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Displaying bleeding tendency PowerPoint Presentations

hemostasis . ppt - Cal State L.A. - Instructional Web Server PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Is there another disorder present that could be the cause of or might exacerbate any bleeding tendency? Principal Presentations of bleeding disorders Easy ...

Source : http://instructional1.calstatela.edu/nmcquee/Micro410/Lecture%2019%20-%20Disorders%20of%20primary%20hemostasis.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Practical approach to a bleeding child Peri Kamalakar,MD Director The Valerie Fund Children’s Centers ... Approach to a bleeding patient Is a bleeding tendency present?

Source : http://www.qpna.org/files/Practical%20Approach%20to%20a%20Bleeding%20Child%20-%20Peri%20Kamalakar%2C%20M.D..ppt

in PPT

Presentation Summary : ... decreased factor VIII activity Mild or moderate bleeding tendency in most type I and type II pts Diagnosis: von Willebrand antigen, factor VIII, ...

Source : http://www.medicine.wisc.edu/~williams/bleeding2.ppt

Fibrinogen PPT

Presentation Summary : Factor XII deficiency Recessive inheritance, but fairly common Markedly prolonged aPTT No bleeding tendency Deficiency of other contact factors (HMWK, ...

Source : http://www.medicine.wisc.edu/~williams/Other_inherited_bleeding_disorders.ppt

Bleeding from the Gut Clinical approach PPT

Presentation Summary : Bleeding from the Gut Clinical approach Severity Vital signs Haematocrit Beware ongoing losses Acute onset or chronic blood loss Fe deficiency Stigmata of disease

Source : http://www.ais.up.ac.za/med/block8/bleeding.ppt


Presentation Summary : LABORATORY DIAGNOSIS OF BLEEDING DISORDERS ... bleeding mostly seen with procedures/accidents Levels don’t correlate with bleeding tendency Most common cause of ...

Source : http://www.cumc.columbia.edu/dept/ps/2004/Class_Only/Transcripts/BTC_Oct/bleeding.ppt


Presentation Summary : ... and a severe bleeding tendency due to fibrinolysis and thrombocytopenia” -”seems to be the most malignant form of acute leukemia” APL Most impressive ...

Source : http://www2.medicine.wisc.edu/home/files/domfiles/genintmed/Fuller-Science%20Meets%20Medicine-6-23-04.ppt

Abnormal Bleeding PV - ASHWINI PPT

Presentation Summary : Abnormal Bleeding PV Common complaint in the out patient dept Normal menstrual loss- 80 ml Menorrhagia- normal cycle- increased bleeding, prolonged or excessive ...

Source : http://www.ashwini.org/asknk/images/presentations/Abnormal%20Bleeding%20PV.ppt

Bleeding Disorders Approach a Child with Purpura Hematology Lab. PPT

Presentation Summary : She has 2 older brothers, neither of whom have had bleeding symptoms. Family hx. is –ve for any bleeding tendency. No hx. of malignancy or autoimmune diseases.

Source : http://alhefzi.com/G34/Pedia2/Seminars/Bleeding%20Disorders.pptx

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Congenital F XI deficiency, autosomal recessive inheritance, occurs mostly in Ashkenazy Jews. Mild to moderate bleeding tendency related to trauma.

Source : http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/05/slides/2005-4096s1_13.ppt

Bleeding Disorders - THD Internal Medicine Training Program PPT

Presentation Summary : Bleeding Disorders Meera Shreedhara 8/25/08 What is it? A bleeding disorder is an acquired or inherited tendency to bleed excessively Mechanisms of bleeding Vascular ...

Source : http://phdres.caregate.net/conferences/AY%2008-09%20PPT%20Presentations/Bleeding%20Disorders%20082508.ppt


Presentation Summary : ... and treatment of hemostatic disorders Life-threatening blood loss during surgery may present with an undetected bleeding tendency The greatest challenge to the ...

