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Displaying antidiuretic hormone PowerPoint Presentations

Antidiuretic hormone and the mineralcorticoids PPT

Presentation Summary : Antidiuretic hormone and the mineralcorticoids Antidiuretic Hormone: ADH ADH is also known as arginine vasopressin (AVP = ADH) because of its vasopressive activity ...

Source : http://www.uic.edu/classes/phyb/phyb402dbh/ADH.ppt

Antidiuretic hormone and the mineralcorticoids PPT

Presentation Summary : Endocrine Physiology lecture 4 Dale Buchanan Hales, PhD Department of Physiology & Biophysics Antidiuretic hormone and the mineralcorticoids Synthesis of ADH It is ...

Source : http://www.uic.edu/classes/phyb/phyb402dbh/lecture4.ppt

Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone (SIADH) PPT

Presentation Summary : Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone (SIADH) Daniel Stairs, CRNA, MSN, MBA Excela Health School of Anesthesia SIADH Results from abnormal production or ...

Source : http://danesthesia.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/syndrome-of-inappropriate-antidiuretic-hormone.ppt

Diabetes Insipidus Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Diabetes Insipidus Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone (SAIDH) Author: Eric Schneider Last modified by: Eric Schneider Created Date

Source : http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/28522392/985883539/name/DI+and+SIADH+-+Agnes.ppt

(Vasopressin) aka: Antidiuretic Hormone aka: Arginine Vasopressin PPT

Presentation Summary : Vasopressin and kidneys. Vasopressin stimulates water reabsorbtion by stimulating "water channels" (aquaporins) into the membranes of kidney tubules.

Source : http://trefzclasses.pbworks.com/f/Vasopressin.pptx


Presentation Summary : AGING OF THE ENDOCRINE ... General Age-Related Change ADH Decrease ability to concentrate urine Increasing renal tubular resistance to antidiuretic hormone ...

Source : http://fkunisba2010.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/07-aging-of-the-endocrine-system.ppt

The Urinary System - University of Hawaii PPT

Presentation Summary : * * * * Hormonal Control of Kidney Function adrenal cortex aldosterone angiotensin II convoluted tubules Urinary Bladder ... remains ADH Antidiuretic hormone: ...

Source : http://www.wcc.hawaii.edu/facstaff/miliefsky-m/Marieb%20ZOOL%20142%20%20PPT/025%20Urinary.ppt

SIADH - New York University PPT

Presentation Summary : SIADH Alexander Usorov, MD July 31, 2007 ... (AVP; also known as the antidiuretic hormone), as compared with plasma sodium levels in patients with SIAD, are shown.

Source : http://medicine.med.nyu.edu/nephrology/files/med_nephrology/attachments/SIADHfinal.ppt

Diabetes Insipidus in Canines PPT

Presentation Summary : Diabetes Insipidus in Canines Lauren Liba Eric Malarney What is Diabetes Insipidus??? A disorder of water imbalance This disorder is a completely different disease ...

Source : http://cvmstudent.cvm.msu.edu/cvm2004/VIPS%20Presentations/DiabetesInsipidusinCaninesFinalDraft.ppt

7.6: Water Balance - Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy ... PPT

Presentation Summary : 7.6: Water Balance Antidiuretic hormone (ADH): causes the kidneys to increase water reabsorption Regulating ADH: water intake [blood solute] blood osmotic pressure ...

Source : http://fmmh.ycdsb.ca/teachers/fmmh_dsilva/pages/SBI_Files/7.6-7.7_water%20balance%20and%20kidney%20disease.ppt

chsweb.lr.k12.nj.us/psidelsky/NDI.ppt - Welcome to Cherokee ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Neurogenic- also called central or pituitary, it is caused by a deficiency of the antidiuretic hormone, vasopressin. ... Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus ...

Source : http://chsweb.lr.k12.nj.us/psidelsky/NDI.ppt

DI AND SIADH - Lane Medical Library PPT

Presentation Summary : DI AND SIADH Pat Hock RN PICU Nurse Educator Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital DI and SIADH Disturbances of Water Balance 60% to 80% of the human body is composed ...

