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Displaying amyloidosis PowerPoint Presentations

Amyloidosis - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PPT

Presentation Summary : Cardiac Amyloidosis Ann Isaksen Morning Report November 10, 2009 Causes of Non-Ischemic Cardiomyopathy Infiltrative (Sarcoidosis, Amyloidosis, Hemocromatosis) Viral ...

Source : https://medicine.med.unc.edu/education/internal-medicine-residency-program/files/ppt/11.10.09%20Isaksen%20cardiac%20amyloid.ppt

Amyloids, Prions and Congo Red -Studies on Binding PPT

Presentation Summary : Alzheimer’s disease Atrial Amyloidosis Hereditary Renal Amyloidosis Secondary Systematic Amyloidosis Injection-Localized Amyloidosis What are some Prion Diseases?

Source : http://www.chem.uwec.edu/Scott/amyloid.ppt

Amyloidosis Outlines - KSU PPT

Presentation Summary : Amyloidosis Dr Hisham Alkhalidi * * * * * * * * * * Clinical Correlation 3) Gastrointestinal amyloidosis: may be asymptomatic. Amyloidosis of the tongue may cause ...

Source : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/halkhalidi/Documents/For%20students/Lectures%20Powerpoint%20Outlines/PATH211/Cell_injury/AmyloidosisOL.ppt

Multiple Myeloma: Disease Basics - Emory Winship Cancer Center PPT

Presentation Summary : Times New Roman Arial StarSymbol msgothic Default Design Amyloid Update Disclosures Amyloidosis AL Amyloidosis AL Amyloidosis Slide 6 Clinical ...

Source : https://winshipcancer.emory.edu/media/file/Sea%20Island%202011/Saturday%204_%20Amyloidosis%202011%20Kaufman%201.ppt


Presentation Summary : ... variable results ERRORS IN METABOLISM SYSTEMIC AMYLOIDOSIS primary systemic amyloidosis Involves mesenchymal tissue, the tongue, heart, gastrointestinal, ...

Source : http://www.atsu.edu/postgrad/dermatology/ppt/abnor05.ppt

Diagnosis in amyloidosis PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Diagnosis in amyloidosis Author: Hazenberg Last modified by: hoogvlietdl Created Date: 3/7/2004 12:08:57 PM Document presentation format: Diavoorstelling (4:3)

Source : http://wencke4.housing.rug.nl/documenten/medici/Internationale_Conferenties/SY_Amyloidosis%202012/May6Sunday.pps

Structure of amyloid fibrils - Georgia State University PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Non neuropathic systemic amyloidoses aggregating protein light chain amyloidosis immunoglobulin light chain AA amyloidosis fragments of serum amyloid A protein ...

Source : http://chemistry.gsu.edu/faculty/Yang/Protein/Structure%20of%20amyloid%20fibrils.ppt

4 amyloid - cuni.cz PPT

Presentation Summary : Amyloidosis DEF.: disorder of protein metabolism accompanied with abnormal extracellular deposition of proteinaceous material - amyloid Amyloid = starch like Karl ...

Source : http://www1.lf1.cuni.cz/~jdusk/data/eng/Texts%20from%20the%20presentations/generalpathologytexts/4amyloidosis-texts.ppt


Presentation Summary : July 5, 2007 Anne Marie Kathryn P. Ingente MD Cardiac amyloidosis Long axis view from ...

Source : http://im-mmc.synthasite.com/resources/CARDIAC%20AMYLOIDOSIS%20-%20Anne%20Marie%20Kathryn%20Ingente%2004072007.ppt

Diagnosis in amyloidosis - University of Groningen PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Diagnosis in amyloidosis Author: Hazenberg Last modified by: hoogvlietdl Created Date: 3/7/2004 12:08:57 PM Document presentation format: Diavoorstelling (4:3)

Source : http://wencke4.housing.rug.nl/documenten/medici/Internationale_Conferenties/SY_Amyloidosis%202012/May10Thursday.pps

Metabolic and Genetic Disorders Amyloidosis PPT

Presentation Summary : Metabolic and Genetic Disorders Amyloidosis Etiology • May be primary (idiopathic), secondary to systemic disease, or familial • Formation of a fibrillar protein ...

Source : http://intranet.tdmu.edu.ua/data/kafedra/theacher/stomat_ter/levkiv/English/Lectures/5%20year/DENTISTRY/Therapeutic%20dentistry/3%20Metabolic%20and%20Genetic%20Disorders.Amyloidosis.ppt

Hyaline change - generalpathology PPT

Presentation Summary : More SAA alone does not cause amyloidosis There is enzyme defect in affected animals producing incomplete breakdown of SAA.

Source : http://generalpathology.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/04-hyaline-change-and-amyloidosis.ppt

Disease of the Lung - Physics 3110 PPT

Presentation Summary : Amyloidosis The name "amyloidosis" was first used more than 100 years ago. However, only within the past 25 years have physicians understood the specific make-up ...

Source : http://www.physics3110.org/images/RJI_-_Disease_of_the_Lung.ppt

Multiple Myeloma and Related Disorders PPT

Presentation Summary : Amyloidosis: Presentation Nephrotic syndrome Refractory CHF, Arrhythmia, Heart block Orthostatic hypotension, Peripheral neuropathy Bleeding diathesis ...

Source : http://lab420.com/files/MultipleMyeloma_2.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Presentation Summary : Amyloidosis for the young ladies * Amyloidosis of the liver * * Liver biopsy. Hyaline material within the sinusoids is compressing the hepatocytes (hematoxylin and ...

Source : http://www.ksums.net/files/Archive/2nd/427/Term%201/Pathology/Lectures/Girls%20Lecture/06-Amyloidosis%20for%20the%20ladies.ppt

Fibrinogen - Nephropathology Working Group (ESP) PPT

Presentation Summary : AA amyloidosis is transmissible in several animal experimental models AA amyloid can occur in human food (ducks, geese: pate de foie gras) AA ...

Source : http://www.nephropathology-esp.org/uploads/user-3/lectures/ecp-helsinki-2011/2011-slide-honsova-amyloidosis.ppt

PowerPoint bemutató - Institute of Enzymology HAS PPT

Presentation Summary : ... FTDP-17 Parkinson’s disease Huntingon’s disease Familial systemic amyloidosis Hemodialysis-associated amyloidosis Diabetes type II Senile systemic ...

Source : http://www.enzim.hu/tompa/idp_prion_amyloid.ppt

Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia - UMS Student Government PPT

Presentation Summary : ... plasmapheresis Amyloidosis clinical disorder that results from the extracellular deposition of insoluble fragments of immunoglobulin light or heavy chains ...

Source : http://www.asg.amp.edu.pl/3rd/HemeOnc/gammapathy.ppt

L.K.-44 yo F with multiple myeloma and Sweet’s syndrome PPT

Presentation Summary : ... Gammopathy of Uncertain Significance Non secretory myeloma Plasmacytoma Plasma cell leukemia Amyloidosis Amyloidosis, cont’d Organ involvement by ...

Source : http://blog.hsl.washington.edu/report/archives/housestaff%20rounds%20myeloma%2012-04-06.ppt

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