Source : http://chua2.fiu.edu/Nursing/anesthesiology/COURSES/Semester%204/Biosci%20II%20SLIDES/HEMATOLOGICAL_SYSTEM_PART_II_ds2010.ppt

Intraoperative Management - Tulane University PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Endocrine System Diabetes mellitus Thyroid gland dysfunction Adrenal gland dysfunction Coagulation Bleeding tendency Easy bruising Hereditary ...

Source : http://tulane.edu/som/departments/surgery/medical-education/medical-students/upload/basics-of-anesthesia-062008-3.ppt


Presentation Summary : ... childbirth injuries Family history of bleeding tendency Bleeding Primary hemostatic defect (platelets) occurs immediately after trauma from superficial sites ...

Source : http://medicine2.aok.pte.hu/download/English/Handouts%20for%20dentist%20students/3rd%20year/9_Hematology.ppt

Bleeding Disorders - THD Internal Medicine Training Program PPT

Presentation Summary : Clinically= Bleeding tendency in presence of widespread coagulation Acute D.I.C.= dominated by a bleeding seen in obstetrical complications and trauma Chronic D ...

Source : http://phdres.caregate.net/conferences/AY%2012-13%20PPT%20Presentations/BleedingDisorders%20052313.ppt

The Tonsils and Adenoids in Pediatric Patients PPT

Presentation Summary : ... only 10% normal PT/PTT Bolger et al found that despite a history without evidence of bleeding tendency 11.5% had abnormal PT/PTT or BT Manning et al 994 ...

Source : http://www.utmb.edu/otoref/grnds/Pedi-TA-020619/Pedi-TA-020619-slides.ppt

Liver disease PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Jaundice Hypoglycemia Bleeding tendency due to DIC Electrolyte and acid base disturbance Hepatic encephalophaty Hepatorenal syndrome Elevation of serum ...

Source : http://biomedicgen.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/liver-disease.ppt

Third Trimester Bleeding PPT

Presentation Summary : Third trimester bleeding Tom Archer, MD, MBA UCSD Anesthesia Death in pregnancy: Pulmonary thromboembolism (clotting tendency in pregnancy) Ante and postpartum ...

Source : http://anes-som.ucsd.edu/obstetrics/Intranet/documents/Presentations%28Archer%29/Third%20trimester%20bleeding.ppt

The management of adverse drug reactions PPT

Presentation Summary : Digoxin 0.25 mg daily Warfarin 4mg daily Frusemide 80 mg daily Potassium supplements The patient Develops a deep bleeding ulcer ... bleeding tendency: ...

Source : http://www.who.int/prequal/trainingresources/pq_pres/pharmacovigilance/updatepresentations/11a_Management_of_ADR_case.ppt

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs PPT

Presentation Summary : Bleeding tendency. Allergy to aspirin. Viral infections in. children . Pregnancy. Adverse Effects. Mainly on liver due to . its active metabolite ( N-acetyl-p ...

Source : http://www.ksums.net/files/1st/Musculoskeletal%20Block/Male/Pharmacology/L2-%20NSAIDs-2013.pptx


Presentation Summary : Acute ITP. Resolves spontaneously within 6 months. Bleeding tendency lessens within 1-2wks

Source : http://www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/pediatrics/residents/docs/ITP.pptx

Iron deficiency anaemia PPT

Presentation Summary : ... bleeding , persistent ... Fever-acute infection,intravascular disease,collagen vascular disease Jaundice suggests hemolysis Petechia&Purpura—bleeding tendency ...

Source : http://prsharma.com.np/professionals/teachingslides/approchtoachildwithanaemia.ppt


Presentation Summary : Bleeding tendency e.g. hematemesis, melena and epistaxis. Purities. Failure to thrive and malaise. Abdominal pain, anorexia, fever and ...

Source : http://hind.cc/6th%20MBBS/PEDIATRICS/Dr.Shahenaz/DigestiveIII%20Liver.ppt

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