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Displaying computer viruses PowerPoint Presentations

Computer Viruses - Florida State University PPT

Presentation Summary : What do viruses do? The bottom line: they damage your computer; possibly crash your system. Examples: corrupting programs, deleting files, or reformatting the hard disk.

Source : http://www.cs.fsu.edu/~burmeste/CIS4360/10.ppt

Understanding How and Why Computer Viruses Spread PPT

Presentation Summary : Understanding Computer Viruses: What They Can Do, Why People Write Them and How to Defend Against Them Classroom Activities Guide What is a computer virus?

Source : http://web2.clarkson.edu/projects/itl/projects/projectChallenge/2013/ClassroomActivities.ppt

Computer Viruses and Worms - Cochise College PPT

Presentation Summary : Computer Viruses and Worms By Rafael Albuernes What is a Virus? What is a Worm? Types of Infections Origins History Future How can you protect yourself?

Source : http://r2d2.cochise.edu/albuernes/Artifact%20OUTCOME%205_files/Computer%20Viruses%20and%20Worms.ppt

Computer Viruses - Connect Seward County Nebraska PPT

Presentation Summary : Computer viruses are corrupted programs that can replicate and send themselves to others. Computers get “infected” by viruses by downloading something on the ...

Source : http://www2.connectseward.org/shs/students/students13/KyleRojewski/Computer%20Viruses.pptx

Computer Viruses - University of Central Florida PPT

Presentation Summary : Computer Viruses Robert Simon Chapter 60 The Life of a Virus The Categories of viruses The Creation of a virus The infection The replication The effect Viral code The ...

Source : http://www.cs.ucf.edu/courses/cot4810.spr2003/rsimon1.ppt

Computer Virus - St. John Fisher College PPT

Presentation Summary : What are the different types of computer viruses? Macro Virus:areviruses that use another application's macro programming language to distribute themselves.

Source : http://citadel.sjfc.edu/students/cpm00939/E-port/Computer%20Virus.pptx

Computer Viruses and Worms - University of Central Florida PPT

Presentation Summary : Computer Viruses and Worms By: Monika Gupta Overview TYPES OF INFECTION DEFINITIONS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VIRUS AND WORM ORIGINS TYPES OF VIRUSES WORMS Overview Cont…

Source : http://www.cs.ucf.edu/courses/cot4810/fall04/presentations/Computer_Viruses.ppt

Computer Virus - St. Xavier's College - Calcutta PPT

Presentation Summary : General virus types While there are thousands of variations of viruses, ... and it is able to run whenever the computer is on. Boot sector viruses can infect the ...

Source : http://www.sxccal.edu/stmat/ug_comsc/virus.pps

Computer Virus - University of Nebraska–Lincoln PPT

Presentation Summary : Computer Viruses and Worms* *Referred to slides by Dragan Lojpur, Zhu Fang at Florida State University Definition of Virus A virus is a small piece of software that ...

Source : http://cse.unl.edu/~ylu/csce855/notes/Viruses.ppt

Viruses and Worms - Barry University PPT

Presentation Summary : Viruses and Worms By: Olga Bibas Malicious Programs are perhaps the most sophisticated threats to computer systems. These threats can be divided into two categories ...

Source : http://euclid.barry.edu/~zuniga/courses/cs477/VIRUS.ppt

DO YOU HAVE A VIRUS? - Utah Education Network PPT

Presentation Summary : DO YOU HAVE A VIRUS? COMPUTER VIRUS: Potentially damaging computer program designed to infect other software or files by attaching itself to the software or files ...

Source : http://share.ehs.uen.org/system/files/Computer%20Virus.ppt

Viruses: Classification and Prevention - CS CSU Homepage PPT

Presentation Summary : Wrote a paper which put forward the idea that computer programs could act and behave like biological viruses. ... term “virus” in his paper “Computer Viruses ...

Source : http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~cs451/Slides/Viruses-Morain.pptx

PC Viruses PPT

Presentation Summary : Computer viruses also can not reproduce by themselves PC Viruses How they got the name A biological virus inject itself into a cell And uses the cell's existing ...

Source : http://www.tokyopc.org/meetings/2002/10/PCViruses.ppt

Computer Virus - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville PPT

Presentation Summary : Viruses Hide in: Another computer program that executes so that the virus program can be placed into main memory. Typically, viruses come from programs on floppy ...

Source : http://www.siue.edu/%7Ebbordol/index/courses/108/108week3.ppt

Computer Viruses Theory and Experiments - SCIS Home Page ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Computer Viruses Theory and Experiments By Dr. Frederick B. Cohen Presented by Jose Andre Morales Background Originally written in 1984 Published in Computers and ...

Source : http://users.cis.fiu.edu/~smithg/cot6421/presentations/josemorales.ppt

Computer Ethics, Copyrights, and Viruses PPT

Presentation Summary : Computer Ethics, Viruses, and Copyrights Ethical Computer Use Using computers for positive purposes New technologies Medical cures Increased knowledge Unethical ...

Source : http://www.kytechcurriculum.org/userfiles/ethicscopyrightsviruses.ppt

Polymorphism in Computer Viruses - Department of Computer ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Polymorphism in Computer Viruses CS265 Security Engineering Term Project Puneet Mishra Definitions A computer virus is a program with malicious intent to cause ...

Source : http://www.cs.sjsu.edu/~stamp/CS265/projects/papersSpr03/polymorphism.ppt

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