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Presentation Summary : FIRST AID FOR BITUMEN BURNS. Burns not covered with bitumen. place sterile, non-stick dressing over burn. 6. Call 000 for an ambulance and immediately take the ...

Source : http://www.aapaq.org/q/qbspp2013p/ppt/BSPP_2013Q_sec11_working_safely_with_bituminous_materials_v2012.pptx


Presentation Summary : BITUMEN SAFETY BITUMINOUS MATERIALS BITUMEN IS - The oldest known engineering material - Produced by flash ...

Source : http://pptfun.com/Indiaoilgas/Bitumen/Bitumen_Safety.pps

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : The materials are generally used at temperatures high enough to cause severe burns. ... Melted Bitumen Bitumen Preparation Petroleum Kerosene (parafin) ...

Source : http://www.claisse.info/student/Powerpoints/8.%20Bitumens.ppt

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Presentation Summary : Other than heat burns, ... Bitumen Conventional Bitumen Paving Grade Bitumen Industrial Grade Bitumen Cutback Bitumen Emulsions Modified Bitumen ...

Source : http://pptfun.com/Indiaoilgas/Bitumen/Bitumen_Specifications.pps

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Presentation Summary : Introduction to the Southern African Bitumen ... handling of bitumen Treatment of bitumen burns Working safely with bitumen Posters Wear your PPE BitSafe ...

Source : http://www.sabita.co.za/members/documents/Sabita%20Intro%20Sep08.ppt

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Presentation Summary : Bitumen Association Saied ... Development of safe practices HSE tools DVDs Safe handling of bitumen Treatment of bitumen burns Working safely with bitumen ...

Source : http://www.sabita.co.za/members/documents/Sabita-intro.ppt

Fossil Fuels - Clydebank High School PPT

Presentation Summary : Fossil Fuels A Fuel is a substance that burns giving off heat energy. When something burns they react with Oxygen. Combustion is another word for burning.

Source : http://www.clydebankhigh.org.uk/New%20CHS%20Website/Files/Chemstry/Std.%20Grade%20Powerpoints/5.%20Fossil%20Fuels.ppt

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Presentation Summary : burns. Burns. NO. Adhesive Dressings. NO. Ointments, Oils or Fat. DO NOT. Break Blisters or remove loose skin. DO NOT. Remove material, Bitumen, Toffee, Melted ...

Source : http://www.kpiinsync.com.au/resources/A4%20FIRST%20AID%20SESSION%20FOUR%20summary.pptx

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Presentation Summary : Burns are a type of soft tissue injury caused primarily by heat. ... Remove material, Bitumen, Toffee, Melted Synthetic Fabric. DO NOT. Apply Ice Directly to Burns.

Source : http://www.kpiinsync.com.au/resources/A4%20FIRST%20AID%20SESSION%20FOUR.pptx

Revision Quiz Fuels 1 - Wikispaces PPT

Presentation Summary : Something that burns to release energy ... diesel oil, bitumen Making tar for roads petrol bitumen Petrol Naphtha Kerosene Diesel Oil Refinery gas Bitumen 1.

Source : http://whitburnscience.wikispaces.com/file/view/Quick+Questions+5+Fuels.ppt

Energy in the home - PowerPoint Presentations free to ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Bitumen at 3500C for roads. POLLUTION Burning Fuels. When fuels are burned in oxygen , heat is produced but carbon dioxide and water vapour are also produced.

Source : http://www.worldofteaching.com/powerpoints/physics/energy%20in%20the%20home.ppt

Ch. 14: Energy from fossil fuels - Carteret Community College PPT

Presentation Summary : ... which produces carbon dioxide and water when burned Burns more cleanly than coal or oil ... Oil sand Oil sand: a sedimentary material containing bitumen, ...

Source : http://www.carteret.edu/aqu/courses/bio140/14_Lecture_Presentation.ppt

2. Fractions from Oil - Wikispaces PPT

Presentation Summary : This means the fraction ignites and burns easily. ... Residue contains paraffin waxes and bitumen, the heaviest product to come from an oil refinery.

Source : http://chemistryatdulwich.wikispaces.com/file/view/2.%20Fractions%20from%20Oil%20v2.0.ppt/301938826/2.%20Fractions%20from%20Oil%20v2.0.ppt

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Presentation Summary : ... and a solid, tar-like petroleum, called bitumen Most of the ... it has been used as a source of heat and burns with a long flame and considerable smoke ...

Source : http://web.eps.utk.edu/~faculty/deane/Geology103/103_Chap7B_Coal.ppt

Useful Oil PPT

Presentation Summary : Oil Bitumen How fractional distillation works Useful Oil Physical properties of ... A substance that easily catches fire and burns rapidly ...

Source : http://montgomeryschool.co.uk/revision/Science/AQAScience/B1C1P1revision/C1/KS4%20Useful%20Oil.ppt

Thermal Properties of Materials - Claisse PPT

Presentation Summary : Asphalt Flammability Burns and volatiles will flash but far safer than pure bitumen/tar.

Source : http://www.claisse.info/student/Powerpoints/1.3%20Thermal.ppt

Diapositiva 1 - NU-ROOF project PPT

Presentation Summary : bitumen. based. Thereforeitcouldbeinterestingto demo test . the self . adhesive. ... no burns, no fires. More sensitive tothermalcycles, humidity, dust and ...

Source : http://www.nuroofproject.org/doc/ppt_104.ppt

Useful Oil - Maplesden Noakes PPT

Presentation Summary : Oil Bitumen Fractions and boiling points How fractional distillation works Useful Oil Physical ... A substance that easily catches fire and burns rapidly ...

Source : http://www.maplesden.kent.sch.uk/pdfs/departments/science/ks4chemistryrevision/KS4%20Edexcel%20Topic%205%20Fuels.ppt

Greenhouse Heating - University of Vermont PPT

Presentation Summary : Chains above the C20 range form solids, starting with paraffin wax, then tar and finally asphaltic bitumen, ... Why do people say that steam burns twice.

Source : http://www.uvm.edu/~carmstro/pss127%20ppp/Heating.ppt

Ch. 14: Energy from fossil fuels - Philipsburg Osceola Area ... PPT

Presentation Summary : It burns more cleanly than coal or oil. ... Oil sand: a sedimentary material containing bitumen. Bitumen: a hydrocarbon that can be refined like oil. Alberta, ...

Source : http://www.pomounties.org/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=1312&dataid=3726&FileName=14_Lecture_Presentation.pptx

Biology 4.1 Energy and Mineral Resources - Sleeping Dog Studios PPT

Presentation Summary : When burns, sulfur becomes ... Tar sands are usually mixtures of clay and sand combined with water and varying amounts of a black, thick tar called bitumen.

Source : http://www.sleepingdogstudios.com/Network/Earth%20Science/ES_4.1.pptx

WEATHERING AND FOSSILS - The City School, PAF Chapter, Prep I ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Asphalt/Bitumen. Naturally occurring or crude bitumen is a . sticky, tar-like. form of petroleum which can be upgraded to . ... burns. if it meets a lit match. As ...

Source : http://tcspafprep1.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/weathering-and-fossils-iii.pptx

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