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Displaying digital voltmeter PowerPoint Presentations

How to use a Digital Multimeter - Floyd County Schools, VA PPT

Presentation Summary : Digital Multimeter Multimeters are designed and mass produced. The simplest and cheapest types may include features which are not likely to use.

Source : http://intranet.floyd.k12.va.us/itrt/pwrpnts/New%20Folder/How%20to%20use%20a%20Digital%20Multimeter.ppt

Using a digital multimeter (DMM) - mrrayner - home PPT

Presentation Summary : Using a digital multimeter (DMM) A brief guide As a voltmeter (large voltages) Switch to V = 20, this is the maximum DC voltage it will read The red lead goes in the ...

Source : http://mrrayner.wikispaces.com/file/view/Using+a+digital+multimeter+(DMM).ppt

Bates PPT

Presentation Summary : 8 Analog and Digital Multimeters Topics Covered in Chapter 8 8-1: Moving-Coil Meter 8-2: Meter Shunts 8-3: Voltmeters 8-4: Loading Effect of a Voltmeter

Source : http://www.technology.heartland.edu/faculty/chrism/ac%20dc/Power%20points/Chapter08.ppt

The Digital Multimeter PPT

Presentation Summary : The Digital Multimeter Science Learning Center ... This switch determines which function the multimeter will perform (voltmeter, ammeter, or ohmmeter).

Source : http://will86.org/physics/pu06/DIG2.ppt


Presentation Summary : HIGH SPEED VOLTMETER Replaces: Test Light Digital Voltmeter/Ammeter/Ohmmeter Frequency Meter Duty Cycle Meter Types Of Oscilloscopes Analog: Real Time (Direct Reading ...

Source : http://nttc.columbiabasin.edu/automotive/CBC_ppt/EL/METERS/LABSCOPE.PPT

Interfacing and A/D Conversion PPT

Presentation Summary : Digital Voltmeter. Signal Scaler (attenuator amplifier) Digital conditioner (reduces scaled input signal to a DC voltage within range of A/D converter)

Source : http://www.phy.ilstu.edu/~marx/ph270/Interfacing%20and%20A_D.pptx

Electrical Safety - HCC Learning Web PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Key Terms Ammeter Analog Meter Clamp-on Meter Continuity Digital Meter Magnetic Field Measurable Resistance Ohmmeter Open Short Voltmeter Introduction The ...

Source : http://learning.hccs.edu/faculty/hoang.do/hart1303/unit-11-electrical-meters/Chapter%2004Elec%20Meters.ppt

Measurement Approaches, Lecture Set 4 - UH Cullen College of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : For example, we can extend the operating range of a digital voltmeter by adding a series resistor, just as we did with analog voltmeters.

Source : http://www.egr.uh.edu/courses/ECE/ECE3455/2300_Lecture_Notes/2300NotesSet04v15.ppt

Thermocouples and Their Calibration PPT

Presentation Summary : Connect the ends of the thermocouple to the digital multimeter (MM) and set the multimeter to read in millivolts DC.

Source : http://www.engineering-resource.com/Files/Instrumentation/Thermocouples%20and%20Their%20Calibration%2004.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Peak Reading Voltmeters * Digital Peak Voltmeter: In contrast to the method discussed just now, the rectified current is not measured directly, ...

Source : http://srirajkumar.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/unit-iv_ac-measurements.ppt

E E 2320 Lecture 3 PPT

Presentation Summary : A Digital Voltmeter. Integrating Converter. Dependent on V ref. Dependent on Temperature. Independent of RC. How the DVM Works. DVM Example. If. Measuring Resistance ...

Source : http://www.uta.edu/ee/hw/ee1205-301/Measurement.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Digital Ohmmeter Digital Voltmeter Low-impedance Voltage Tester The low-impedance voltage tester has a very large current draw compared to other types of voltmeters ...

Source : http://learning.hccs.edu/faculty/hoang.do/hart1301/unit-11-electrical-meters/Unit%2009%20Instruments.ppt

AC to DC Convertor - University of Central Florida PPT

Presentation Summary : Requirements. Self Monitoring. Projectile Velocity Sensing. Optical Speed Trap . Capacitor Charge Voltage . Digital Voltmeter. Manual Control System. Manual Input

Source : http://www.eecs.ucf.edu/seniordesign/su2010fa2010/g08/links/present.pptx

G3A01 What is the sunspot number? - MicroHAMS PPT

Presentation Summary : G4B06 What is an advantage of a digital voltmeter as compared to an analog voltmeter? G4B07 Which of the following might be a use for a field strength meter?

Source : http://www.microhams.com/classes/general/G4.ppt

No Slide Title PPT

Presentation Summary : Digital meter Provides a reading in numbers. ... In Summary Meters Analog Digital Ammeter Voltmeter Ohmmeter Multimeters VOM DMM * * Title: No Slide Title

Source : http://apps.elizabethtown.kctcs.edu/members/jnail/BEXpowerpoint/BEX-CH9.ppt

Amateur Radio Technician Class Element 2 Course Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : G7A01 What safety feature does a power- supply bleeder resistor provide? G4B06 What is an advantage of a digital voltmeter as compared to an analog voltmeter? G4B14 ...

Source : http://www.w0wtn.org/downloads/class_material/general/w5yi/3-4%20Electrical%20Principles_(21)%2B(37)%3D(58).ppt

Electronic Test Equipment for amateur radio use PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (Digital Voltmeter), or DMM (Digital Multimeter) Voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter combined into one instrument DC and AC measurements Some models have diode ...

Source : http://files.ldsbern.webnode.com/200000025-d3f28d4e52/Electronic%20Test%20for%20Amateur%20Radio.ppt

Power and Energy measurements PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Dynamometer Digital wattmeter Thermal wattmeter Hall-power meter DC circuits Ammeter measures current which flow into the voltmeter and load Voltmeter ...

Source : http://metrology.tkk.fi/courses/S-108.4010/2006/Power_and_Energy.ppt

Types of ADCs PPT

Presentation Summary : Analog to Digital Converter What is ADC ? Types of ... require discrete digital data ADC converts an analog information into a digital information Voltmeter 3 ...

Source : http://ume.gatech.edu/mechatronics_course/ADC_F04.ppt

G4A01 Which of the following is one use for a DSP in an ... PPT

Presentation Summary : The attenuated RF output of the transmitter Amateur Radio Practices * G4B07 What is an advantage of a digital voltmeter as compared to an analog voltmeter? A.

Source : http://www.microhams.com/pics/Gen/G4.ppt

Principles of Instrumental Analysis PPT

Presentation Summary : FIGURE 24-3 Apparatus for controlled-potential electrolysis. The digital voltmeter monitors the potential between the working and the reference electrode.

Source : http://www.e-lcd.com.tw/%E5%84%80%E5%99%A8%E5%88%86%E6%9E%90%E8%AA%B2%E6%9C%AC%E2%85%A0/Ch24.ppt

Chapter 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : The voltmeter readings are as follows: V1 = 1.001 V, V2 = 1.002, V3 = 0.999, ... A 1mV change will be indicated on the digital voltmeter display above.

Source : http://www.qec.edu.sa/eng/students/lectures/attachments/144/EE300/EE300-CH1.ppt

Electricity and Electronics PPT

Presentation Summary : ... into a single instrument Digital Multimeter 2 Voltmeter Parallel connection Ammeter Series connection Ohmmeter Without any power supplied Adjust range ...

Source : http://gk12.poly.edu/amps-cbri../ppt/Intro%20to%20Electricity.ppt

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