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Displaying app config PowerPoint Presentations

Configuration Options in .NET - itcollege.ee PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Config files Dynamic properties Registry Special Folders Isolated Storage Application Config Files Create an App.Config file for your project Becomes <appname ...

Source : http://enos.itcollege.ee/~vladimir/aspnet/Configuration%20Options%20in%20.NET.ppt

Customizing the Team System Web Test Framework PPT

Presentation Summary : Downside: Can’t access app.config values in the normal way. Web Test Request Plugin. External class (cannot be in the same project as the web test)

Source : http://www.benday.com/downloads/DevTeachToronto2008/DevTeachToronto08_BenDay_WebTests.pptx

NABs Windows 8 Style Internet Banking Application PPT

Presentation Summary : To compile a Windows Store app, ... Manually add an App.config to the project with following contents: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <configuration>

Source : http://seach9.blob.core.windows.net/teched/2012/aus/DEV321_Dekker_Zarate.pptx

Welcome to the End to End .NET Application Day PPT

Presentation Summary : Add app.config to Windows Application project When building, this becomes ApplicationName.exe.config Asynchronous calls make sense in Windows Applications Agenda ...

Source : http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/b/0/bb042c39-a6f4-4c00-9a16-f492493a81ab/Session%205.ppt

patterns + practices Enterprise Library PPT

Presentation Summary : ... additional helper classes to provide more functionality All blocks provide ConfigurationSections which are stored in app.config / web.config by default All ...

Source : http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/0/1/501865AA-CF57-47E0-BF36-EF4193749CDB/Enterprise%20Library%202.0%20Core%20Architecture.ppt

Configuring and Running the OPC Xi Discovery Server PPT

Presentation Summary : ... //localhost:60081/XiServices" /> Running the Console App * Build the Wrapper Server project The App.config file will be compiled and copied to the bin ...

Source : http://opcdotnet.com/downloadFiles/Configuring%20and%20Running%20the%20OPC%20.NET%20Generic%20Clients.ppt

Configuring and Running the OPC Xi Discovery Server PPT

Presentation Summary : Running the Console App * Build the Discovery Server ConsoleApp project The App.config file will be compiled and copied to the bin directory with the executable ...

Source : http://opcdotnet.com/downloadFiles/Configuring%20and%20Running%20the%20OPC%20.NET%20Discovery%20Server.ppt

Building Scalable and High Performance Web Application On IIS 6 PPT

Presentation Summary : ... encrypt exported file Use w/ASP .NET XCOPY deployment of apps Export IIS6 metabase config for .NET app store in .NET app directory Import app metabase config ...

Source : http://www.microsoft.com/china/seminar/ppt/teched/2002/ShuoC-IIS6-WIN315.ppt

ASP.NET Web API 2 – Web Services for Websites, Modern Apps ... PPT

Presentation Summary : App????.config. SOAP. Leverage the Web – build Web APIs. Browsers. Devices. Phones. Tablets. ASP.NET Web API. App. 2. Getting started with ASP.NET Web API 2 ...

Source : http://video.ch9.ms/sessions/build/2013/3-504.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Allows editing of the app.config to add services. demo. Service Configuration Editor (cont.) WCF is just a Web Service? Web Services. WCF. Asmx. svc but can be ...

Source : http://www.vduny.org/Download%5CWCFPresentation.pptx

Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0: Introduction PPT

Presentation Summary : Session Agenda. Application Virtualization & What’s New in 5.0. App-V 5.0. More Ways to Manage App-V 5.0. Managing App-V 5.0. Next Generation Dynamic Suite Composition

Source : http://seach9.blob.core.windows.net/teched/2012/aus/WCL312_Chaturvedi_Bartlett.pptx

Windows Azure AppFabric Deep Dive - Rice University PPT

Presentation Summary : Copy contents from Machine.config on a desktop across to App.config in the role. Notes. Detailed walk through. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee706744.aspx.

