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Displaying abdominal ultrasound PowerPoint Presentations

RUQ Pain and a Normal Abdominal Ultrasound PPT

Presentation Summary : RUQ Pain and a Normal Abdominal Ultrasound Furqaan Ahmad;Evan L.Fogel Published:12/02/2008 Clinical Scenario A 30-year-old woman is referred for evaluation of a 1 ...

Source : http://www.mums.ac.ir/shares/emis/emis/ppt/RUQ%20Pain%20and%20a%20Normal%20Abdominal%20Ultrasound.ppt

Ultrasound Lecture 1 - North Carolina State University PPT

Presentation Summary : Bottom line Terms Hypoechoic to hyperechoic Everything’s relative Examination Abdominal Ultrasound Abdomen Ultimate goal Liver/Gallbladder Liver Where we are ...

Source : http://radfileshare.cvm.ncsu.edu/TP/VMA960/GenUS/GenUS.ppt

Introduction to Ultrasound - University of Prince Edward Island PPT

Presentation Summary : Introduction to Ultrasound VCA 341 Meghan Woodland, DVM March 16, 2012. What type of artifact is this? Ultrasound Terminology Never use dense, opaque, lucent Anechoic ...

Source : http://people.upei.ca/lpack/vetrad/VCA%20341/Introduction%20to%20Ultrasound.ppt

Complete abdominal ultrasound scanning protocol - Sound Eklin PPT

Presentation Summary : Complete Telemedicine Abdominal Ultrasound Exam Protocol. Measure wall thickness. DUODENUM. Moving cranial to caudal, then medial to lateral, grid approach.

Source : http://www.soundvet.com/assets/Complete_AbdScan_01_2010.pps

Abdominal Pain - School of Medicine - LSU Health New Orleans PPT

Presentation Summary : Abdominal Pain LSU Medical Student Clerkship, New Orleans, LA Imaging XR: pneumatosis intestinalis, air in the portal vein, pneumobilia, perforation.

Source : http://www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/emergency_medicine/docs/Abdominal%20Pain.ppt

Training - Vascular Web PPT

Presentation Summary : Recommend tests: Abdominal ultrasound ... 2007 Important topic right now beginning in January 2007 Medicare will offer One-time free AAA ultrasound screening to ...

Source : http://www.vascularweb.org/practiceresources/Documents/BrandingPDFs/velazquez_aaa.ppt

Foundations of Sonography (2) PPT

Presentation Summary : Vessels Musculoskeletal ultrasound Clinical Applications of Ultrasound Abdominal ultrasound Digestive System: The Liver, Gallbladder, Biliary System, ...

Source : http://taishan1.weebly.com/uploads/2/1/1/7/2117112/2.foundations_of_ultrasound_2.ppt

Equine Abdominal Ultrasound - University of Prince Edward Island PPT

Presentation Summary : Title: Equine Abdominal Ultrasound Author: Mattie McMaster Last modified by: LeeAnn Pack Created Date: 3/15/2010 12:53:29 PM Document presentation format

Source : http://people.upei.ca/lpack/vetrad/VCA%20341/Equine%20Abd%20Rads%20and%20US.ppt

Ultrasound - Austin Community College District PPT

Presentation Summary : 9 Ultrasound Ultrasound Definition -- an instrument which ... abdominal pain, or fever Amniocentesis Why is an Ultrasound performed as part of the procedure?

Source : http://www.austincc.edu/adnlev3/fet_assessment/pp_evalfetus.ppt

Emergency Ultrasound of the Aorta - St. Luke's Roosevelt ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Emergency ultrasound of the abdominal aorta is very sensitive and specific Can guide and expedite urgent vascular consultation AAA can be effectively excluded by ...

Source : http://www.slredultrasound.com/Dublin2009/Khan%20-%20Aorta%20final.ppt

Ultrasound PPT

Presentation Summary : Fetal Assessment Presented by: Ann Hearn RNC, MSN 2010

Source : http://www.austincc.edu/nursmods/mobility/mob_lev3/rnsg_2402/OB/fetal_assessment/documents/FetalAssessment2010forBB.ppt


Presentation Summary : ABDOMINAL VESSELS Arteries of the Abdominal Aorta Arteries of the Abdominal Aorta Abdominal Vessels, con’t… 4. Inferior Mesenteric Artery a.

