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Displaying bleeding tendency in child PowerPoint Presentations

Practical approach to a bleeding child - Welcome to MAPS/QPNA PPT

Presentation Summary : Practical approach to a bleeding child Peri Kamalakar,MD Director The Valerie Fund Children’s Centers ... Approach to a bleeding patient Is a bleeding tendency present?

Source : http://www.qpna.org/files/Practical%20Approach%20to%20a%20Bleeding%20Child%20-%20Peri%20Kamalakar%2C%20M.D..ppt

Evaluation of Patients with Bleeding Tendency PPT

Presentation Summary : Appearance indication of type of bleeding. ... Bruising in the arms and legs of an active child-usually due to ... Evaluation of Patients with Bleeding Tendency

Source : http://www.heartcentre.info/downloads/16_15_17_Pre-operative%20Evaluation%20of%20a%20Bleeder%20mrch2012.pptx

Approach to a child with Anaemia PPT

Presentation Summary : Appraoch to a child ... Fever-acute infection,intravascular disease,collagen vascular disease Jaundice suggests hemolysis Petechia&Purpura—bleeding tendency ...

Source : http://prsharma.com.np/professionals/teachingslides/approchtoachildwithanaemia.ppt

Bleeding Disorders Approach a Child with Purpura Hematology Lab. PPT

Presentation Summary : Family hx. is –ve for any bleeding tendency. No hx. of malignancy or autoimmune diseases. ... Bleeding Disorders Approach a Child with Purpura Hematology Lab.

Source : http://alhefzi.com/G34/Pedia2/Seminars/Bleeding%20Disorders.pptx

Bleeding Disorders - CareGate PPT

Presentation Summary : Bleeding Disorders Meera Shreedhara 8/25/08 What is it? A bleeding disorder is an acquired or inherited tendency to bleed excessively Mechanisms of bleeding Vascular ...

Source : http://phdres.caregate.net/conferences/AY%2008-09%20PPT%20Presentations/Bleeding%20Disorders%20082508.ppt

Childhood tuberculosis PPT

Presentation Summary : When any child is diagnosed with TB, ... Children with a low platelet count or bleeding tendency should not undergo the procedure. Gastric aspirate, ...

Source : http://www.chest.mohealth.gov.eg/mawared/Childhood.ppt

Childhood Immune Thrombocytic Purpura January, 2012 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... CORTICOSTEROIDS Various regiments of corticosteroids have been used for the treatment of child ... Clinical bleeding tendency with bruising or ...

Source : http://sbhpedsres.com/docsSBH%202011-2012/Lectures/Childhood%20Immune%20Thrombocytic%20Purpura%202012%20rubin%20final%202.ppt

2012 Non Accidental Trauma.ppt - Emory University Department ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Who had been taking care of the patient at least 4 hours prior to the event When did the last time the child ... Bleeding tendency in family Bleeding at time ...

Source : http://www.pediatrics.emory.edu/ccm/lectures/files/2012%20Non%20Accidental%20Trauma.ppt

ITP - LSU School of Medicine PPT

Presentation Summary : Bleeding tendency lessens within 1-2wks. Treatment. Avoidance of NSAIDS. Limit activities. ... Child with bleeding. Normal: Plt count. Coags. GlanzmannThrombasthenia.

Source : http://www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/pediatrics/residents/docs/ITP.pptx

Chronic hepatitis in childhood Modes of presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : The child with acute onset jaundice but not otherwise ill ... Bleeding tendency Confused or abnormal level of consciousness Toxic or high fevers Chronic Liver ...

Source : http://www.ais.up.ac.za/med/block8/chronichepa.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Review care of a child during chemotherapy and radiation therapy. a. ... Monitor temperature Should not receive live-virus vaccines Bleeding Tendency ...

Source : http://www.austincc.edu/adnlev3/ol_pedi_blood/blood_dyscrasia.ppt

Morning Report - Dept of Pediatrics PPT

Presentation Summary : Any child with significant bleeding ... nonsplenectomized children requiring treatment” * Prominent bleeding tendency apparent at dx usually lessens within 1-2 ...

Source : http://pediatrics.uchicago.edu/chiefs/documents/ITPforwebsite.ppt

Nursing Care of the Child with GU disorders PPT

Presentation Summary : Nursing Care of the Child with GU disorders Summer 2009 Lea Melvin, MSN, RN, CRRN, ... Assess bleeding - Bleeding is controlled post-operatively by the use of ...

Source : http://www.austincc.edu/nursmods/evc/evc_lev3/rnsg_1412/genitourinary_disorders/documents/LeaGU09.ppt

Hemophilia - Mike Poullis - Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon PPT

Presentation Summary : Hemophilia Definition: rare bleeding disorders due to inherited deficiencies in co-agulation factors Types: 1. Haemophilia A (Classic) Factor VIII deficiency

Source : http://www.mpoullis.net/dvdtalks/Hemophilia.ppt


Presentation Summary : Bleeding tendency e.g. hematemesis, melena and epistaxis. Purities. Failure to thrive and ... and through contaminated syringe and needles. Child to child ...

Source : http://hind.cc/6th%20MBBS/PEDIATRICS/Dr.Shahenaz/DigestiveIII%20Liver.ppt

Style A 36 by 48 tall - Stritch School of Medicine PPT

Presentation Summary : ... and bleeding tendency. ... recent report documented the efficacy of topical timolol in treating a large capillary hemangioma of the eyelid in a child. ...

Source : http://www.stritch.luc.edu/depts/ophtha/research/PDFs/St_Alberts_Day/2011/Areaux.ppt

Kind of lesions in dermatology 1- Primary Skin Lesions 2 ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... (note: decreased platelet numbers increase bleeding tendency) ... shearing and tearing forces Child's body absorbs more of topical products Harder to regulate ...

Source : http://www.hisname.org/resources/Skin-Semiology.ppt


Presentation Summary : PATOPHYSIOLOGY AND CLASSIFICATION Normal protein excretion normal child <100 mg/m2/day or 150mg ... of NS is the tendency to ... bleeding is suggested by the ...

Source : http://www.ksums.net/files/Archive/3rd/427/Medicine/22%20-%20PROTEINURIA_AND_HEMATURIA.ppt

FV Deficiency:Parahemophilia - University of Michigan Health ... PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Rare autosomal recessive Most frequent in Jews of Sephardic and Middle Eastern origin > 100 families worldwide Moderate bleeding tendency FV ... child costing $ ...

Source : http://www.med.umich.edu/lrc/coursepages/M1/humangenetics/HG501LECT19HEMENOTES02.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : ... to be a type of epidermal nevus Familial patterns reported & sporadic mosaic forms exist May be associated with CHILD ... with bleeding tendency Most ...

Source : http://www.atsu.edu/postgrad/dermatology/ppt/epiderm104.ppt

Hemopoietic System - El Camino College PPT

Presentation Summary : ... father and child are RH+ there are no precautions ... and platelets Cannot fight infection and have a bleeding tendency Can come on suddenly or be chronic and can ...

Source : http://www.elcamino.edu/faculty/mcolunga/RT%2091%20SP%202013/Hemopoietic%20System%20spring%202013.ppt

Hereditary haemorrhagic disorders - UMS Student Government PPT

Presentation Summary : Hereditary hemorrhagic disorders Taking histrory Is an essential part of the diagnostic process for detecting disorders of bleeding. It is crucial in determining who ...

Source : http://www.asg.amp.edu.pl/3rd/HemeOnc/Hereditary%20haemorrhagic%20disorders.ppt

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