Source : http://lane.stanford.edu/portals/forms/disiadh.ppt

Chapter 9 Concept Map Review - Yola PPT

Presentation Summary : What is the hormone that is present in the urine during pregnancy that is detectable by home pregnancy tests? HCG Chapter 9 Concept Map ... Antidiuretic hormone ...

Source : http://mrbiology.synthasite.com/resources/Physiology/Chapter%209%20Concept%20Map%20Review.ppt

Cast Nephropathy + Plasmapheresis - New York University PPT

Presentation Summary : Am J Physiol 263: F222-F227, 1992. Chou, CL et al. Oxytocin as an antidiuretic hormone: II, role of V2 vasopressin receptor. Am J Physiol 269: F78-F85, 1995.

Source : http://medicine.med.nyu.edu/nephrology/files/med_nephrology/attachments/Oxytocin.ppt

Hypothalamus + Pituitary - California State University, Los ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Hypothalamus and Pituitary The Main Point ... AVP and Water Balance Old name: antidiuretic hormone (ADH) From where? Synthesized in the brain (what part?), ...

Source : http://www.calstatela.edu/faculty/mchen/439Lectures/439EnHypoPIT9.ppt

Agents Affecting Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Pituitary Function PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Agents Affecting Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Pituitary Function Author: Ramona Yehle Last modified by: Maureen Created Date: 12/9/2005 4:26:27 AM

Source : http://www.delmarlearning.com/companions/content/1401888860/student_resources/PPT/Ch35.ppt

16 - Instructor Pages PPT

Presentation Summary : 16 The Endocrine System: Part B The Posterior Pituitary Contains axons of hypothalamic neurons Stores antidiuretic hormone (ADH) and oxytocin ADH and oxytocin are ...

Source : http://faculty.sgc.edu/sundram/2211/ch_16_lecture_outline_b.ppt

NUR240 Pituitary and Adrenal Stressors PPT

Presentation Summary : Water metabolism problem caused by an antidiuretic hormone deficiency ... Destruction of adrenal cortex with rapid decline in hormone levels Addison’s Crisis ...

Source : http://www2.sunysuffolk.edu/borrerj/nursing/NUR240%20Documents/Pituitary%20and%20Adrenal%20Stressors%20Student.ppt

SIADH, DI, Cerebral Salt Wasting - anaesthesia.co.in PPT

Presentation Summary : SIADH, DI, Cerebral Salt Wasting ... thymus SIADH: function of ADH = antidiuretic hormone = vasopressin ADH is made in the supra-optic nuclei in the hypothalamus, ...

Source : http://anaesthesia.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/SIADH-DI-Cerebral-Salt-Wasting.ppt

The Endocrine System - Illinois Wesleyan University PPT

Presentation Summary : Posterior Lobe Antidiuretic hormone: ... cell to be more sensitive to a particular hormone The Endocrine Glands and Their Hormones Pituitary Gland A marble ...

Source : http://sun.iwu.edu/~bkauth/330/330-5.PPT

Cellular Biology - Indiana University PPT

Presentation Summary : Mechanisms of Hormonal Regulation Chapter 20 Hormones General characteristics Specific rates and rhythms of secretion Diurnal, pulsatile and cyclic, and patterns ...

Source : http://users.ipfw.edu/paladino/Nursing-biol%20334/Chapter_20.ppt

Human Endocrine System - PBworks PPT

Presentation Summary : Human Endocrine System Endocrine Overview Hormones- chemical messengers travel through body Target cell or organ- organ or cells that a hormone affects Control of ...

Source : http://dellas.pbworks.com/f/Human+Endocrine+System.ppt

The Endocrine System - Northwest Technology Center PPT

Presentation Summary : Pineal gland Pituitary ... Abbreviation Meaning ACTH ADH CRH DM FSH GH GTT HCG adrenocorticotropic hormone antidiuretic hormone corticotropin-releasing ...

Source : http://www.nwtech.edu/dbutton/medterm/Chap15.ppt

Tm: Tubular Transport Maximum - Campbell University PPT

Presentation Summary : ADH present 900 Na+ Cl- 1100 Fig. 23.19 modified Formation of a Concentrated Urine Antidiuretic Hormone in the formation of a concentrated urine Medullary Gradient ...

Source : http://web.campbell.edu/faculty/junker/courses/PH%20306/28%20urinary%20concentrated.ppt

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