Source : http://faculty.orangecoastcollege.edu/happ/presentations/bio226/BIOL226Lec09_%20Abdom.Vesls.ppt

Examination Review for Ultrasound: Abdomen + Obstetrics and ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Chapter 10 The Gastrointestinal Tract Examination Review for Ultrasound: Abdomen & Obstetrics and Gynecology Steven M. Penny Abdominal contractions that result from ...

Source : http://downloads.lww.com/wolterskluwer_vitalstream_com/sample-content/9780781779784_Penny/samples/Chapter_10.ppt

Laparoscopic Cholesectomy - University of Kentucky | Medical ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Laparoscopic Cholesectomy Author: ... Kentucky College of Medicine Symptoms Work up Abdominal Ultrasound Example Diagnosis1 Diagnosis1 Laparoscopic ...

Source : http://www.mc.uky.edu/mis/ppt/Laparoscopic%20Cholecystectomy_v2.ppt

Acute Abdominal Pain In Children - RCRMC Family Medicine ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Acute Abdominal Pain In Children Hai Ho, M.D. Department of Family Practice Pathophysiology of pain Visceral pain Mechanical – stretching Chemical – mucosa Aching ...

Source : http://rcrmc-fmr.org/home/images/stories/FamilyMedical/downloads/pediatric_lectures/Acute_Abdominal_Pain_In_Children.ppt

Abnormal LFTs - Georgetown University PPT

Presentation Summary : Abnormal LFTs Michele Ritter Argy Resident – February, 2007 Liver Function Test Albumin Bilirubin: Total Bilirubin Direct Bilirubin (conjugated bilirubin) Serum ...

Source : http://faculty.georgetown.edu/wheltosa/Shelly_Abnormal_LFTs.ppt

ABDOMINAL WALL DEFECTS - Shanyar's Lecture Explorer PPT

Presentation Summary : ABDOMINAL WALL DEFECTS ... prenatally on ultrasound Exomphalos and gastroschisis can ... cord allowing extrusion of abdominal content Umbilical cord ...

Source : http://lectures.shanyar.com/4th_Stage/Surgery/Dr._Mahdi/03._Abdominal_Wall_Defects.ppt

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Case Study - Oregon Institute of ... PPT

Presentation Summary : Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Case Study By Lisa Erwert ... Anatomy of Abdominal Cavity Anatomy on CT Recent History 10/28/05 Ultrasound 8/28/06 CT of abdomen and ...

Source : http://www.oit.edu/docs/default-source/programs-medical-imaging-technology-documents/jenny-kellstrom/abdominal-aortic-aneurysm.ppt?sfvrsn=2

The ACUTE ABDOMEN - University of California, Los Angeles PPT

Presentation Summary : The ACUTE ABDOMEN The role of the Plain Film Abdominal Series MI Zucker, MD A dr Z Lecture The Abdominal Series For all acute abdominal complaints where plain film ...

Source : http://www.medsch.ucla.edu/public/year3/radiology/Zucker/Acute%20Abdomen.ppt

AASU Ultrasound Program - Rcampus - A Collaborative Learning ... PPT

Presentation Summary : AASU Ultrasound Program Sabrina Tucker Kacey Morrison What is Ultrasound? An imaging modality using sound waves to evaluate specific internal organs, tissues, and ...

Source : http://www.rcampus.com/users/uploads/12069_AASU_Ultrasound_Program.ppt

Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm PPT

Presentation Summary : Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Peter D. Newcomer, MD

Source : http://www.medicine.wisc.edu/sites/default/files/domfiles/genintmed/Newcomer-AAA%2010.25.04.ppt


Presentation Summary : DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASONOGRAPHY CHAPTER 23 PRINCIPLES OF ULTRASOUND The use of sound waves beyond the audible frequency ( > 20,000 Hz) for diagnostic purposes.

Source : http://catstcmnotes.com/downloads/Biomedical%20Diagnostics/Biomedical%20Diagnostics%202/L-3DIAGNOSTIC%20ULTRASONOGRAPHY.ppt

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