed annually is ...

Source : http://www.endocrinology-online.com/Slide%20Presentations/Neoplastic%20Thyroid%20Disease.Thyroid%20nodules%20Goiter%20and%20Thyroid%20Cancer.ppt

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