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Displaying bearings in trigonometry PowerPoint Presentations

Sine Rule (Bearings) - Stobies Maths Mix PPT

Presentation Summary : Sine Rule (Bearings) Trigonometry Sine Rule (Bearings) Trigonometry In the examples which follow use the sine rule to find the required side or angle.

Source : http://www.maths.stobies.com/resources/ppp/Sine%20Rule%20(Bearings)%20ppp.ppt

Bearings Problems(3) - Stobies PPT

Presentation Summary : Bearings Problems(3) Trigonometry A set of examples on bearings which require the sine rule or the cosine rule to solve them. A set of examples on bearings which ...

Source : http://www.maths.stobies.com/resources/ppp/Bearings%20Problems(3)ppp.ppt

Bearings - Pearson PPT

Presentation Summary : Trigonometry Angles of elevation and depression Instructions for use There are 5 worked examples shown in this PowerPoint plus explanations. A red dot will appear top ...

Source : http://www.media.pearson.com.au/schools/cw/au_sch_mcseveny_nsm10_5153_1/pp/ElevationDepression.ppt

4.8 Applications and Models using Trigonometry PPT

Presentation Summary : 4.8 Applications and Models using Trigonometry Given one side and an acute angle of a right triangle Find the remaining parts of the triangle.

Source : http://www.marianhs.org/userfiles/1010/Classes/7214/4.8%20Applications%20and%20Model%20using%20Trig.ppt

Trigonometry - Suffolk Maths - Promoting Excellence in ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Trigonometry Right angled triangles A triangle Opposite and Adjacent are relative to the angle The 4cm side is ... Bearings are always measured from north around in a ...

Source : http://www.suffolkmaths.co.uk/pages/Top%20Activities/Teaching%20Techniques/Shape%20and%20Space/Trigonometry/Resources/Trigonometry%20All.ppt

Sullivan Algebra and Trigonometry: Section 10.4 PPT

Presentation Summary : Sullivan Algebra and Trigonometry: Section 10.4 Author: Jeffrey A. Detrick Last modified by: PUSD ... it’s like flying a plane Vectors & Bearings ...

Source : http://www.powayusd.com/teachers/smiddleton/Trig/Trig%20Vectors/Vector%20intro.pps


Presentation Summary : PYTHAGORAS & TRIGONOMETRY * PYTHAGORAS Can only occur in a right angled triangle Pythagoras ... N 37° Bearing = 180 + 37 = 217° MAGNITUDE AND BEARINGS OF VECTORS ...

Source : http://mr-kuijpers-math.wikispaces.com/file/view/Trigonometry+and+Pythagoras.ppt

Pythagoras and Trig PPT

Presentation Summary : Pythagoras a2 + b2 = h2 h b a

Source : http://crossfield.co.uk/doc/Pythagoras%20and%20Trig.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Trigonometry Copyright © Cengage Learning. All rights reserved. ...

Source : http://education.fcps.org/ths/sites/default/files/michelle.komo/LarPCalcLim2_04_08.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : Trigonometry S5 Int2 Exact Values www.mathsrevision.com Angles greater than 90o ... Cosine Rule Problems Mixed Problems * Created by Mr. Lafferty Maths Dept.

Source : http://www.mathsrevision.com/index_files/Maths/Presentations/S5_Int2_Presentations/S5_Int2_Trig_Sine_Cosine.pps

Trigonometry PPT

Presentation Summary : Trigonometry Right angled triangles ...

Source : http://memberfiles.freewebs.com/86/18/87321886/documents/Basic%20Trigonometry.ppt

Slide 1 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... triangles use the trigonometry relationships in right-angled triangles to solve problems, including those involving bearings Trigonometry 1 G2.2h ...

Source : http://aqamaths.aqa.org.uk/attachments/2643.ppt

Right Triangle in Real-Life An Application to Right Triangle ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Make your own Word Problems in Right Triangle Trigonometry. 4 total problems: One each for Sin, Cos, and Tan. 4. th. problem should involve finding an angle.

Source : http://teacherweb.com/AE/BambergMiddleHighSchool/Miller/Right-Triangle-in-Real-Life1.pptx

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