Source : http://www.bandgap.cs.rice.edu/classes/comp410/resources/Using%20Azure/WAPTK/Presentations/AppFabricDeepDive/AppFabric%20Deep%20Dive.pptx

RSIM Architecture Group - University of Texas at San Antonio PPT

Presentation Summary : choose app + CPU config minimize CPU + network energy subject to CPU and network bandwidth constraints MMKP problem – solved using heuristics and brute force ...

Source : http://www.cs.utsa.edu/~dzhu/conference/parc05/presentations/parc05_vvardhan.ppt

Introduction to Enterprise Library 2.0 PPT

Presentation Summary : Enterprise Library John Viner.NET MCP Solutions Architect, SoftTeq

Source : http://www.aususergroups.org/Portals/29/SlideDecks/2006-03-29%20-%20Enterprise%20Library%202.0%20-%20John%20Viner.ppt

App-V and Office - Home - Virtualization Group - Boston PPT

Presentation Summary : Applications can be streamed from a variety of locations: locally, IIS server, App-V Server, Config Mgr Server or other ESDs and devices. App-V Key Scenarios.

Source : http://www.virtg.com/DDD2014/DDD2014_PPTs/1/AppV_Office_final.pptx

Detailed diagnosis in enterprise networks PPT

Presentation Summary : App config. 19 %. Overload. 4 %. Hardware fault. 2 %. Unknown. 25 %. And the survey says ….. Detailed diagnosis. Handle app-specific . as well as generic faults.

Source : http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/netmedic/sigcomm2009-netmedic.pptx

Building Undo for Operators: An Undoable E-mail Store PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Application’s config. tool P app cfg state Software installer Platform’s cfg. tool platform cfg. state P User app. config. changes document edits platform ...

Source : http://roc.cs.berkeley.edu/retreats/winter_04/slides/Jan04-retreat-sou.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : The Web Services Container

Source : http://www.thearchitect.co.uk/presentations/ws-container/Web%20Services%20Container.ppt

IIS 7 Extensibility + configuration - IT168.COM PPT

Presentation Summary : ... apps Integrate your application configuration into IISManager and IIS 7 confiig system Extending the IIS 7 Schema Add app config settings to IIS 7 schema Add ...

Source : http://tech.it168.com/zt/msiis7/10%20-%20IIS7.ppt

Sakai app/tool tips and best practices - Marist College PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Sakai app/tool tips and best practices Author: Aaron Zeckoski Created Date: 11/17/2006 11:24:52 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show

Source : https://ilearn.marist.edu/access/content/group/6ea947f9-785a-4bf0-00e7-84ccc26566de/Presentations/TomcatDebugging.ppt

A Day of WCF + WF + "Dublin" PPT

Presentation Summary : web.config or app.config. Steps to Build a Workflow Service. Add & Configure Receive Activities. Create SendReply Activities by copying from Receive.

Source : http://tejadanet.typepad.com/files/wcf4_wf4_dublin_tutorial.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : App config loads the other JS files. app-config. The app.js is the file, loading other files //app.js (function {require.config({paths: {"jquery": "libs/jquery-2.0.3"}});

Source : http://downloads.academy.telerik.com/svn/school-academy/Meeting-34-SPA-Apps-with-JavaScript/2.%20RequireJS.pptx

Automating Linux App Startup - CAVMEN - Chicago Area VM (and ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Automating Linux App Startup David Boyes Session L55 Agenda Runlevels, init, and symlinks, oh, my! Sequence of events during startup A sample application startup ...

Source : http://cavmen.home.comcast.net/~cavmen/CAVMEN_20061019_HOUT_Auto_Linux_App_Startup.ppt

Modular - LoudSteve PPT

Presentation Summary : ... correlation between GUI and web.config file * Recycle app pool for site1.com Open http://site1.com/demo Add App warm-up rule for the path /demo Recycle app ...

Source : http://www.loudsteve.com/wp-content/uploads/Presentations/IIS-7-For-IT-Pros.ppt

.NET Frameworks week 5 December 4, 2003 - Pondview Software PPT

Presentation Summary : ... . privatePath can contain multiple semicolon-delimited paths. If you are doing this with VStudio, name the file App.config and add it to your project.

Source : http://www.pondviewsoftware.com/FrmWrks/week5/Main%20presentation.ppt

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